New Crysis 3 Screenshots Released

Strategy Informer has published 10 new screenshots for Crysis 3.

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Walker1932d ago

wow, looks as good as crysis 2!

maelstromb1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Those screenshots say that they are for Xbox 360, and therefore do not represent the game's true graphical capability. But enough about looks, let's hope that Crytek finally releases a game worthy of playing, with customization and complexity to boot! Crysis 2 while fun (at times), felt "console-ized" and didn't hold a candle to the first game in any aspect.

Eldyraen1932d ago

The link is to the 360 shots but exact same ones are on the PC (assuming ps3 as well). I didn't disagree, just pointing that out.

deSSy27241932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Well, i have the game for PC and PS3..... i will admit that in museum the difference is nothing BIG as some ppl think (expect for much higher resolution and AA) but, really, lame difference......

But, Airport map uff...... DIFERENCE IS DAY AND NIGHT, on PC medium settings its much better than PS3 version, but i play on 90% very high and high (+ AA, lens flare etc), so, its really a big difference.

Those screenshots (1920x 1080 etc)arent from console versions 100%

Crysis 2 PS3: Crysis 2 = 1024x720 (TAA + edge post-process)

Crysis 2 Xbox360: Crysis 2 = 1152x720 (TAA + edge post-process)

Crysis 3 is not even tested yet on consoles, but it will be sub HD or HD

starchild1932d ago

Definitely looks better than Crysis 2. Looks quite amazing to be honest.

Walker1932d ago

for Xbox 360 ?! youre kidding, right ? It's not even close to x360 or consoles version dude !

deSSy27241932d ago

Screenshots are from PC... not consoles, i have the game for PC and PS3.


-Gespenst-1932d ago

Jesus, that's a good looking game alright. Those screens can't be on consoles though... surely...