Rayman Legends Revelation – Great For Most Gamers, Terrible For Wii U Owners

"Ubisoft have now decided to release the title on the PS3 and Xbox360, with the Wii U version – previously set for sale later this month – now delayed considerably to coincide with the launch on those other platforms.

"For most gamers, this news has come as an absolute delight. However, the news has understandably gone down less well with Wii U owners."

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DivineAssault 1901d ago

less people are angry than the majority so thats that..

wiiulee1901d ago

lol..first off its nothing for wiiu owners...we are getting a great games and the best haters should be happy they are getting rayman instead of writing silly articles...

Brasi19891901d ago

I'm just disappointed that it has been pushed back so far. They may lose my sale because of that. Who knows what I'll be saving/spending my money on come September? I could be saving for a new console or buying some games that I would prefer over Rayman.

lizard812881901d ago

Agree, plus Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda are also coming out during the last half of the year. Which do people want more, a brand new 3D mario game or a Rayman game?

They could have released it now, while there is very little competition

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

OMg! Did you guys know that Call od Duty Black OPs 2 is coming out or is it out- it looks freaking amazing- That guy looks real! Like a real actor, but he has to be graphics because who would dress a n actor so lame to advertise a game?


It stinks but it makes sense financially. It does not make as much sense as I would hope, given the fact that the WiiU's launch is not a flop it's just not as good as the Wii launch.

this is the way of the future according to UBIsoft in other interviews. There will be no exclusives- because of the price of making games on the new systems and PC. Ubisoft is trying to make money everywhere they can in preparation for the Next Gen graphics push.

But I am sure that these events will help push the FALSE-narrative that developers are losing faith in WiiU.

Trunkz Jr1901d ago

When you see places like THQ go down, you want to make the most money you can and making for all 3 systems is a great choice and all gamers will get to enjoy it, it's win/win.

Zodiac1901d ago

You don't get the most money by releasing your game next to GTA 5 and next to first party Nintendo titles if you are releasing it on a Nintendo console, which they are.

The game was supposed to come out in a couple weeks. It is probably finished, so they should have just released it, then started working on a port.

PopRocks3591901d ago

@Trunkz Jr

It's not the loss of exclusivity that's the problem, it's the delay of the Wii U version.

DivineAssault 1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

im actually am on your side about that.. It is BS that wii u owners are stuck waiting 7 months because of this but thats because of microsofts contracts.. They wont allow the game on their system unless its released simultaneously.. They do the same to sony by not allowing more content or improved engines if they are to release the game on xbox as well.. Its effed up & i wanna sell my wii u now because i have nothing to play for a very VERY long time. Bayo 2 or X wont be out for god knows how long so i have no need for it now

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