How to Make a Japanese PSN Account on the New PSN (and How to Navigate the Store)

Have you ever wanted to log on to the Japanese PlayStation Network to download some demos or buy a game or two but have given up on the idea because you don't know how to read Japanese? No problem. Here's a step-by-step guide from Kotaku East that explains how to create a Japanese PSN account, add point card funds to your Japanese PSN wallet, and navigate the newly revamped PlayStation Store.

IAMERROR1178d ago

just came here to post that I thought replacing the PSN orb with a red circle to represent the Japanese flag was clever. lol And I might use this in the future for non-text heavy games.

NastyLeftHook01178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

if you have ps plus can you get free games by doing this?


well that sucks. :p

IAMERROR1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Sense it requires you to make a separate account to access the JP store, I'd say no unless you purchase PS+ on a Japanese account. That's my understanding of it

DivineAssault 1177d ago

Did link tell u that when he went to your house ;)

KrisButtar1178d ago

are there any games on the japan psn that are in english?

r211177d ago

Wait, Japan already has the updated store? Singapore store is the same old same old, wtf.