Alien Breed Review [Capsule Computers]

Alien Breed has been around for over two decades. It was originally released for the Amiga in 1991, just a year after developer Team 17 opened its doors. Though it has gone through several iterations, Team 17 have decided that it was time to grace the public with a re-release of their original blockbuster, as well as bundling a few other goodies along with it for the ride. How does it hold up? Should it be hoisted to its own home world or left on the space station with an active nuke? Let’s find out.

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LinkageAX1717d ago

Will have to try this out before making a judgement.

masterabbott1717d ago

I might download this on psvita and play it on that instead of ps3/psn

mcstorm1717d ago

I still have AB 1 and 2 on my Amiga 32 and this is one of the best games the Amiga had. If your a old school top down shooting fan and not played this game its defo worth picking up.

MrDead1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I want to see more remakes like the Chaos Engine, Cannon Fodder, Fire & Ice or Magic Pockets.

Cajun Chicken1717d ago

I've always wanted someone to remake PP Hammer in HD.

mcstorm1717d ago

I agree I would like that to I still have all the games you said to.

ColinZeal1709d ago

Ohhh, Chaos Engine would be amazing.
Loved Alien Breed - What a nostalgia trip. Thank you Team 17!!

MrDead1717d ago

Same here I have an A1200 with about 50 games still boxed.

NathanM1713d ago

While I understand your reasons for why you liked the game, a lot of those reasons were why I didn't like the game. The original mechanics don't hold up today and gamers will find the game boring if they play with the updated control scheme. The best way to play this game is with the original control scheme of only being able to shoot what's infront of you. This is mainly because of the way the AI moves.