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Submitted by WipedOut89 1093d ago | news

Next-Gen: Blocking Second-Hand Games Is 'Stupid' - Dev

PS4 and Xbox 720 blocking used games would be 'stupid' says a games dev who argues Steam is putting next-gen at risk. (Dev, Industry, Microsoft, PS4, Sony, Sony Computer Entertainment, Tech, Xbox One)

spoonard  +   1094d ago
Yes it would be stupid.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1094d ago
i agree, think about the businesses that would lose money because of that.

1.gamestop ( dont like em anyways)

2. pawn shops

3. pop and aunt game stores.

4. gamefly

But! i think the new psn is going to be gaikai! you can stream demos in order to see if you want to buy the game! and it will be fast!
hellvaguy  +   1093d ago
Points 1-4 all represent lost sales to the video game industry. I mean the game industry could just as easily counter with look at all the gaming devs that have went bankrupt because of poor sales, partially due to lost profits in used games, where they get nothing.

The one and only motive for companies to not go the direction of blocking second hand sales would be lack of consumer adoption.
C-Thunder  +   1093d ago
1-4 all also represent potential dlc sales and online passes. In addition, they represent a way to play a series you might not otherwise try, get into it, and buy the next one new... Only people against used games are corporate tools, someone ask devs, they're gamers, get their opinions.
BattleAxe  +   1093d ago

I agree, asking Microsoft if used game sales are bad is the same thing as asking a police chief if there should be more laws to police people. They're both going to do as much as they can to promote their own cause regardless of whether or not its good for the public in general.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1093d ago
***" In addition, they represent a way to play a series you might not otherwise try, get into it, and buy the next one new..."***

Exactly. Sales will drop if used games are blocked. The $60 price tag already makes people hesitant about purchasing a game that they're on the fence about. If you add on top of it that they won't be able to sell the game back if they don't like it, game sales could take a huge drop if used games are blocked.
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nukeitall  +   1093d ago
One thing is what it does to businesses, but another is what it does to consumers.

In times past, used games represent a equalizer in pricing pressuring it down. Publishers/developers still making money, and consumers still get reasonable games.

If this is taken away without huge benefits to me i.e. "they" take some and give some, I'm moving to PC.

An example how Steam takes some and give some, is by offering cheap games with easy re-download of said games, but it comes with the restriction of being tied to the account.

I remember, when Sony essentially introduced online passes which had absolutely no benefit what so ever to me. Lining the pockets of developers aren't helping me, because creativity will always find a way.
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jmc8888  +   1093d ago
Yes it would be.

1. People won't be able to trade games
2. Won't be able to borrow a game to see if they like it
3. People won't be selling games to buy a new game (thus those sales are gone)
4. People who want to buy an old game that isn't made anymore won't be able to buy it. While there are probably close to 1000 xbox 360 games, there's probably only a hundred or so you can actually buy new.
5. Thus to #4 games that are old with a multiplayer component will suffer and die out more quickly because there will be no slow trickle of new players to keep the matches alive 2-3-5 years later.
6. Prices won't come down
7. They won't stop DLC or other microtransactions
SAE  +   1093d ago
Bubble for you ...

And don't forget that these people that buy most of games used will buy less games or stop playing video games or even never buy the console ...
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ApolloAdams  +   1094d ago
Not particularly. It could work and be effective if it was to follow the PC model in which the games are cheaper and you would have insane sales. PC has basically already cut out the used game market as for Steam you are basically paying a license in order to play the game.

The console market will cut out used games that is inevitable it just a matter of if they will force it or let it go away gradually.
hellvaguy  +   1093d ago
Never thought of like that. I mean I do love steam and a good sale price.
sithsylar  +   1093d ago
TBH i wouldnt want it to be like steam because well we have all heard the cases of people losing ALL their games because they got it cheap from Russia or offended a mod on a forum....

but hey this generation likes to bend over and take it dry.
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Doctor_Freeman  +   1093d ago
"Got it cheap from Russia" would not entail losing your games on STEAM, you might lose that specific game but not all your games.I'm active on Steam Users' Forums and "offended a mod on a forum" would not entail losing your games, you might lose your forum account and privileges but not your games. The only way someone loses their games is if they make poor choices and/or have a poor sense of security. Please before spreading bad/wrong info, make sure you know what your talking about. Not just taking someones for it...he said she said.
mananimal  +   1093d ago

Lmao, they sure do, well said.
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crazysammy  +   1093d ago
The only problem is that publishers won't make games cheaper. In fact many PC games are now 59.99 (US) when they used to be 49.99. So even if they make more money on new they wont pass that onto the consumer. Then after a few years just like DLC, it wont be enough and they will need to find new ways to squeeze money out of us.
sithsylar  +   1093d ago
Exactly and well said.
Ashlen  +   1093d ago
Steam and consoles are different. Steam runs on PC which is a format that is almost universally backwards compatible. I still play DOS games on Windows 7. I don't want a console that shuts off my games every time a new one is released.
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lukeshero93  +   1093d ago
I think the idea of using the code as a means of blocking the individual using the game again is the most ridiculous idea ive ever heard. I remember going around to my friends house with whatever new copy of game i got, the Halo series springs to mind and playing with him. With this new ''idea'' of microsoft that idea of friendly gaming with your pals is made redundant i dont really understand their logic behind this. It will only server to infuriate and alienate the common xbox player and will if so make me perhaps change my opinion on what console to get next
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1093d ago
You know what else is stupid? Paying a monthly fee to play games online when you could be playing those same games online elsewhere for free. It just gets worse when that monthly fee goes up $10 more.
Thefreeman012  +   1093d ago
i wouldn't mind this if game prices dropped dramatically. like instead of 59.99 they were 39.99. if they were still 59.99 with the blocking second hand games i would never buy another console.
Hicken  +   1093d ago
I'd still mind. Once I buy a game, I want to do with it as I please. That includes taking it to a friend's house to play, giving it to my nephews, or selling it to some store or another for credit.

None of that would be possible if they block used games. And the cut in price wouldn't be enough to cover buying multiple copies of the same game(why would I want to do that when I could just have one to use in multiple places, anyway?), nor is there a guarantee that that price wouldn't go up in the future.

No, I rather like the used market right where it is. Games still aren't really worth it, though. Not all of them.
Thefreeman012  +   1093d ago
I'm not saying I want it to be that way, I'm just saying I'd be more open to the concept if there was a price drop. I don't really trade games in tho or give them away.
crazysammy  +   1093d ago
I would also like to add, that many people see a decline in PC gaming (Honestly as digital sales rise they dont report that to NPD so the numbers are skewed) but now everyone uses PC as the model for why they should ban used.

If PC was so amazing why isn't it crushing console sales of games... One big reason is resale value. When you buy a PC game its 1 and done. Console games have more value because of the used market and more people are willing to make the plunge knowing the whole $60 isn't gone when you buy it.

P.S. I am a huge PC gamer and console gamer, so this isn't a PC bashing post. Just the truth. Even games I would prefer on PC I get on console knowing it has more value when Im done.
peowpeow  +   1093d ago
I understand that, but the usual argument (at least for me) is that you can usually find it cheaper on GMG or Steam on/before release and therefore makes the plunge a little easier. In saying that, its because here in Aus rrp ranges from $90-110 whilst steam generally $50-70 brand new
crazysammy  +   1093d ago
Wow that is a huge difference, and with the games being that much cheaper that makes me rethink the "added value" of buying console games. Almost half price would make me go almost all digital.
Raptura  +   1093d ago
The worst part of blocking second-hand games is that older games are so much harder to come by new. Buying used games is what's helped me find and play older games I never bought when they were first released.
ziggurcat  +   1093d ago
of course it's stupid.

and there's no way either sony or MS would implement such an idiotic feature. people should just stop jumping to conclusions just because of an internet rumour.
matchu_peechu  +   1093d ago
Makes a lot of people unhappy: Stupid
007Bond  +   1093d ago
It may sound stupid, but it may not happen for another few years. This IS going to happen eventually, and everyone will accept it, still play on consoles just wait and see.
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Ulf  +   1093d ago
GameStop has so many slaves, who honestly believe that used games are necessary, because game prices are so high, rather than the truth, which is that game prices are high, because used games are sold in a way that does not reward the creator.

The profit margins are so much lower than other similar industries, that the games industry is forced to regurgitate CoD every year to survive. Keep it up with applauding the soylent green, folks, and you'll learn to like it. Brainwashing == profit.

"Yay, used games" ..just keep repeating.
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bluetoto  +   1092d ago
it seems that you have no idea what you are talking about and just have a personal beef with gamestop, which is completely understandable as they are bad for everyone.
parkerpeters  +   1093d ago
Steam isn't putting anything at risk but my wallet. There is little recent history or culture of used PC games sales, however, console games traditionally get passed along. It is a console that would block used games that would put (console) gaming at risk. Steam is a great platform, and better than any other DRM out there.

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