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Sony: PS3 'Still Has A Long Life'

Adam Barnes: ''Sony could be looking to announce the PS4 very shortly, and though the company's CFO Masaru Kato wouldn't be drawn into discussing the next-gen he did admit there's still life in the PS3 yet.'' (Masaru Kato, PS3, Sony)

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TheLyonKing  +   600d ago
Of Course it does the ps2 was still being support up untilr ecently, the ps3 is a great machine and has done great things such as life not to mention the huge limbrary it has.

Weird statment from Sony I think the vast majority of people know how much sony looks after its systems.
Saviior95  +   600d ago
PS2 is still supported,

Its getting its final release in March, thats like a 13 year life-span.

The PS3 will be here and people will develop for it for years to come.
Ezz2013  +   600d ago
ps2 just ended few monthes ago

which was an amazing run over 11 years
ps3 will be doing the same thing as ps2
jony_dols  +   600d ago
The PS3 will continue to be supported by indie & JRPG dev's long after the PS4 is released.
decrypt  +   600d ago
Wonder how people would feel if Cars, TVs, Cellphones, Laptops, tech in general didnt progress for 6-7 years and their manufacturers kept boasting old tech lol.
Eyeco  +   600d ago
So by your logic a new console should release every 6 months ?

Maybe you should look up what happened to gaming in 1977, because of that.
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stage88  +   600d ago
@decrypt We DON'T want to game on PC. Go away.
humbleopinion  +   600d ago
I think that the real question is when was the last game people actually cared about released. Mine was GOW2 which gives the PS2 an impressive 7 years run, but the PS3 will probably surpass that since it's entering the 7th years now and there are still plenty of games in the horizon (Not to mention the X360 which is already entering the 8th year and I still buy games for it).
Army_of_Darkness  +   600d ago
Dude, the more you talk, the more of a loser you pc fanboys appear.. and I'm sure not all you pc gamers are like this, but gawd damn this guy is making yall look bad.
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miyamoto  +   599d ago
Wii U made that long life even longer for PS3...
Peppino7  +   600d ago
With games like the last of us and god of war coming out now and looking as great as they do, the statement in the title is true. Plus those games are available to a much broader audience instead of a small amount for next Gen.
piroh  +   600d ago
i bet the Last of us, GOW, Beyond and such wont´t be the last games for PS3
Ezz2013  +   600d ago

yeah i agree
i don't think those are the last ps3 exclusives
not even close
ps3/ps4 will share alot of games for many years to come
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GribbleGrunger  +   600d ago
I agree. There will most likely be new games next year and perhaps a handful the following year, but just consider what PS+ has to offer Sony. PS+ is a fantastic way of offering content on a monthly bases to any late adapters and it's certainly a great way of making sure current owners hold onto the PS3. Who needs the second hand market when you have games on tap for £40 a year?
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miyamoto  +   600d ago
IAMERROR  +   600d ago
I hope atlus/Xseed/NISA continue to localize some great japan-only games. If Namco doesn't bring over Xillia 2 there will be blood!
CaptainSheep  +   600d ago
Yeah, Persona 4 came out on PS2 after the PS3 was released. I'm hoping Atlus release Persona 5 on the PS3, as well.
IAMERROR  +   600d ago
That'll be really cool, you wanna know something funny? One of the main reasons I bought my Ps3 was KH3, but it never came :/ I'd be fine with a late PS3 release date but I doubt it'll happen. Persona 5 would be really awesome.
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BrunoM  +   600d ago
Well I think we all knew it would be around past ps4 launch right ?

It's just the way Sony game part of buisness has always work ..

Well can't wait for fev20 tho don't believe specs will be given out but we will see the system controler and some in game (hopping)
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   600d ago
I agree. The ps3 has years of life left. I don't understand why everyone is making this push for next gen consoles. Think about it: What can be done on next gen that can't be done now? Visuals? Is that all? Just shiny graphics? I'd like to hear for once what game changing thing can be done to make this push.
peowpeow  +   599d ago
I see performance, AI and physics being improved. Many games out now could benefit greatly, frame rate dips can get pretty unbearable.

Honestly I'm keen for a MUCH smoother overall experience in terms of the OS overlay in games and general OS speed etc which will definitely come.

But damn, I don't want to shell out cash just yet xD
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broken_back-man  +   599d ago
lots of visual uprages and ai upgrades and lots more characters per level imagine "the future"!!!! also gaikia will be great the can improve by 138.6 percent over the ps3!!! I did my math!!!!
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cheatcode78  +   599d ago
You do have a point. There isnt much to improve on other than processing power. An a extra couple hundred dollars from how much my ps3 costed dosent seem to be that much more worth it. I think that sony should allow a 250+ G-cycle discount for recycling your old ps3 when you come to buy the ps4. It'll give a huge thank you to sony's fans and sony could even obtain some type of financial benefit from this. No?
DA_SHREDDER  +   600d ago
well duh, im gonna get a ps4 and give my ps3 to my oldest who can game share with my youngest, and if one breaks, i will not give them a ps4 considering the ps3 will have a dramatic price cut.
MostJadedGamer  +   599d ago
I agree. I am going to ride out my PS3 as long as possible before moving onto the Next Gen.

Last Gen I sold my PS2 right before the 360 came out, and bought a 360 on launch night I was so eager to start a new gen.

Not only did I have suffer through a lot hardware problems(finally giving up, and selling my 2nd broken 360 in 2007), and massive game droughts, but I know I also missed out on PS2 games that I should have played.

I plan to do the excate opposite this gen. I will ride out my PS3 for as long as possible so I don't miss any games that I should have played which will also give time for the PS4/720 to buildup there game libraries so there will be more games to play when I finally do buy a Next Gen system
ThyMagicSword  +   600d ago
how long?
GoldPunch-TR  +   600d ago
until 20 feb.
Hicken  +   599d ago
You left off 2016, troll.
chasegarcia  +   600d ago
I think if they open up the system(allow android apps) and lower the license fees it can take over the lower end market(ouya,WiiU) for a couple more years.
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BlackWolf  +   600d ago
Sounds about right. The PS3 still have breath in its lungs. With the upcoming games, like GoW Ascension and The Last of Us, the PS3 can still be purchased even after the PS4 comes around.
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ps3_pwns  +   600d ago
When you buy a sony home console expect it to last. This is why you always buy there systems because no matter how much money you spent on buying the console it will always have more value then the other systems because of how long its supported with games the longest.
babis1974  +   600d ago
i think for most of the people who has a ps3 or two(1 with ylod), is difficult to buy a new console. I don't have any more money to spent and i am enjoying my ps3 so far. In the future if i have a job, maybe i will consider to buy a console without YLOD. I hope the ps4 won't have such a problem as YLOD!
Kevlar009  +   600d ago
Another reason why the PS4 should have Back Compatability. It will drive the install base and provide a better window of entry. Though it might not be good if the PS3 remains too strong (seeing how cheap it is becoming)
Captain Tuttle  +   600d ago
Hello China
hesido  +   600d ago
I'm guessing for at least 4-5 years Ps3 will be very active.
Shazz  +   600d ago
This is why ive just aquired a 2nd ps3 for my bedroom :) best building up a sweet collection while waiting for ps4 games to drop and price if its high at first .
StrongMan  +   600d ago
sandman224  +   600d ago
We all know it still has life left in it with great first party games still to come out, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm so ready for the ps4. If anything release the ps4 this year and still support the ps3. Just as Sony did with the ps2 when the ps3 was released.
TheOneEyedHound  +   600d ago
I believe that some PS4 games will also be PS3 games, like Nintindo did with Zelda Twilght Princess.
DivineAssault  +   600d ago
damn straight it does.. Im keeping my PS3 & still buying PS4
metroidfusion2  +   600d ago
Duh sony already said they would support the ps3 until at least 2015 and the same for microsoft with supporting the 360 until at least 2015
cedaridge  +   600d ago
SONY Long Live PLay! Can't wait for "God of War A, The Last of Us, and Beyond 2 Souls." And I really can't wait till Feb 20th to see what's up for Sony, maybe it is the PS4? We shall see! psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder
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PurpHerbison  +   600d ago
So ready to get out of this current terrible gen.
black911  +   600d ago
I hope PS4 isn't announced Feb 20. It's too soon in my opinion. WAYYY to many games have yet to be released.
j-blaze  +   599d ago
i really hope PS4 gets announced on Feb 20!
Platinum_k  +   600d ago
About to hit the 7th year cycle...

I'm guessing another 2-3 year support, a 10 year life-cycle as promised by SONY.

I've always been happy with the Playstation brand.
Ggame  +   600d ago
Actually, I wouldn't care more if the PS3 will be still supported like the PS2 or not.
I only think that if Sony won't announce the PS4, Sony itself will be suffer from its mistake again that hype customers (gamers)'s expectation to see what's next of the new system.
sporge1989  +   600d ago
This is what I love about sony ^_^
Relientk77  +   600d ago
I love that Sony knows how to support systems even after their next consoles comes out
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TheKayle  +   600d ago
oh pls put down this shit
i mean cmon guy sbe serious
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WeskerChildReborned  +   599d ago
Good news for people who don't want to transition quickly or need a cheaper alternative, i might keep my PS3 unless PS4 is backwards compatible.
JustV  +   599d ago
oh helllll yeah! PS3 can still survive for a while! The games are still AWESOME! Graphics are still amazing! Keep it going Sony! You might do it even longer than the PS2!!!
jakmckratos  +   599d ago
I can see PS3 outselling Wii since the Wii prob won't even break a million this year and PS3s still sell like hotcakes
TheRealHeisenberg  +   599d ago
This is good to hear because I'm not planning to buy a new console unless it is a third PS3.
ThatsGaming  +   599d ago
If there is no or limited backward compatibility the PS3 will live a long time. If there is full backward compatibility the PS3 dies fairly quickly.
broken_back-man  +   599d ago
if they let you have gaikia on the ps4 you could download the ps3 games through that now that would be handsome!!!!!
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