Nintendo Fans Overwhelm uPlay Miiverse Community With Rayman Anger

Svend Joscelyne: ''So Rayman Legends on Wii U has been delayed, so that it can launch simultaneously with the newly-announced PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Whatever you may think of that, spare a thought for these poor souls on Nintendo's Miiverse.

A group of (naturally) Nintendo fans have decided to use Ubisoft's Uplay Miiverse Community to express their utter disgust at the seven month delay. Snapshots of some of the best ones have spread online - ranging from some rather inventive (if questionable) drawings to simply re-naming the company "Ubi-Shat".'' ;

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jony_dols1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Ubisoft did the exact same with Assassins Creed 1 on the PS3, so there is no need for Wii U owners to act so surprised.

They're a 3rd party publisher with strong links to both Sony (exclusive DLC's) & Microsoft (Splinter Cell series), so it makes sense for them to simultaneously release Rayman Legends on the 2 extra consoles that have an 140+ million install base.

(Some of those pictures were pretty funny though!)

lilbroRx1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Peoples issue with this is 100% about the delay and 0% about it coming to the PS3/360.

ElectricKaibutsu1768d ago

I don't know who disagreed with lilbroRx but he's right. OK, maybe 99% about the delay. I'm sure there's a couple crazy fanboys who just straight up hate PS3 and 360, but they don't speak for the whole.

Dylila1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

i'd be expecting zombie u going to xbl and psn probably in a few months. i dont understand the same behaviour by nintendo and people expecting a different result. nintendo wii was a mistake that capitalized mostly on the fact that the ps3 and the xbox cost 2 to 3 times more in most regions.

the wii u hardware is weak so its dead by the time next gen systems ar out and will only have to rely on first party titles. also nintendo wont have as many first party titles being released like in the past because we are in the hd era or they are in the hd era where it takes a bit longer to develop games in hd than in sd.

a lot of people are waiting for the big nintendo exclusives but those people have a wii u already. wii u is literally over because i constantly see games being cancelled and games that were recently exclusives are going multiplatform.

Ritsujun1768d ago

So Nintendoods have too much to draw nonsense, why, Wii U no games?

jony_dols1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Unfortunately the dev's don't call the shots, the suits in the boardroom do.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 (according to the former co-founder of Free Radical: Steve Ellis) was 99% complete & was in bug testing, before it was canned by corporate due to publishing/ marketing costs.

Look on the brightside, at least Rayman has a launch window & whilst 6 months late, it is still definitely coming!

LightofDarkness1768d ago

Dylila: it won't. MS won't allow the game to release on the console after it has already released on another console platform. It either releases simultaneously or it doesn't at all, and that's why this happened. This has happened with PSN releases before.

Anyone still think any kind of MS dominance is good for the industry?

solboogie1768d ago

I will log in to U play after work (Im at work shhhh) tonight and let them know how I feel! Oh and you bet I will also voice my opinion with my wallet and just skip this title on all platforms! Maybe buy a used one when its $10.

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StraightPath1768d ago

miiverse pics are funny lol wii u owners rightfully should be mad. Wow idiot ubisoft ahould release first on wii u as its finished

Jadedz1769d ago

#Don't say anything foolish in Miiverse because it might get published in a article, or recorded on video.#

FinalomegaS1768d ago

i know it's cool lol

at least we can rightfully trash talk and the suits can see it first hand now.

That's how Nintendo said in their direct cast that they kept hearing about X & Y

Jek_Porkins1768d ago

Already the second article of the day about the same exact thing.

I own all the consoles right now, so it going to others didn't bother me, but as a Wii U owner it bothers me because there is no reason not to release the Wii U version as planned. Ninja Gaiden Razors Edge was released first on Wii U, then it was ported and will be released on Xbox 360/PS3 later this year, so why cant they do that with this game?

The Wii U's launch was pretty fair, but the games have been slow in coming since that time, a lot of Wii U owners would have bought the game, now it gets lost in the next gen shuffle later this year.

ElectricKaibutsu1768d ago

That summed up many people's feelings perfectly. Well said.

FamilyGuy1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

No one is even going to be thinking about this game in that release windows time frame. With next gen systems on the horizon it'll get overlooked and undersold, what a waste of every bodies time as well as being a delayed paycheck from sales they could be making now.

They definitely should release in now but MS has always enforced this strict rule of "release OUR version at the same time, FIRST or you can't release it on our system."

r211768d ago

Last image was good XD Seriously Ubisoft, just release the game for the wii u folks since its all done!

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