Violence for children: The failure of games age ratings

CVG investigates glaring loopholes in age verification

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TheLyonKing1869d ago

I hate when they blame anything other than the parents who buy the games for their kids.

They are the problem they will continue to be the problem. That is the only problem aside from online purchasing which is near impossible to stop.

AtomicGerbil1869d ago

I'd be much happier blaming the media for not highlighting this to parents from day one instead of bleating on about GTA corrupting children.

isarai1869d ago

Why do they have to highlight something that's right on the front of the box when you pick it up?

AtomicGerbil1867d ago

Because many parents seem to be blind to it, and then cry foul when the media and politicians spout bull about violent games causing real world violence.

What I meant by my comment was that the media should be more informative rather than sensationalist and scare mongering.

Kevlar0091869d ago

Retailers want to make money, also the ESRB and such isn't required to sell a game. In fact publishers pay them to get a rating, to prevent this kind of backlash. If parents paid more attention to what their kids were playing (like actually playing the game themselves) maybe there would be better control and supervision. I'm not saying it's 100% the parent's fault (it's like blaming parents solely for poor children health when so much of our food is overloaded by the food industry), however there needs to be a point where both sides are doing their part

Kevlar0091869d ago

Edit: So there are retailers and console makers who won't sell a game if it doesn't have ESRB rating. Nevertheless, the ratings exist for a reason. And no, "M" doesn't stand for "Mild"

ninjahunter1869d ago

Holy crap, a boxed copy of Mad world, so the legends are true, at least one copy did sell...

Saryk1869d ago

This is so funny. My wife is like the most computer/gaming illiterate person in the world. She knows these ratings!

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