Some thoughts on games these days

Eskimo Press: The evolution of video games has been one hell of a ride so far, and the future seems to hold a lot of exciting things, but at the same time there have been a lot of less desirable changes from a gamer and consumer perspective.
One of our writers rants a bit about the state of games these days.

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Oschino19071931d ago

This author should invent a time machine so he can see how good we have it now and how his rosie colored glasses can't even deny that games are by far much much better now then ever before.

I understand some of his issues (mainly DLC which is purely OPTIONAL) but honestly I try to avoid the type of games he mentions and I still have more then enough games to keep me busy and entertained. This article was more just nit picking current gen and glorifying the old school systems and games.

All I know is as much as I have loved video games as a kid and played them throughout my life, games for the most are getting better and better. I can't think of another gen where I would have wanted as many games as I do now. I prob have/had almost as many games this gen as I have the previous 4 gens combined.

Things aren't perfect but back when I was a kid their were only so many hit games and the rest were very niche and catered to a specific audience. These days my interest is broader as they make more varied games in general but also they make them appealing to more then just a niche audience which in my case has gotten me into genres I would have passed on before.

With difficulty, yes they could make a harder mode overall or an option to remove the tutorial but come on now, let's not act like elitist. Watching my nephew or friends who don't play games much or who haven't played much for years and its obvious why they have tutorials and hand holding.
Not everyone has played games for 20+ years or every game in a series or every game system. No need to alienate new players and make them feel confused and frustrated leading to dropping the game altogether. Already enough idiots who skip through everything and jump into a game where they have no clue what's going on and ruin online multiplayer for everyone as they learn on the run. Why would devs want to make it inconvienent for a new player to get into their game?

All I can say is it seems the Author must have been bored and decided to nit pick current gen (who couldn't) but to directly compare it to generations past and act as if gaming is devolving is outrageous. Not to mention I thought most of the examples given (of games old and new) are really unconvincing of his points and spoken about with little context or viewpoint beyond what backs up his own opinion (to complain about new and glorify old) along with lacking an objective view outside of his own and then asking us to provide one for him in the comments.

After reading and breaking down what I believe was being said I have to conclude this article was made quickly with very little thought or research put in. More like a blog that's an off the top of head opinion trying to ignite questions/debates disquised as an article.

Or maybe I really am just as bored as the author, but atleast if that is so I am not writing blog opinion pieces hastily and submitting them on N4G as "news articles"

1931d ago