Activision wants Skylanders to stick around for at least 10 years

The first Skylanders title arrived in 2011, and the second arrived in 2012. The third, Skylanders: Swap Force was recently announced for 2013, and Activision doesn’t seem like they’ll be slowing down.

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Donnieboi1898d ago

Activision, the kings of oversaturation. As if the kids who like it today will even care about this in 3 years, let alone 10...

-GametimeUK-1898d ago

A lot of children TV shows have lasted 10 years +. As some kids outgrow the game their could be more who newly discover it.

Not saying that I want this game to be around in 10 years. I would like my child to play a more traditional Spyro game.

Zodiac1898d ago

New kids can't be born?

Root1898d ago

It was a problem but Clive Owen saved the day

OhMyGandhi1898d ago

they were all transported to a different planet while Nicholas Cage and the rest of the world went up in flames.

Bathyj1898d ago

well thanks mr blow the picture for me

vlonjati771898d ago (Edited 1898d ago ) the way now that I read your name im going to watch chinese zodiac with Jackie Chan,he is my fav.gnight
hahaha nice one Bathyj

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Knight_Crawler1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Sony must be wishing they never sold Spyro.

Edit: Never knew that and this coming from a hardcore PS 1 and PS2 gamer...always thought Sony owned both Spyro and Crash.

Root1898d ago

He was never Sony's to begin with, he was Universals who sold him along with Crash to another company thus jumping to developer to developer untill they ended up with Acitivison.

Soldierone1898d ago

I don't know a single kid that knows what the game is or has any interest in the game at all. I help at schools and have little brothers, not one kid.

Thats what I don't get. Angry Birds, fine I can see stupid people that go crazy whenever they see the red bird slapped on something. However Skylanders? I see so much stuff with it slapped on it, yet no interest from anyone. So where is coming from? What market is buying it?

I saw Skylanders costumes, didn't see one kid wear it on Halloween. I saw Minecraft, Halo, and Assassins Creed though....

profgerbik1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

It is kind of like who are the people really supporting the band One Direction? I guess the answer would be really immature kids but it's like still someone invested a crap load of money into that band just to make them popular.

I mean who else in their right mind takes that kind of music seriously? Same goes for things like this that are just trying so hard to pull money out of children's pockets.

I guess people invest money knowing it will make even more money off of immature kids who don't know any better. It is hard for me to imagine that is a completely sustainable market but obviously it is.

Soldierone1898d ago

Thats what i'm saying though. I hate One Direction, but I still see the people that go crazy for them. I see stuff with their logo on it, and people go buy it, or stores actually use their stock.

However with Skylanders, when it first came out yeah people were buying it, but ever since the initial "this is cool" phase I havent seen anything. The entire aisle for Skylanders in all my local stores are now gone. In the Wal-marts, the original game and set pieces are on clearance right now, other sets are "on sale" to clear some room. The costumes went on clearance, and a lot of the pillows and so on are also on clearance.

So I'm thinking "well I guess its over?" Nope, walk in a week later and there are entirely different Skylanders things in place. Valentine stuff or something.

I'm just curious where "hot" areas of this are because its definitely not my area. There is no way in hell its as successful as Activision says if all areas are like mine.

profgerbik1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I still am completely lost as to what this even is? I just see the expensive toys at stores other than that I had no idea it was an actual game.

Just from the toys alone I am assuming the game must be fairly awful?

aPerson1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Watch some gameplay and judge for yourself. I have the first game and it's a lot of fun.

[Skip to 4:10]

brettyd1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Ha I was just listening to parents complaining about how much their kids love this stuff, and how expensive they are. Thats why I never want kids, making you spend you're money on stupid sh*t they won't care about in a year.

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