16th Annual DICE Awards: The Nominees and Winners

The 16th Annual DICE Awards may be over, but the celebrations have just begun! Here is a complete set of nominees and winners from tonight’s ceremony. Journey took home the most awards, almost sweeping all of the categories it was nominated in.

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majiebeast1543d ago

DAMN! Journey took almost every award it was nominated for except for 2.

PSASBR being best fighting game is surprising.

Dont get how paper mario won best handheld when it was up against Uncharted:GA,Gravity rush,RE:REV and Sound shapes.

Nimblest-Assassin1543d ago

God damn it... I made a vow to only play journey once since I believed another playthrough would cheapen the experience.. but I want to play it again now

grailly1543d ago

It doesn't cheapen it, don't worry.

Thirty3Three1543d ago

majie, I wouldn't say it's surprising, it's one of the best fighting games released in the past few years.

Donnieboi1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I love PSASBR, but I think Persona 4 Arena should have won fighting goty, hands down (and NO it's not because i'm an obvious Persona fan (my avatar), but because it's a great fighter. The storytelling was weak, so as a persona fan it disappointed in the category. But as a fighter, I was hooked!)

QuantumWake1543d ago

The comment section from the live feed was hilarious. Everyone couldn't believe Journey was taking home so many awards. Congrats to thatgamecompany for their work on Journey. It truly is an amazing experience that should not go unnoticed in the gaming community.

Also a big thank you to Sony Santa Monica studios for backing Journey and actually wanting to see this project come alive and see its full potential.

Congrats to all the other titles that were nominated and awarded. Cheers! :D

grailly1543d ago

I didn't watch it, but have seen quite a few complaints about it on twitter, about it being a bit MTV-like. How was it?

r211543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Journey winning awards was not surprising, its a very creatively good game. And yay for Superbot, their awesome game won an award :D I guess this will be me being biased but I really feel like Gravity Rush should've won the handheld category :L

Aceman181543d ago

agreed Gravity Rush should have won best game i played on handheld last year, and a refreshing breath of air it was.

r211543d ago

Exactly. A game thats not like any other I've played and yet it lost to a Mario sequel :L

miyamoto1542d ago

Maybe DICE did not want people to tag them as pro-Sony even if Sony had the best know politics.

RTheRebel1543d ago

just ordered the journey collectors edition lets see how good this game is =)

AznGaara1543d ago

I want to tell you that before you play the game you should clear your mind of all expectations. With all this praise you kind of asume things about the game and thats no a great way to go about Journey. Journey is best when you just let it take you into its world.

LightSamus1543d ago

Wait, how can Walking Dead win downloadable GOTY ahead of Journey, yet Journey wins GOTY ahead of Walking Dead?

WeAreLegion1543d ago

These were votes from over 20,000 people in the industry. So, it's possible for related awards to go to two completely different games. Ridiculous, I know...

grailly1543d ago

awards always do this. it looks dumb but otherwise the same game would get every award. for example, if a multiplat wins game of the year, logically it should also be ps3 and 360 game of the year, but in those categories they tend to favor the exclusives.

Aceman181543d ago

hahaha yea i was scratching my head at that also.

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The story is too old to be commented.