Activision Disappointed with Wii U Launch

Activision is not ecstatic about the Wii U launch. In a post-earnings financial call today, company CEO Robert Kotick said Activision is "somewhat disappointed" with the platform's launch. The console has sold 3 million units worldwide to date.

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Jadedz1930d ago

It isn't happening, so Nintendo needs to release the software that'll drive in a bigger consumer base (Mario Kart U, Wii Fit U, Mario Universe, LOZ: Wind Waker, X).

-Mika-1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

First party games doesn't automatically make the console sell. Look at the Gamecube. Nintendo games usually sell the same amount of copies as sony and MS exclusives. Look up the numbers.

With PS4 and the 720 around the corner. What does the WiiU offer? Gamers will just buy third party games on the ps3/360 or Tthe ps4/720. There honestly is no incentive in owning this system and third party games will continue to sell horrible on it. I seriously don't think you and some of the other users on this site aren't thinking about the WiiU in the long term. Exclusives Is honestly not going to make this system sell 60 million units. Third party games do and people are not going to buy third party games on a system with no achievements and inferior gameplay.

Jadedz1930d ago

Here they are:



There are core fans who enjoy Nintendo exclusives. It's foolish to think of Nintendo as a ''depleted'' company. The top selling games (of all time) are Nintendo related, so I really don't understand what you're trying to state.

And the Wii made a fair amount of 3rd party developers happy (Activision, Junction Point, Ubisoft, Take 2, Sega, High Voltage Software, etc.). There's no denying that Nintendo needs to convey a better message about their Wii U hardware (and sell more units), but it's a bit harsh to predict that the system is already ill-fated by labelling it, ''DOA'' (which you surmised in your own colourful words).

Gr811930d ago

'First party games doesn't automatically make the console sell. Look at the Gamecube.'

Or you could have added the Vita to prove that point as well..seeing as it will probably sell less than Gamecube, Dreamcast, and possibly the Game Gear as well.

BlackWolf1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Why do we have to suffer your constant rant?

Blastoise1930d ago

The first party Gamecube games were by far the best selling on the console.
Honestly you'll have trouble finding a game with Mario in the title that sold less than a million on the Gamecube.

mcstorm1930d ago

What people are forgetting is the WiiU has sold more in its 1st 3 months than the 360 and PS3 did. Also the Wiiu is the 1st next gen console so people are waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft offer. Also we have just had a big finish to the year with games like FarCry 3, Halo 4, CODBO2 and others. People will buy theses games on the consoles they own and wont buy a console to play the game that is out for there already owned console.

Once the next PlayStation and Xbox are out then sales of the WiiU will pickup as there will be people knowing that every one has a next gen console and games for the current gen will start slowing down.

I don't think there will be a market leader the way we have seen over the last 3 gens with this next gen as Sony Microsoft and Nintendo will all be going for the core and none core market so I expect there to only be a few million between the leading console and the lowest selling console next gen.

Cupid_Viper_31930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

@ McStorm

I dont' really care about Activision's or Bobby Kotic's disappointments to be honest, I think they're full of it.

But first of all, the PS3 launched at $600.00 (compared to Wii U's $350.00 for the top sku) and didn't launch in Europe until Late March 2007.
But even then it sold 3.6 million between November 2006 to March 2007.

I think Nintendo and the Wii U are going to be just fine to honest. But at the same time, I've said many times that I don't that Nintendo will repeat the successes of the Wii. I'm of the opinion that the Wii U is caught in between trying to be both casual and hardcore at the same time, thus excelling at neither really.

If you take the current sales of the Wii into account, it should tell you that the Wii market is indeed saturated and will come to an abrupt stop pretty soon. And this is the first problem for Nintendo and Wii U. The Wii U doesn't have the "ultra casual" appeal of the Wii meaning that grandma's and grangpa's and retirement centers are not buying them in drones like they did with the Wii.

Now the second problem for Nintendo, is that the Wii U is not being seen as a very powerful next gen console either. Meaning that, even at the base price of $250.00, people rather sit on the fence and see what the other Big 2 have up their sleeves. And that is very discomforting to be honest, because now the Wii U is destined to be seen as the weaker, older console for this entire new generation.

If the big 2, but more specifically Sony, breaks tradition and go for cost effective hardware, then Nintendo will certainly stand a chance. But if they stay the course and pump out hardware and cater to the hardcores, then I believe Nintendo will be in trouble.

See it's always easier to cater to casuals if you already have powerful, versatile hardware. But it's not that easy to do cater to the hardcore with weaker hardware.

It's easy to take a Corvette and cruise down your block, do groceries, pick up your son or daughter from school, etc....But a quick change of tires and you're track ready. But you try and take your fully loaded Minivan with built-in TVs, and folding 3rd row seating, and sliding doors on both side, to the track and try to keep up with the other cars.

jmc88881930d ago

If they want the best graphics they'll buy it on PC.

Sorry PS4/720 won't be equal to PC high settings.

So if you want graphics you'll buy PC.
If you want a particular flavor, you'll buy that version. Maybe it's the gamepad. Maybe it's the free Sony online. Who knows.

But for you to think 'people will just by the PS4/720 version' because why? It's so much better?

Ha. The PS4 will be at most 3x better than a Wii U, 720 2x. In other words, all the games will play games that look pretty similar. You might think each system is a one notch PC graphics settings higher.

So what exactly is the reason to buy PS4/720?

Because it's not power.

There are plenty of reasons, but 'ps4/720' being the best, really isn't one of them.

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Kevlar0091930d ago

Don't forget Rayman Legends...

Too soon?

Starfox171930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

It sold 3 million by the end of dec ? and Sonic all stars racing transformed sold 260,000 on wiiu contributing to over 25% of total sales ??? so even with just 3 million it sold more than the 147 million consoles in the ps3 and 360,now shouldnt sega be saying how upset they are with the ps3 and 360 sales on that game ?

Jadedz1930d ago

The media's ''Scapegoat.''

Cupid_Viper_31930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

replied to the wrong post. My apologies.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1929d ago

Can't release software that you don't currently have-
Let them Games cook before you serve them Raw and Undone.

Plus, People who thought that the WiiU was going to sell as much as the Wii, should be more disappointed in themselves than Nintendo- because Iwata warned them long before release.

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Benjaminkno1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Well, I suppose we can count on third-party sales to remain lackluster on Nintendo's home console. I'm not sure how this curse got started (N64), but to be honest, is anybody really surprised? I mean, even Skylanders aimed at youngsters couldn't muster any meaningful results. With WiiU in such an infant stage, it's hard to see how anything can get off the ground for this system. The more third party games that slip away, the more they stop taking Nintendo seriously. But doesn't there have to be a breaking point?

How is Nintendo going to become mainstream again when Nintendo games are all that sell? I just don't see it happening.

When next-gen rolls around, Sony or Microsoft would be happy with sales resembling Nintendo's, just saying.
However, third party developers know that their games aren't competing against first party games.

Worse case scenario? I can see WiiU owners trading in their consoles for next gen systems just as easily as I can see it going the other way around. I think Sony and Microsoft competing against each other at the same time this year is a recipe for disaster.

Maybe Nintendo has more room to afford to do things the way they've been doing them. However, they may be forever branded "high risk" to develop for.

It's just a shame that the curse just keeps trudging right along.

Reborn1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Why would they? COD probably isn't doing as well as they would like/expect. However, it's a recent launch. Give it some time for the base to grow even further.

Hopefully, Nintendo has some good stuff in the works.

LOL_WUT1930d ago

I'm more disappointed with Activisons inability to create something new instead of relying on the same CoD game year after year.

With that said I don't think anyone was expecting the Wii U to be as successful as the Wii with the exception of a few people.

Ezz20131930d ago

well, they are making
The Walking dead: Call of duty edition

stuntman_mike1930d ago

I honestly don't think any console will sell like the Wii did, especially in the same time frame.

moegooner881930d ago

Screw Activision, when the PS3 was struggling, they threatened to drop support for both PS3, and PSP, and now they are complaining about the Wii U launch sales, even though their support for both was minimal at best. Their priorities are obvious, sales, then sales, then sales, then gamers.

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