Project Awakened: Reacting to Your Imagination

Phosphor Games Studio is coming up with one of the most ambitious looking games out there. Do not pass up the opportunity to help out on this amazing looking game!

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ryandebraal1898d ago

This sounds like it will be absolutely amazing or a total flop. I'm worried they might be taking on too muich for a small studio.

Even so, it sure looks pretty ^^

ab5olut10n1898d ago

The video they have out looks a hell of a lot like infamous.

Azurite1898d ago

Interesting concept, hope they reach their goal.

IcicleTrepan1898d ago

How about Project Stop Using The Word Project In Your Titles Because It's Not Even Remotely Trendy Or Cool

Conner67421898d ago

It's a project, because it's not complete yet. The word "Project" is to show that they are working on it but it's still in its early stages.

Loki861898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Looks absolutely incredible for a Kickstarter project, everyone get behind this game. The developer deserves to have it released as it looks like they have put a ton of time into it.