Now Isn’t the Time to Buy a Wii U

Keep in mind, this isn't a Nintendo is doomed article, just an honest opinion of the current landscape.

Mini Fortress writes:

"When it comes to the Wii U, I’ve been pretty darn quiet. In case the title above didn’t make it obvious, I’m not one of the millions of Wii U owners. Just this morning I was planning to put some cash aside to buy one in the next couple of months, but the day continued, and I changed my mind. Shortly after the announcement of Rayman Legends getting pushed back, something clicked; right now, there really isn’t much about the Wii U that gets me excited."

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chadboban1900d ago

Just like every single other console launch, there's always that dry spell that happens some months after launch. Don't worry, it'll pick up, just like the 3DS and PS3 did. I know I'll be picking up one later this year, same with the Vita.

robparko1900d ago

Yeah, you're absolutely right. I'm not condemning the console, I'll buy it down the road as well. I'll be enjoying my 3DS until it does pick up!

chadboban1900d ago

Have you gotten Fire Emblem as yet? I'm hearing great things about it.

xursz1900d ago

The main thing isn't even a lack of games for me, it's that I know they're lowering the price as soon as next gen system are revealed. I would hate to be an early adopter in that situation.

It might also help if current gen games weren't of higher quality than what's currently on WiiU.

Ritsujun1899d ago

Wii U Doomsday - 1st of March 2013

darthv721899d ago

those who skipped the wii? Wii-u is a more logical buy than the wii because it plays its own games but also those that are for the wii.

there are some really good titles available for the wii and so it would see the wii-u does upscale wii games. wii-u now have hundreds of playable games to choose from.

Besides, each person has their own personal timeframe to buy something if it appeals to them. You cant make a blanket statement of this is/is not the right time where an individual is concerned.

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OmegaSlayer1900d ago

There are 2 scenarios:
1-WiiU won't be around for more than 3 years.
2-WiiU won't sell more than 25-30 millions of pieces in a 5-6 years lifetime.

Anyway, Western third party devs are overall annoyed with Nintendo since it's the Fourth time that Nintendo screws with them, N64, Gamecube, Wii, WiiU; so I expected less support for an eventual new Nintendo system.

live2play1899d ago

do you try to be an idiot...
or does it come easy to you?

miyamoto1899d ago

Never been an early adopter of any console.

I always wait for the killer price cut and killer app.

I got my PS3 when it dropped to $300 and Uncharted 2 was released.

Bigkurz851899d ago

Cool story bro.

I greatly enjoyed having a bluray player and playing games like warhawk and resistance, as well as having a BC ps3 years before you got one.

FamilyGuy1899d ago

If that Monolith title stays exclusive I'll probably get a WiiU on its release. I'm very interested in Monster Hunter too but it is a remake so it's not such a big deal. New IPs that are WiiU EXCLUSIVE are the only things that could push me to purchase one. Hopefully they come sooner than later as I'm definitely getting a PS4 day 1, no matter the cost, launch titles etc. I've never bought a launch day system, so I'm excited about that.

chadboban1899d ago

Well Monolith Soft is 100% owned by Nintendo so that's as likely to become multiplatform as Mario is.

FamilyGuy1899d ago

Oh ok lol, i feel a little dumb now. That confirms my future purchase then.

robparko1899d ago

I haven't got it yet, but I would like to get it. I played the demo and I really enjoyed my time with it.

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Jadedz1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Everything's going awry, and it doesn't seem like it'll be getting better until the later half of the year.

Benjaminkno1900d ago

Yeah, I'm a die-hard Nintendo fan, and it's too dry for me to buy one yet. I'll probably get one next month sometime.
I want to play ME3 again.
I've been wanting to play Darksiders 2.
ZombiU sounds like it's getting a patch.

You really should always wait a few months before purchasing a new product. There's always going to be a few kinks and bugs to work through when releasing hardware.

Who wants to download/update for 2 hours right when you turn on your system?...

... you know who you are!

BullyMangler1900d ago

If i can AFFORD a wiiU i should still not buy a wiiU guys

robparko1899d ago

I appreciate the emphasis on afford, but you missed the point. Why spend money on Wii U now when I could be playing great 3DS games instead.

BullyMangler1899d ago

good question . . i "capt" the word afford because the person who wrote the article thinks we are all poor . i was being a bit sarcastic. and you know, when one can afford something, he aint spending/wasting his money, more like trading goods/value exchange . PLUS . since it's a wiiU we talking about, it would be wierd to call it a waste of money anyway.

and yep . you should buy Super Mario 3D land for the 3DS, that shit is witch-craft, and challenging . . then there's CastleVania? . tss my oh my

Theyellowflash301900d ago

Yeah, now is not a time to buy a Wii U. I would say March is a good time. Aliens Colonial Marines and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate both come out in then.

Starfox171899d ago

Aliens CM
Monster Hunter Ultimate

Don't forget Lego city that will be the biggest hit out of the 3 above.

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