Top 5 Most Wanted Sequels We’ll Never Get

GXC: "I have been gaming since I was three-years-old. Throughout that time, there have been numerous titles that I have played and adored. Some of them never got the sequel they deserved, or never got one at all. The following are 5 sequels I would love to have, but unfortunately their inception is looking unlikely."

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dboi7871716d ago

I don't want any of these games. Wanna know a game everyone wants that we'll never get? Marvel vs DC Universe.

ThatMiamiGuy1716d ago

Well, he was talking about sequels.

iXenon1716d ago

I don't wanna open any old wounds when I say this but...

Star Wars: Battlefront III

*Drops mic*

nrvalleytime1716d ago

Both of these.

And the next game in the Chrono series.

greatcrusader441716d ago

Just about ANY Star Wars game from last Gen, all were amazing and haven't received a sequel to any of them.

MaleManSam1716d ago

*Picks up mic*

Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic III.

*Throws mic into canyon*

Durffen1716d ago

I want an Oddworld Strangers Wrath sequel.

RioKing1716d ago

This isn't a "sequels we want" article...this is a "sequels we want, but will NEVER GET" article. Some people are obviously missing the point of that. Half-Life're gonna eventually get, you can count on that. \

Ace_Pheonix1716d ago

Shenmue III... And a new Killer Instinct. And Descent.

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