Ubisoft developer reveals reason for Rayman delay

Today Ubisoft announced that the formerly Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends was going to come to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in the fall. One developer behinds the scenes reveals why.

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Benjaminkno1899d ago

Quite simple really:

Microsoft says any game that's multiplatform must be released on 360 at the same time as its release for their competitors.


Rayman just won't sell as well on Nintendo.

cloud4951898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

I think Sony has something similar or the same where if a game comes out later then it needs extra content. Like with the original Bioshock. I think Microsoft did it with Joe Danger.

And I think the reason was the Wii U having a much smaller install base then PS3/ 360 since it's a new console.

rdgneoz31898d ago

Nope, Sony doesn't have the same thing as MS. Its mainly devs adding new content to make people want to get a game that's been out for so long on another system and is probably cheaper atm. Many 360 games have come over just as they were and were able to release, just look at Limbo.

And with the original Joe Danger, the devs talked about how they couldn't bring it to the 360 because of MS's policies. They had to do a new version ("special edition" which had new modes, characters and such) get get the OK.

So yes, because they wanted to go multiplat and due to MS' policies, they had to delay it.

Cupid_Viper_31898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )


No Sony doesn't have something similar. Sony doesn't have anything in place that requires a simultaneous release or else delay the game on the other platforms.

If a developer choose to release a game six month later on the PS3 because Microsoft/Nintendo paid them to do, then it only makes sense that game be released with all the DLCs that came out with it during the six months it was out. That's actually looking out for the PS3 gamers who got left out in the first place.

But to require a developer to delay the game on other platforms if they want to ever release it on the Xbox 360 is really a crappy and cheap move in my opinion.

"Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available," it reads.
"If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360."

jony_dols1898d ago

MS shook up the industry with the 360, but some of their practices this gen have been pretty unsavory. At a corporate level, Microsoft are dicks.

Bathyj1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

God, I wonder if thats really true.
Pretty douche move by Ubi to cave if it is.

I dont see why WiiU shouldnt get it when its ready and then the others get it later since its not like they were waiting for it anyway.

I feel sorry for WiiU owners and the Devs.

jetlian1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

thats not why wiiu isnt selling good enough. You only have to look at all the devs and nintendo saying its not where it should be

As for MS and sony rule you have to have it come out with 3 months of the other console or add to the game extra. So maybe ubisoft didnt wanna put dlc or whatever extra

miyamoto1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Its a tough economy...RIP THQ

Ubisoft needed to push all the right buttons to stay profitable and they have done a great job.

The higher ups at Ubisoft know what they are doing....

Just look a AC III: Liberation amidst launching with AC III and CoD Black Ops 2, which some said was suicidal, yet sold out 600,000 units beyond their expectations.

They just want Rayman to sell very well on 5 consoles...because if it doesn't sell well this time Rayman will be in trouble.


"Sony: PS4's main selling point will be 'new playing options, not improved hardware specs"

As Sony Computer Entertainment warms up its blue lighting and double-checks its playlist for February 20th, one unnamed SCE official says that the PlayStation 4 will act as more of a home entertainment hub than what we've seen in the past. They added, according to the Nikkei, that the main selling point won't be the rumored eight-core AMD64 CPU or other hardware specs, but how it opens up new styles of play -- something Nintendo is also focusing on. Sony is going to push the new console as a home entertainment "nerve center," with a focus on the hardware's ability to connect and share to mobile devices -- the rival that's pulling gamers away from traditional consoles. No discussion on any Gaikai-powered cloud gaming just yet, but following its unveiling later this month, the report states that the new PlayStation should launch before the end of the year. A bit of a shame, then, that it's still only February.


BullyMangler1898d ago

since when do SALES determine somethings GLORY?

ha haa . if R. Legends sells good on nintendos console, or it does not, the wiiU version will still be superior

DeadlyFire1898d ago

Are you sure its Microsoft saying that this time around?

PS4 is rumored for September.

GTA5 is landing in September
Raymond Legends is also coming in September now for PS3/X360/WiiU

Backwards compatibility in PS4? maybe?

I wouldn't say Raymond Legends coming to multiple platforms is a bad thing really. It happened last gen with X360 multiplatform launch games spread out on PS2/PC and it worked out just fine.

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Sanquine901898d ago

Because it is becoming a multiplatform>? Rayman is a better platformer than Mario and Little big planet;)

PS4isKing_821898d ago

No, call of duty, halo, ass creed, mass effect are examples of crap games.

Rayman legends is beautiful, innovative and a joy to play.
You would know that if you had a wiiU and played the gorgeous demo.

Starfox171898d ago

Its hardly BGAE2 is it ??

gamingzen1898d ago

This is a really bad business decision by ubisoft over 3 million wii u sold i reckon over half of wii u owners would have bought rayman as there isnt any other games available at the moment so UBISOFT u would have sold over 1 million on release instead they get greedy and try and gain sales on 360/ps3 when sales where piss poor on rayman xbox/ps3. Oh yeah has someone informed ubisoft that a little game called gta v is released in september.

Starfox171898d ago

All i see is what happened last gen,if a game sells well on wii but poor on HD twins the HD twins continue to get support soon as a wii game didnt sell well sorry we can't support wii due to sales ???? WHAT.

And basically using Nintendo to help HD twins sales......very sad but i really think Nintendo can turn this treatment around with WiiU it's called keep callaborating with 3rd partys and make smash hits like i know LegoCity will be.

sarshelyam1898d ago

It has nothing to do with anything you're talking about, and everything to do with the launch timing of the Rayman Origins. Origins launched smack dab in the middle of November, prime territory for triple A launches and, frankly, even the games with a huge marketing budget run the risk of getting lost in the mix. Rayman had practically ZERO marketing, so it was no surprise that it sold poorly at launch, but later performed at the price drop.

Looks to be Ubi is doing it again with a release timed right among GTAV. Hopefully they'll draw their audience.

As far as its multi-platform launch tactic...well, it was always mutli-platform. I spoke to one of the producers at E3 in June last year and they said there would be information in Summer (2012) regarding other platforms. So while they slipped on the announcement, it sounds like it was always in the cards, perhaps a timed release. As it stands, I'm simply happy I can get it on my PS3 and keep the series on one platform.

Also, I don't foresee Ubi putting much money into the RFID toys they were showcasing. It's a heavy market with Skylanders Swap Force and Disney Infinity beating them to the punch.

1898d ago