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Submitted by underwhere 1102d ago | article

Gearbox boss explains console fanboyism with psychology

Pitchford explains that choice changes their thinking, and that the same thing shows in games. For example, when given a choice between two weapons with comparable power early on in the game, the player's initial choice becomes their 'best' despite its effectiveness ranking. The choice a player makes becomes the good choice over time, with the one not chosen labeled as the bad one. (Culture, D.I.C.E, Industry, Randy Pitchford)

Qrphe  +   1102d ago
It still escapes how people can go ahead and defend a corporation like if any of these companies were protecting their individual consumer interest when this is only an entertainment industry.
They don't care for you, stop caring that deeply for them and enjoy what each has to offer.
wishingW3L  +   1102d ago
read the article.
Qrphe  +   1102d ago
It was figure of speech. But I guess humans will always be humans in the end.
AAACE5  +   1102d ago
Or an easier way to sum it up... human beings feel a need to belong to a group.

Most gamers picked their console of choice because their friends had it! And because most people are followers, they did the popular thing.

Its kind of like apple products. I tried the mac, ipod and iphone because of how great people said they were. I can honestly say that i have no interest in any apple products.

Back on topic... people want to belong to something they can be proud of. Usually because the reality is pretty dull. Their proud of their job because they make a lot of money and feel good about looking down at people. In reality they have few friends and those few are probably just as f'ed up as them!

O can go on and on but you should get the point.
MikeMyers  +   1101d ago
"Pitchford explains that choice changes their thinking"

Even if people had all the consoles they could still favor one over the others. What he's trying to suggest is that by limiting choice you will gravitate more towards the console you bought.

You ever notice in the past how games that used to kind of compete with one another on different systems had this feud? Way back it was Sonic versus Mario, now it's games like Gran Turismo versus Forza. I own a Xbox 360 and a PS3 so I can appreciate Forza and Gran Turismo. Both franchises to me are very good but if you ever notice someone who favors the Xbox 360 they will tend to favor Forza. Same goes with those who tend to flock towards Sony, they too will gravitate towards Gran Turismo and put down Forza.

You see it in multiplat games as well but never to this level. Battlefield versus Call of Duty for example and a lot of that stems from people just hating the popularity of the Call of Duty franchise and hating Activision. But the console fanboys are the worst because their perception is limited and as Pitchford explains it's limited by choice.
Orokana  +   1102d ago
How on earth was that a figure of speech. Don`t try and backtrack just because you said something retarded = =
worldwidegaming  +   1102d ago
Reminds me of a certain AKB fan angry that girls wanna get with guys. The sad part people think its like some kind of team. Team Microsoft Vs Team Sony Vs team Nintendo! It was fun way back when Sega was still selling hardware but now its plain stupid. Just buy every system and get the best version of the game. many of the Corporations do not even care for the programmers much.
DwightOwen  +   1102d ago
In other words, fanboys are nothing more than broke-ass teenagers/fratboys/virgins. Gotcha.
RememberThe357  +   1101d ago
If you read the article, you didn't understand it.
007Bond  +   1101d ago
well said
soultecc   1102d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
wishingW3L  +   1102d ago
he nailed it. Your first is the best. It's the same as when you ask someone which is his fav FF game and is almost always the first one they played. I say "almost always" because FF8 was the first one I played and even though I only played FF7 in 2010, FF7 is my fav.


"Pitchford says that this same psychology can be applied to console fanboyism. Those limited to one console make an initial decision, and eventually becomes the 'best' one for them, making other consoles the 'worst' choice. By this, I was a Sega kid because my dad bought me a Genesis because I asked for it first. Later, I bought my own Super Nintendo. While I loved it, I was always partial to Sega consoles. My mind made my first choice the 'best' one. For the time, at least."
Tetsujin  +   1102d ago
Not always 100% true; depending on your age, demographic, etc those play a factor just as much as what you had "first." At 31 now there's other factors I look at besides which console I had "first" and which ones I will support due to my preferences.

"In a recreation of one of his tests, Pitchford used swag from his D.I.C.E. Summit gift bag..." (From the article)

After seeing that line, I officially now have a headache.
insomnium2  +   1101d ago
31 yo here too and PS3 is, was and always will be the best current gen console. So much bang for the buck it's oytrageous to even think otherwise.

Every time when someone has said the x360 is the best it always comes down to "it was out first so my friends bought it". This is not objectibe by any means.

After seeing what PS3 offered it was an easy choise to make and that was even before we knew how many exclusive games PS3 would eventually have.

It was an easy choise based of facts back then and today it's even more so. It's not even a competition or a question of brand loyalty. It's the only sane and objective choise if you only get to choose one console.
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MikeMyers  +   1101d ago
"It was an easy choise based of facts back then and today it's even more so. It's not even a competition or a question of brand loyalty. It's the only sane and objective choise if you only get to choose one console. "

Actually no, it's not based on facts. The Xbox 360 came out earlier so people could have adopted that system earlier because of that. People could have preferred Live. Or they could have wanted to enjoy playing next generation games for cheaper (when the PS3 came out the cheapest option was $500). Maybe they like Halo, Forza, and Gears of War.

There are a whole bunch of reasons and yours is limited because you don't like Microsoft so your views are tainted to begin with.
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rainslacker  +   1100d ago
That's not always inherently true. Atari was my first, and they were certainly far from the best. Nintendo came after them, but I still preferred Sega. I later gravitated to the TG-16 w/ CD attachment and that became my favorite system of all time. Then NEC became irrelevant, but Sony had this awesome system which could provide much the same experience only better. Since that time(1st week of PS1's release in Japan when I imported it), Sony has always delivered for me. It's why I have a preference for them. However if something else came along that was better for me, then I would choose that instead to be my favorite. I certainly wouldn't dismiss Sony though.

I still like Nintendo despite sitting out a couple gens with them. With MS I had other issues with regarding their hardware even before the first Xbox, and that kept me mostly away from them, but I'm hopeful that they will make something appealing to me soon.

As to FF, my first FF game was FF6, but it is arguably the best, but I still prefer 8. :)

It's possible that some people may just not want to admit that there are different experiences that may be to their liking, thus shut themselves off what else is out there. There is even the possibility that people just don't know what the competition has to offer, so they just dismiss it as other people being stupid. A lot of people do just want to play with their friends, so that makes them go that route, which could lead to console loyalty if they feel the need to justify their purchase.

Either way, I think the fan boy levels have risen dramatically this gen. It's gotten to ridiculous levels, and now even the "media" is joining in to add fuel to the flames, which is something they've never really done to the degree they have this gen.
Funky Town_TX  +   1102d ago
I don't care about M$ or Sony, but I like playing games on consoles. I have enjoyed my 360 more than my PS3, but I will continue to game if Sony, M$, and Nintendo folded tomorrow.
Treian  +   1102d ago
It's all comes to personal choice. Personally, I can't stand the 360. I have always been a PS fanboy and always will be.
deSSy2724  +   1102d ago
And i will always be a PC, Nintendo and Sony fan (until i die), im more like AVGN (im playing everything, but i dont like rushed sequels) nad i never owned a MS console (just played), and i owned every single Nintendo and Sony desktop console :).... not a fanboy acctually (just a fan), i still think Xbox360 is a good console (especially some exclusives and Xbox360 controller) but i really hate "swaping discs" and Xbox 360 D-pad (worst D-pad ever made BTW), definitively the worst Xbox360 things IMO...

To be honest, im more exited for PS4 right now than Wii U or Next Xbox
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linkofrs  +   1102d ago
All consoles and pcs have their strong and weak points. However, you're always going to find something you like just a little bit more then everything else. Thats just who you are. I try to remain neutral on a lot of things but its pretty much impossible to be neutral. Also alot of what you like about video games can be based on your first console or game, because it may sound a bit odd but gaming changes how you think. I've always been a bit biased toward nintendo and one of my first games being OOT didn't exactly help me remain neutral. =]
isarai  +   1102d ago
PC has fanboys too y'know
level 360  +   1102d ago
The article doesn't explain though - what if that person who was *limited to an original Xbox during those times and liked it quite a lot - features and games ( for example ) but later turned to a Sony PS3 instead of an XBox 360 when those consoles came out using his/her own money??

I'm sure a couple or a lot out there got into this sort of situation.. so how do you explain that?
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RememberThe357  +   1101d ago
The company that makes the console is irrelevant in this case, that loyalty comes after ward. In this case the console you bought first becomes the best. It's not a absolute observation but there is a tendency.
GribbleGrunger  +   1102d ago
Stage 1 (pride):

People buy the console they believe to be best. They're proud of their purchase and want to show the world that they have good taste. So they come to sites like this with chins held high and chest puffed out. Every game is incredible to them because they haven't developed expectations and haven't been shown an alternative. Life is bliss.

Stage 2 (Exposure):

They're suddenly confronted by conflicting data. First a few, then a hundred and then literally thousands of people have made a different choice. This confuses them and makes them re-evaluate their console; looking at pics and footage of up and coming games on other systems. There's a sinking feeling in their gut that their initial reaction may well have been deemed 'arrogant', but they entered with their chins held high and their chests puffed out and they liked that feeling.

Stage 3: (Conflict)

They feel impelled to impart information to other console owners in an innocent belief that eventually everyone will see it their way ... after all, they bought the best console out there ... didn't they? But they meet some people who just won't be persuaded. These people have different tastes entirely and seem to be suggesting that THEY made the right choice. Confusion sets in and festers for days, weeks, months.

Stage 4 (Confrontation)

Weakened and numb from the sudden revelation that they are not the only people with views, they fight that lethargy and adopt a more evangelistic approach, preaching to the unconverted, using emotive words to shake the heathens from their misconceptions. Like a black clad priest clutching at beads and calling upon the almighty to send them a sign.

Stage 5 (labelling)

Still undecided and confused, these evangelists retreat from three dimensional thinking and enter two dimensions: for/against, bad/good or best/worse. Here they feel safe and no amount of proof to the contrary can touch them. They are back to stage 1 and suddenly the world is rosy again, but just there on the edge of their vision, the truth lurks. They sense it but can't shrug it. So in the darkness they call out to exorcise that demon. 'Fanboy!'. But no matter how loud they shout, it just echoes back to them, from every corner of the internet.

Stage 6: (Denial)

With the world of video games pressing heavily upon them, they seek solitude in the only possible place. The place they found when their parents told them off for doing something wrong but rather than apologise and admit the mistake, they stomped up the stairs and slammed the bedroom door as if that sudden 'slam' was confirmation of their innocents. Their they master the art of denial so that they can at least see stage 1 once again.
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mayberry  +   1101d ago
Very astute and very correct observations! Albiet somewhat condesending... ...Long Live Play!
GribbleGrunger  +   1101d ago
I'd say I was speaking from the outside inwards, but in order for me to frame that I found it necessary. I'll consider whether it's condescending though. It wasn't intended to be but I can't just slam my bedroom door on it and pretend otherwise if you have a point.
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mayberry  +   1101d ago
I totally agree. I won't argue the point that this topic needs to be formally addressed or not, but i'm glad it's being talked about by logical gamers and AAA developers now feel it's time to address it also. bubble!
bluetoto  +   1101d ago
Condesending or not, your statement is full of truth and you nailed it buddy! Randy is spot on as well with his observation.
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nukeitall  +   1101d ago

Is that what happened to you?

Karpetburnz  +   1101d ago
Both PS3 and Xbox Fanboys on YouTube are some of the worst EVER. Theyre so uninformed about everything, yet they believe everything they say is correct.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1101d ago
Much like this site.
rainslacker  +   1100d ago
No, youtube makes this place seem like a rose garden in comparison. The people here, while not always accurate, at least seem to have some semblance of knowledge regarding the games, and sometimes systems, that they are discussing, trolls obviously excluded due to their nature. Youtube is nothing but insults and FUD, with 100's of responses to the obvious trolls with no moderation whatsoever. Occasionally here you even get some good conversations going on.
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talisker  +   1101d ago
I find his observations more interesting in relation to guns you choose in Borderlands to play than while talking about fanboyism.

Imagine there was a forum in-game where Vault Hunters (and other characters) would argue which gun maker is the best. "Tediore for life!" "Dahl and nothing else!", "Hyperion till I die!"

When I think of such forum, I bet they'd be even more psycho midgets there than on N4G ;-)
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plmkoh  +   1101d ago
Well it's more of a 'self-fulfilled prophecy' really, people tend to stick with their first choice first simply because their initial choice was born from their personality.

However I have always been a great Nintendo fan and even started this generation with the Wii, having only the Wii for two years after launch. But I do not feel attached to the brand nor wish to continue to support it now thanks to their lack of appeal and have moved on to it's competitors. I guess Pitchford's analogue doesn't apply to me.
Laches  +   1101d ago
Wow, this guy read a pop psychology book....he must be a genius
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1101d ago
The fanboys are fools. As long As I have both consoles Im the winner.
Intentions  +   1101d ago
Wooot! Companies!
kingPoS  +   1101d ago
People will defend those who they perceive will serve their interests.

For better or worse.
The_KELRaTH  +   1101d ago
Hmm.. well I chose the PS3 simply because it had interesting games that weren't on my PC but that doesn't mean I think it's the best console and the 360 is the worst.
For pure gaming I actually think the 360 is the best from a graphical, multiplayer and comms experience.
That said Ubisoft is showing that all platforms can be broken equally!!!
black911  +   1101d ago
Its no differnt than having a favorite Sports Team. I'm a Die hard Raiders Fan. We havent had a winning Season since the "03" superbowl. But im loyal and will stick by the team that represents me and has done the most for me through the years That know other competitor can provide. And FYI I'm on the East Cost.
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