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Submitted by AbsoluteZelda 1094d ago | opinion piece

The Wii U isn’t Trying to Outpower Anybody

One of the biggest talking points as we head into this next generation has been graphical power. Even more than in previous generations, comparisons of the power between the newly released Wii U and the upcoming Orbis and Durango have been constant, and never cease to incite fights. The reason, of course, is clear. With the Wii, it was very obvious that Nintendo wasn't trying to compete graphically, and the only real point of contention was whether graphics mattered; purely opinion. Now, however, Nintendo's taken a step into the HD realm, and the argument is no longer whether graphics matter, but if the Wii U is truly powerful enough to 'beat' the competition. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Dwalls1171  +   1094d ago
Umm duhhh
NatureOfLogic  +   1094d ago
"The Wii U isn’t Trying to Outpower Anybody"

GraveLord  +   1094d ago
Yeah, that's because it couldn't even if it tried.
3-4-5  +   1094d ago
you realize there are SNES & N64 games with much worse graphics than today's games, that 80% of us would rather play than some of the garbage out today.

fun = most important

fun isn't just one thing though
khowat  +   1093d ago
linkofrs  +   1093d ago
You do realize that Nintendo had cutting edge hardware in 4 out of the 6 console gens they've been in. If they wanted to make a powerful console again they could, would it benefit them in the long run.... probably not.
zerocrossing  +   1094d ago
But people will still complain about the Wii U being under powered...

As if graphics have ever been the "be all and end all" of gaming anyway, if that was the case many games from the 80's and 90's could never have succeeded on amazing gameplay, originality and story alone (You know the 3 things that are sorely lacking this gen)

Most people buy Nintendo consoles for the 1st party games and innovative tech, if you're not a fan of Nintendo now then chances are you probably never will be, there is a lot of hate for Nintendo over recent years but regardless of whether it's just or not, try to understand people are still going to buy Nintendo products and support them as long as they keep giving them what they want.

I've stated in my previous comments that Im not a fan of any of the big 3. Im a consumer 1st and foremost, if a company is offering me what I want I'll purchase it, if any of you want to pledge your allegiance to any of them that's your choice, but remember huge multi million $ faceless corporations don't see you as their friends, you are the source of their income and if ever they find a more lucrative source they wont think twice before turning their back on you.
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DaPrintz  +   1094d ago
Games in the 80's and 90's were made with best technology on offer at the time.
zerocrossing  +   1094d ago

True, but not all of them.

My point is still valid, many gamers back then didn't allow the graphics of games to dictate whether or not they enjoyed playing them, great graphics do count for something and they can make some games better, but it's just plain ridiculous that they take the priority over all else this gen.
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Trunkz Jr  +   1094d ago
Choose a system > Enjoy the games.

Why do you feel like you have to make sure your system is #1 because you want to feel like you didn't waste your money? I have a Wii U and i'll be getting a PS4, but I don't go around saying this is better then that, if ppl think it's all about power then the PC always wins making it ideal for games right? Not always the case.
MasterCratosKong66  +   1093d ago
agreed. the funny thing is i bet some of the people who go online bashing either secretly want to play the console they are bashing, or they already are. the ambiguity people have on the internet seems to bring out the worst in people
wishingW3L  +   1094d ago
that's not the tune some fanboys were singing a couple of months ago....

But considering the hardware the Wii U has the console is way overpriced. No blu-ray playback, no HDD, 7 years old hardware for $350 is one of the biggest rip-off of our time and that's without mentioning its lack of 3rd party support that will only lead to fewer games than its competitors.
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AbsoluteZelda  +   1094d ago
It's not 7 year old hardware. It doesn't ahve blu-ray, it has proprietary discs, which hold the same capacity as blu-ray (50gb dual layered). It doesn't have harddrive, it has flash memory with a purposeful push for consumers to get external drives. It cut out the $100 HD price attached to most consoles.

The GPU isn't 7 year old tech, it's completely customized and has things 7 year old GPU's can't do. It's probably more around a 2010/2011 type capability set.

THe CPU is more efficient and proficient than an xbox 360 by 10 fold, if not more. THe Wii's processor alone was only 20% less performance wise.
bicfitness  +   1094d ago
Are you for real? The CPU is an overclocked, triple core broadway chip. That is the SAME CPU they've been using since the Gamecube - then the Wii, just clocked higher. The GPU is about 5 years old, middle of the line 4650 (2008).

Please read this and be quiet:

GPU is about 50% more powerful than the Xbox 360's BUT the CPU is massively weaker. The RAM is also crap, so there's little bandwidth to go around for pushing graphics. So we're left with a wash in power compared to the HD twins. You won't see 1080p, 60 FPS on the Wii U, ever; not on anything with any graphical demands or fidelity. Averaging out the age of the components, yes, 7 years is almost spot on. 10 for the CPU, 5 for the GPU, 7 falls right in the middle. The only thing diving up the price is the damned controller. Everything else is dirt cheap and made for efficiency (read: POWER efficiency, not gaming grunt). The Wii U will be to the PS4 and 720, what the Wii was to the PS360. That is fact. Accept it, move on. If you're a Nintendo fan, I don't know why you're surprised, this has been business as usual for them for years.

The threads on Beyond3D by people obviously much smarter than you at this would also be helpful.

Edit: Zebra, by the die count the eagle eyes have pegged it as a 4650 with around 32 EDRAM. 4800 would actually be a good card with over double the pipelines. This is not a good card. Its a budget card from half a decade ago.

Edit 2: Yeah, that was just misinformation being spread Zebra. They confirmed from the cell count that it doesn't have more than 320 pipelines, so it can't be anything higher than a 4650/ 4670.
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zebramocha  +   1094d ago
You're make the wiiu gpu seem way better than the ps360,it is but not to the extent you think,going by various articles,its gpu architecture may or may not be based of the rv770 gpu that power the 4800 series gpu by amd and the CPU is not the strong when compared to the ps360.

@bic I remember some one saying if the wiiu gpu wasn't the rumored 4850 it was likely a 4770.
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linkofrs  +   1093d ago

I'm afraid your information is wrong. You shouldn't look up articles if you want accurate info. It also doesn't help that eurogamer is a bit biased. If you want real information go look around the neogaf forums, because these articles take information from them. Actually even digital foundry jumped the gun with their info as well and they're usually a reliable source. The cpu isn't massively weaker but it is weaker. Clock speed is actually a pretty poor way of judging certain components. Also the gpu is a minimum of 50% percent better because we only know what 65% of it does. There is more on the chip then people know. The whole console itself is probably a rough estimate of 50% more powerful then the consoles of this past gen. The cpu also isn't 3 broadway cores slapped together and after looking at the motherboard my self it seems like people are wrong about the bandwidth. Mainly due to the fact that people thing all of the system's ram is on one memory bus, but it really looks like its 2 memory buses(that would basically double the bandwidth). Also the edram caches are very useful and defiantly not 10 year old hardware. The gpu is about 2 years old in terms of architecture from what we know of it so far. However good software is what makes the console and Nintendo has known this for a while. Now Microsoft and Sony are going to push ahead and focus on how fun a the games are rather then how nice they look as well. Also all consoles have great AAA titles whether you like them or not. I personally don't enjoy halo very much, but its a very great game series. Also I am aware I am a bit biased but I try to get all of my information correct.
lilbroRx  +   1094d ago
If the console is being sold at a loss, then how is it overpriced?
Starfox17  +   1094d ago
Are you for real get a life the wiiu has a

Modified E6760 like it or lump it the stock version scores higher than a HD4850/4870 and that's with 576 gigaflops compared to 1.1 terraflops work it out,it's basically a memory heavy E6760 basically it's a beast.

This is technology from 2011.
khowat  +   1092d ago
Well at least it's not $599.
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khowat  +   1092d ago
Well at least it's not $599
Qrphe  +   1094d ago
This should have been known the moment they introduced the expensive-looking controller on E3 2011. But no, instead we had tons of articles and fanboys believing the Wii U was going to be native 1080p 60fps across all multiplats and here we are now (oh, and some believe we'll magically start seeing 1080p 60fps games later on).
Starfox17  +   1093d ago
In the future all WiiU games will be 720p or 1080p Native at 60fps.
Benjaminkno  +   1094d ago
because Nintendo knows that nobody cares about graphics... on Nintendo.

They are outmatched technologically, which is why Nintendo makes better games. They have to, or they would go out of business.
a_adji  +   1094d ago
Nintendo was always pushing power and tech but after Iwata took over they went in a different direction.

It's not like they cant develop a over powered system but right now is that wise? will people buy? will people pay the price?

They are the only purist console developer thus far. MS/SONY is just a battle spanning from other tech and now they are about multimedia first and games second.

Nintendo, make mistakes and that is clear but they just need to push advertising and stop pushing the dam controller.
stuna1  +   1094d ago
I agree with you on Microsoft pushing multimedia first and games second! But how could you say Sony is in the same boat? From the perspective as I see it, Sony is the only one pumping out new IPS and still focusing on the core market, even at the risk to themselves.
a_adji  +   1094d ago
PS2 was the start with the dvd player added, PS3, introduced media content and was capable of doing so and they used it as a trojan horse for the HD format wars. PS4 is now geared to be a media hub similar to what apple did with the iMac back in the days.

By doing this they attract non gamers to their product. I wonder if they care who they sell too?
stuna1  +   1094d ago
Tell that to some of the most adamant fans lol.

You know who you are!
wiiulee  +   1094d ago
Nintendo will always focus on innovation and they have a great system out there with some unique the gamepad, miiverse, wiiustreet, and tvii....and with the games to hit soon...that's attractive to a well rounded gamer....blind fanboys and kids will always go for shinier pixels with nothing new...such is life
poopsack  +   1094d ago
we figured?
modesign  +   1094d ago
nintendo will be the next sega, cant wait to play mario on PSN.
lovegames718  +   1094d ago

Nintendo makes better games says who? Lol this isnt 1990 anymore and the most acclaimed and awarded devs arent on Nintendo this gen. Games like Lbp, Journey,Gran Turismo,Uc, Gow, Starhawk, etc.... say hello. Better games my #ss lol. Sony has shwed that great, tech, graphics and gameplay can exist on one system. The reason i dont buy Nintendo anymore is because they are stuck in the past and their games are stagnant lacking innovation.

As for wiiu hardware its specs are circa 2008 and in some cases worse thn current gen I love how ppl focus on its moderate gpu bcus its cpu is weak. Guess what? Cpu being weak hinders system abilities to pump out nxt gen graphics bcus gpu has to pick up slack. Ps4 frm rumors will have a capable cpu and gpu combo
linkofrs  +   1093d ago
Actually when running games its most efficient to have the gpu do as much work as possible(ever since gpgpus came out). The cpu is much less important then the gpu nowadays. Also the ram is very important as well.
kizzle  +   1094d ago
the only thing they've done is jump in front of the que, which is the best & only option for them at the time.
strigoi814  +   1094d ago
we did figure it out ourselves...dont worry no harm intended..
lovegames718  +   1094d ago
And we all know Nintendo isnt trying to outpower anyone duh. Their philosophy is to sell non complicatedcheap tech and sell them over priced to maximize profit. They did it with wii, ds and 3ds. Why you tgink thy were able to cut 3ds price so drastically after vita release? Yes it was a move to sell more units but it was possible because they inflated 3ds price and were making hjge profit over it. Idc if Nintendo says their selling wiiu at a loss we all know their game.
Tzuno  +   1094d ago
This generation of gamers are sick all they want is graphics. That's why you play 2 or 3 good games a year if you can recognize how a good game play. Or you consume games like a fat kid consumes McDonald's food.
madjedi  +   1093d ago
Yes thank you for the cliched your just a bunch of graphics whores, you wouldn't know good gameplay if it bites you in the ass typical nintendo fanatic reply.

And maybe one day you fucking morons will realize some games can have both good graphics and good gameplay. I am sorry nintendo can only provide you with one, you should try them togather it's quite nice.

Reads like a typical "true gamer" post.

"This generation of gamers are sick all they want is graphics. " What the hell do you think gamers were talking about when the nes, snes, n64, ps1 ect released.

There is only so much pure gameplay revolutions that can be discussed the last major one was 3d explorable environments or maybe user created content.

If your still hitting buttons a fancy controller it's not a important gameplay revolution it's a different way to do the same thing.

You retro pride gamers need to give it a rest, i was there the games weren't all that great compared to this gens games.

The gamers haven't changed, you just have the convenience of not having to be in the same room to tell the person they are wrong.
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metroidfusion2  +   1094d ago
Ha ha lol its funny how people assume things when nothing is final I will wait for an official spec sheet and read the comments to see how much stronger the system is but I was never spec person and never will be but hey people will be nitpicky and stupid I'm sure the wii u will have very good looking games with good gameplay and why don't the dumbass people do research is it so hard to know the facts lol
LOL_WUT  +   1094d ago
"I was never spec person"
Yea but you don't seem to have a problem going around and claiming that the Wii U has 1080p games with 60fps and all this other stuff. Just curious where exactly are those games you speak of? ;)
DivineAssault  +   1094d ago
lol that was pretty harsh man.. Funny but harsh.. Let him be bro, im sure all nintendo fans are really heated & ready to burst in anger right about now.. They lost damn near everything theyve ever hoped for 3rd party wise.. All thats left is whatever platinum games makes for em.. Other than that, there really isnt any exclusive core support left.. EA balied, Ubisoft is moving on, & uhhhh thats about it... Even tecmo/koei didnt bother publishing NG razors edge for them & did for PS3/360 adding even more content.. Thats some painful realities they gotta deal with.. casuals arent there to boost system sales this time & whats REALLY jacked up is that 3DS exclusives from 3rd party are even getting ripped away.. Revelations HD is going multiplat lol.. Castlevania might too
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Ripsta7th  +   1094d ago
LoL @ the Durango Logo
DivineAssault  +   1094d ago
even if nintendo tried to make a powerful system to compete against sony/ms, it would only hurt them financially.. Not many people trust that it would get the games needed to use that power outside 1st party.. Gamecube was stronger than ps2 yet it bombed in comparison. without strong outside support, nintendo will have to remain cheap hardware wise.. more money, less potential customers.. Less money, more customers willing to buy just to play mario, zelda, metroid, etc.. After all, thats the only reason people buy nintendo consoles.. U cant expect publishers to put out too many core titles on their hardware..
josephayal  +   1094d ago
WII U has not been maxed out
The WiiU is barely at the same level than PS4/XBOX720
HG_69   1094d ago | Spam
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Sp1d3ynut  +   1094d ago
That's like saying Lance Armstrong isn't trying to win any Man of the Year contests.
daboosa  +   1093d ago
Why do people care so much about the power thing? As long as you can play the games you want to play its doing its job. Love Mario always have always will so will buy a wii U (plus gamepad is neat). But if they bring out a new metal gear i will buy a ps4 for that reason. Its games not 'power'.
madjedi  +   1093d ago
"Why do people care so much about the power thing?" Very simple look at the difference between the ps3/360's 3rd party lineup vs the wii's 3rd party lineup.

And the problem will likely see a repeat this gen as well.

Nintendo guys are just getting into hd gaming we have been there for almost 8 yrs now.

Perfect its the games, but why would kojima cripple his vision to work on a system with basically last gen hardware, when he is known for raising the bar on console standards.

Look at halo 4 or uncharted 3 and tell me what nintendo game will come even remotely close that level of detail in textures, animation or anything else.

Metroid or zelda, though i doubt nintendo has the balls to let their devs even attempt it. They probably could pull it off, but it's play it safe nintendo we are talking about not ms or sony.

"Its games not 'power'." Then you better make damn sure the console is powerful enough for the games. <-- This is the biggest point of contention for non pro nintendo gamers.
daboosa  +   1093d ago
I think your missing my point! With nintendo's console its not about third party. Zelda and metroid dont have the graphics that uncharted and halo 4 has but both zelda and metroid give a hell of alot more game for your money. There is no way that with those texturs they would be able to make a game with as much depth.

If i want to play third party games ill buy a console to handle then, but lets be honest what third party isnt just a unfinished rushed job!!
lovegames718  +   1092d ago
Not to mention Nintendo faithfulls were hyping up aliens colonial marines to death because gearbox said visuals would be better on wiiu lol and nintendo faithfulls were hoping this game would show ppl how nxt gen this system is in terms of graphics.

Sadly just like zombi u, colonial marines ( based off consumers who have copies already) this game is mediocre at best. Has glaring gameplay and other issues. And is the mediocre crap ive been saying it was going to be (read comment history) just like Duke Nukem was.

Heres looking at u metroid and kingofwiiu aka super delusional fanboys. Another loss on your belts.

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