God of War: Ascension rated R18+ in Australia; cannot be sold in Queensland

Steve Wright writes, "Kotaku Australia has broken news of God of War: Ascension‘s R18+ rating, and more importantly, its subsequent inability to be sold in Queensland stores this March.

A national R18+ rating for video games exists, but individual Australian states and territories must pass their own legistation to allow games to be sold. As Queensland has yet to pass legislation for an R18+ rating in games, the newly classified God of War: Ascension cannot be sold in the state until this is rectified."

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cee7731961d ago

A lil T&A goes A long way lol

TrevorPhillips1961d ago

Thankfully I'm in Sydney so I'll be able to pick this amazing game up :)

first1NFANTRY1961d ago

me too i'm in Livo and i'm glad this won't affect us. feel bad for my fellow aussie gamers in the Q tho

Sandmano1961d ago

Surely it cant be THAT hard to acquire the game, right?

BitbyDeath1961d ago

Dammit, never had any problems with past GoW games.

BanBrother1961d ago

I actually said this a while back. It will be weird when tne ne/t GoW becom es R18+, when you are used to it always being MA15+. Luckily every other state gets it, so it is easily avoided.

NateCole1961d ago

Aussies come across as tough people and yet their gaming rating systems treat them like a bunch of little girls.

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The story is too old to be commented.