Are Android consoles the future of video games?

As a gaming platform, Android is still in its infancy. But as a relatively open operating system ripe with opportunities for simple pick-up-and-play games, it quite possibly could be the platform of the future.

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iNathan1927d ago

Android sells good in Phones, anything else it laggs behind.

And the reason they sell well in Phones, lets admit it - its dirt cheap.

pat_11_51927d ago

Android doesn't exactly sell phones... You realize it's an operating system, not a phone manufacturer.

yeahokchief1927d ago

you realize the answer is still no.

juandren1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Actually, Google bought Motorola to manufacture their own Nexus-branded phones. So that argument is debatable. Regardless, console games will always thrive

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Viper71927d ago

If you claim Android phones only sell so well because of the cheap price, you fail to see the big picture.

They sell so well because there's wide array of Android phones available from all price ranges ranging from budget to premium models, basic to customized models, small to large sized models.

You get what you pay for so to speak.

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pat_11_51927d ago

I don't think it will be a disaster. There's a certain audience out there that would definitely be into something like this.

I don't see it taking off with hardcore gamers though.

CommonSenseGamer1927d ago

Give it 2-3 years and will offer more diverse and richer gaming experiences. The Tegra 3 is capable but Tegra 4 is a game changer in a $99 price range.

Kevlar0091927d ago

I can't imagine another console competing with Nintendo, MS, and Sony. Sure it will meet hobbies or casual gaming, but it will be a long time before you get high quality games with a small box

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