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GameStop Members May Snub Next-Gen Console Restrictions

Bloomberg - GameStop Corp., responding to a report about features on Microsoft Corp.’s next Xbox video-game console, said customers would snub any new machine that restricts play of pre-owned titles. (GameStop, Xbox One)

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JoGam  +   934d ago
Listen everyone, MS and Sony, if they decide to cut off the used games, and the people who buys used games boycotts the system, both MS and Sony wouldn't care. Why? Think about it. They sell the consoles at a loss anyway which means when you buy a new console they lose money. So the way they receive most their money is through software which used games consumers don't buy new. MS and Sony wouldnt make money from those people so why care what they think? These companies need to make money and developers need to get paid. Hopefully they can come up with a system that can benefit everyone.

Just my three cents on the matter.
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N311V  +   934d ago
Your argument makes sense and could well happen but what I'd like to know is how many of those GameStop members buy new games day one and then trade them in. As you say people that buy used are of no interest to MS and Sony however, I would posit that loss of the used market could lower new game sales. For example, I personally rarely buy used games, if the safety net of trading in was gone I'd be far more careful with my purchases, likely consequence will be buying less games as I don't want to risk wasting my money.
JoGam  +   934d ago
I hear you but i was referring to people who just buy used games. I forgot where i seen it but this guy tweeted he had over 100 used games and bragged how he never buys new. Sony made no money from this guy and Game Stop reaped the benefits. MS and Sony knows this. Its another market they can cut into to save the industry. Face it, used games ARE dead. If not now, soon.
dcbronco  +   934d ago
This may be great for people that don't buy used games though. Both of you have great arguments, but I think something somewhere in middle will take place if this happens.

People that buy new will continue to buy day one and that week or two after release. Some will be more careful, but others that bought used will step up and make up the difference. With no used market, the developers can start to lower the price more quickly since they are the only game in town.

Popular games won't drop as fast. Not very different from now. The middling games will drop much faster. The bad games will drop as they always have. But with no used games, the developer will continue to make money.

Good companies will stay in business. A $60 game discounted to $40 is still $40 more than a developer gets with used games in the market.

Consoles are usually only sold at a loss the first year or so. Nintendo usually doesn't sell at a loss at all. The normal model is that re-negotiating the price on parts brings the cost down and that usually happens each year. And there are also usually die shrinks. The 360 Arcade should cost Microsoft less than $150 at this point.
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mwjw696  +   934d ago
Your entire comment is wrong.

MS and Sony do care if you purchase their systems. Lets look at MS for an example. You buy a system, but only buy your games used. You still need xbox live gold to play online right? Don't you also want the newest map pack, maybe some avitar costumes? What about the newest downloadable only game that comes out every summer? MS and Sony only sell the consoles at a loss because they KNOW every person will purchase DLC, games, and extra content down the road. If they did not know this for sure then no way in the world would they sell the system to begain with.

You assume they are not making money, but times are hard for everyone. Companys close and people die its a fact of life move on.
nukeitall  +   934d ago
Even if you only buy used games, you took a copy off the open market.

In general, to make your console purchase worthwhile you are going to have to get content, and that content will always benefit console manufacturers/publishers regardless of it being new or old.

Even if you bought a used console and never use it, you are still benefiting them, because you are now making the console manufacturer appear larger than they are, which again helps getting support which in turn gets more consumers.
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Crazyglues  +   933d ago
@ JoGam

Actually that's not true, for one if he played online he had to by a online pass for his used game, so Sony and MS did make money off him.. and he most likely bought some DLC for his used game..

and also used games do make companies money by making their audience bigger then it ever would be.. I just wrote a whole blog about this - http://n4g.com/blogs/detail...

It's is an important aspect I think game companies are overlooking...

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dollison27  +   934d ago
Gamestop should share a percentage of the revenue of a used title with the developer of the game, problem solved right?
BrianC6234  +   934d ago
How about if they start by not gouging their customers? Their used prices aren't that much cheaper than new prices. Not on newer games at least. Everyone who wants a game at a cheaper price should just wait a while. It will be $39.99 after a few months. If not sooner.
Plagasx  +   934d ago
Or buy it off of CL :)
BrianC6234  +   934d ago
The stock market is so dumb. They react to rumors. That story isn't a good reason to sell Gamestop stock. We know nothing about the PS4 and new Xbox. At least wait until we do.
dcbronco  +   934d ago
The stock market is dumb. And you are right they respond to rumors. But I wouldn't buy the stock. I wouldn't buy any stock because of the reason you gave. It's the world's largest Ponzi scheme. They talk up a stock. Get the price up by them and their friends buying it. Then they sell it to the general public and talk it down. You lose on your investment, they make money selling to you high. Their friends doing the manipulation on the inside make their fees for you buying and selling. A complete scam. Watch the daily show Jim Cramer interview. It's as simple as the clips they show on Cramer.

Just look at how much they comment on gaming now that it's big. Forbes has a gaming writer.
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BrianC6234  +   934d ago
I agree on that. It's just dumb to see people panic over nothing but rumors. A lot of idiots out there.
Dlacy13g  +   934d ago
yes...because Steam has suffered so badly from having ZERO used game sales.
dubt72  +   934d ago
...or Gamestop customers will snub Gamestop (like I already did).
No they won't (especially if it's the next Xbox that does it). People are already comfortable paying monthly fees (even when it went up an extra $10) to play online when every other platform can play online for free. If the next Xbox restricts used games then people will still buy it regardless. If they're stupid enough to pay monthly fees to play games online that they could be playing elsewhere for free then they're stupid enough to buy a console that restricts used games.

You underestimate the stupidity of people.
AO1JMM  +   934d ago
I don't buy used games anyway.
princejb134  +   934d ago
If used games are. Blocked for Sony and ms consoles suddenly the wii u is looking more attractive to me

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