The Next Xbox--What Can We Expect?

Using a combination of reported rumors, anticipated features, and good old fashion business sense, OTL Gaming analyzes what to expect from the next Xbox.

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GalacticEmpire1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

If the rumours are true we can expect:

- Slightly less powerful than PS4
- Possibly blocking used games
- Constant online connection required
- Kinect 2, possibly mandatory (bundled)
- Strong focus on media features
- Usual suspects (Halo, Forza etc)

The rumor mill certainly doesn't paint a pretty picture, let's hope MS has something special up their sleeve.

hellvaguy1930d ago

Dont forget twice the ram and a bigger hd on the 720. Or we just doing bias differences?

thehitman1930d ago

knowing sony u can have ur own HD anyway like PS3 infact can probably use ur ps3 hard drive in ps4 wouldnt be suprised just back up ur data on something else and bam and I heard ps3 ram is faster but less and the final specs could have more but ofc everything from now till feb 20 is speculation and then more speculation until E3 for MS reveal.

hellvaguy1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I do like being able to use pc hd's in ps3 definitely. Im not sold on the rumored faster ps4 ram. As every pc builder knows is true, faster ram speed is still much slower than when you have double the amount. But not sure if that will hold true for ddr3 vs ddr5 ram.

Mostly im just excited for smoothier and better high def experiences from next gen consoles.

slaton241930d ago

also dont forget they want us to pay them for every little thing we do on their system...i mean seriously $156 a year just to watch netflix...u have $8 a month for sub x 12 months = $96+$60 for xbox live gold= $156

nukeitall1930d ago


The reason more RAM tends to be more preferable than fast RAM is that capacity is the bottleneck.

Games like Rage who was capacity bottle necked exibit far more pop-ins on PS3 than on Xbox 360, which again had more pop-ins than PC version if you had the rig for it.

The question is, what do you need more capacity or speed?

If you have enough RAM, then you want more speed, but if there isn't enough RAM, then no matter how fast your RAM is, it will be severely hampered because fetching data from optical disc drives is more than 10x slower.

I suspect the faster RAM is unnecessary, and a eDRAM like design is much more preferable.

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AngelicIceDiamond1930d ago

Love how u point out the negatives btw.

You clearly didn't mention

-Siri voice control
-Windows 8 compatible (Imagine PC games being ported to the 720) yes that was rumored
-4 brand new unannounced Ips (possibly hardcore tittles)
-8gigs of RAM
-Overall bigger storage HDD capacity.

Seems you've missed some.

akaakaaka1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

it will have more ram!
crytek tip m$ and they will add 1 geop bite of ram which it makes sense on why the next xbox name is xbox infinite ...
for those who do not know 11024Brontotype= 1yb "1 geopbyte" is = 15267 6504600 2283229 4012496 7031205 376 bytes!

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StrongMan1930d ago

I expect:

Blocked online games
Always online
XBL Gold increase to $70 a year
Skpe added behind the XBL pay wall
Less powerful than the PS4
100% focused on Kinect
No new core IPs
Halo 2 Anniversary at launch
Forza 5 at launch
Fable 4 the next year
Gears 4 the next year
Tons of Kinect 2.0 games

IAMERROR1930d ago

I really hope you're trying to be funny or are you really that delusional? And you wonder why us Sony fans get a bad name...

greenpowerz1930d ago


I think he believes this. The response rumors created to counter the original 720 rumors/leaks were designed for this very reason(to make fanboys too hateful or stupid, to smear the xbox while boasting Sony to trick and confuse average gamers with delusional propaganda.

Conzul1930d ago

He's being hyperbolic, but not idiotic. Hate for M$ does come from good reasons.

kayoss1930d ago

This is how flame war starts.
I don't really think xbox will block used games because if they do, it will be the biggest mistake.

deSSy27241930d ago

As much i love my PS3 and i never owned a Xbox360 (i just played some exclusives) i still think you are just a blind fanboy.... never underestimate others.

Atari did it, Sega did it, Nintendo did it, Sony did it, MS did it.......

One more point, and what about "4 new IPs from MS", you wont mention that?

Belking1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

We can expect a great console that will take the industry by storm. Oh wait, i'm sounding like those usual N4G sony fanboys

Swiggins1930d ago

I'd take any of these rumors with a mountain of salt...

Here's an idea...let's stop the conjecture for a month or so, and wait until the actual announcement is made.

Reborn1930d ago

Can't happen.

But I agree. Wait till Microsoft actually step out and give some details.

fourOeightshark1930d ago

I expect some new IPs for the first year or two and then only sequels and casual games throughout the gen.

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