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The Next Xbox--What Can We Expect?

Using a combination of reported rumors, anticipated features, and good old fashion business sense, OTL Gaming analyzes what to expect from the next Xbox. (Dev, Industry, Microsoft, Tech, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

GalacticEmpire  +   841d ago
If the rumours are true we can expect:

- Slightly less powerful than PS4
- Possibly blocking used games
- Constant online connection required
- Kinect 2, possibly mandatory (bundled)
- Strong focus on media features
- Usual suspects (Halo, Forza etc)

The rumor mill certainly doesn't paint a pretty picture, let's hope MS has something special up their sleeve.
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hellvaguy  +   840d ago
Dont forget twice the ram and a bigger hd on the 720. Or we just doing bias differences?
thehitman  +   840d ago
knowing sony u can have ur own HD anyway like PS3 infact can probably use ur ps3 hard drive in ps4 wouldnt be suprised just back up ur data on something else and bam and I heard ps3 ram is faster but less and the final specs could have more but ofc everything from now till feb 20 is speculation and then more speculation until E3 for MS reveal.
hellvaguy  +   840d ago
I do like being able to use pc hd's in ps3 definitely. Im not sold on the rumored faster ps4 ram. As every pc builder knows is true, faster ram speed is still much slower than when you have double the amount. But not sure if that will hold true for ddr3 vs ddr5 ram.

Mostly im just excited for smoothier and better high def experiences from next gen consoles.
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slaton24  +   840d ago
also dont forget they want us to pay them for every little thing we do on their system...i mean seriously $156 a year just to watch netflix...u have $8 a month for sub x 12 months = $96+$60 for xbox live gold= $156
nukeitall  +   840d ago

The reason more RAM tends to be more preferable than fast RAM is that capacity is the bottleneck.

Games like Rage who was capacity bottle necked exibit far more pop-ins on PS3 than on Xbox 360, which again had more pop-ins than PC version if you had the rig for it.

The question is, what do you need more capacity or speed?

If you have enough RAM, then you want more speed, but if there isn't enough RAM, then no matter how fast your RAM is, it will be severely hampered because fetching data from optical disc drives is more than 10x slower.

I suspect the faster RAM is unnecessary, and a eDRAM like design is much more preferable.
edonus  +   840d ago
I was thinking about that blocked used games thing and the scary thing is I mapped out a scenario that it would work in and actually be very successful. Even though I am more thinking they wouldnt do it.

Think about it. Used game sale hurt devs more than MS and devs are only in it for the money. They dont care if you love their creativity and their style unless you are dropping top dollar. If MS (or Sony) for that matter made a system were used games are blocked and the only way to play the game is getting more money to the devs by either reactivating or buying new.

I could easily see devs contracting more exclusives to the machine that place their earnings in a stronger position. They could even bring the prices of games down faster and since that money would be going to them and not trade in companies they would be a lot more flexible. Honestly I could see both MS and Sony doing that.
rpd123  +   840d ago
Except that many people would wait for prices to drop because used games no longer exist, which just hurts the dev. They'd have to drop prices faster and end up selling at a loss. They certainly wouldn't be putting out more games if they thought they were going to take a hit from it.
edonus  +   840d ago
People waiting for the price to drop is the same thing that happens now. Except now the trade in market cuts the devs out of the picture. The addition of not being able to trade in games doesnt hurt devs at all it actually always keeps them in the loop.
It doesnt help devs when someone buys a game trades it in and someone else buys it. In fact games would probably go down in price faster since all the money would be going to the devs. Lets say to break even on dev costs the need to hit 1 million sales at $60. Once they hit 1 million they could just drop the price whenever and kick up profits.
And sense they would be making more money because of the controlled market they would easily invest in making more games.

I see these disagrees but I dont think these people really understand the dynamics of whats happening. The customer is always right is a smoke and mirror job. Consumers dont control the market the creators due. If they arent successful its their fault for not grabbing market share.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   840d ago
Love how u point out the negatives btw.

You clearly didn't mention

-Siri voice control
-Windows 8 compatible (Imagine PC games being ported to the 720) yes that was rumored https://www.google.com/url?...
-4 brand new unannounced Ips (possibly hardcore tittles)
-8gigs of RAM
-Overall bigger storage HDD capacity.

Seems you've missed some.
akaakaaka  +   840d ago
it will have more ram!
crytek tip m$ and they will add 1 geop bite of ram which it makes sense on why the next xbox name is xbox infinite ...
for those who do not know 11024Brontotype= 1yb "1 geopbyte" is = 15267 6504600 2283229 4012496 7031205 376 bytes!

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StrongMan  +   841d ago
I expect:

Blocked online games
Always online
XBL Gold increase to $70 a year
Skpe added behind the XBL pay wall
Less powerful than the PS4
100% focused on Kinect
No new core IPs
Halo 2 Anniversary at launch
Forza 5 at launch
Fable 4 the next year
Gears 4 the next year
Tons of Kinect 2.0 games
IAMERROR  +   840d ago
I really hope you're trying to be funny or are you really that delusional? And you wonder why us Sony fans get a bad name...
greenpowerz  +   840d ago

I think he believes this. The response rumors created to counter the original 720 rumors/leaks were designed for this very reason(to make fanboys too hateful or stupid, to smear the xbox while boasting Sony to trick and confuse average gamers with delusional propaganda.
Conzul  +   840d ago
He's being hyperbolic, but not idiotic. Hate for M$ does come from good reasons.
kayoss  +   840d ago
This is how flame war starts.
I don't really think xbox will block used games because if they do, it will be the biggest mistake.
deSSy2724  +   840d ago
As much i love my PS3 and i never owned a Xbox360 (i just played some exclusives) i still think you are just a blind fanboy.... never underestimate others.

Atari did it, Sega did it, Nintendo did it, Sony did it, MS did it.......

One more point, and what about "4 new IPs from MS", you wont mention that?
Belking  +   840d ago
We can expect a great console that will take the industry by storm. Oh wait, i'm sounding like those usual N4G sony fanboys now...lol
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Swiggins  +   840d ago
I'd take any of these rumors with a mountain of salt...

Here's an idea...let's stop the conjecture for a month or so, and wait until the actual announcement is made.
Reborn  +   840d ago
Can't happen.

But I agree. Wait till Microsoft actually step out and give some details.
fourOeightshark  +   840d ago
I expect some new IPs for the first year or two and then only sequels and casual games throughout the gen.
soultecc  +   840d ago
for the first time i will not be getting any of these consoles at launch, i want to see what pros and cons they both have. for example getting something simelar to the rrod, this gen i went with xbox but if they decide to stick with paying for xbox live i think ill go with ps4 this time round
Dms2012  +   840d ago
I am also waiting 6-8 months to let the dust settle before even thinking of purchasing either of them.
nevin1  +   840d ago
Relying on Internet is dumb.
Riderz1337  +   840d ago
Expect to pay to play online.

VonBraunschweigg  +   840d ago
We all pay to play online, it's just that some people have to pay twice.

Would be cool if MS comes up with a subscription based pay2win MMO for their next xBox:)
cyhm3112  +   840d ago
PS4 will be significantly more powerful than the next Xbox
Conzul  +   840d ago
Expect more exclusives as well, even after (rumored) new efforts from Microsoft.
B1663r  +   840d ago
Unless developers give Microsoft third party exclusives because the XBox blocks used game sales and the PS4 does not.
juandren  +   840d ago
I might buy one. The DVR (of all things lol) really interests me. But I will have to wait for the list of games. Forza is an amazing racer to me JUST because of the cars. Gran Turismo just has too many cars that are just fillers and outdated. I can understand the classic cars and cars that are iconic, but why would they put a 2002 Yaris in the game? That's my only annoyance from my favoirite racing series. It felt to me like they ported too many GT3 and GT4 cars. Doesn't have the same "wow" effect as Forza
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ONI5  +   840d ago
Microsoft will put the essence of Jesus into each console and when you turn it on it will bathe you in it's glow. It won't even have games as you will be already content with the power of the essence of Jesus.
VonBraunschweigg  +   840d ago
So no DLC? Hard to believe.
black911  +   840d ago
Faulty Hardware again. Because those were the reason for millions of 360 console sales. Idiots to impatient to wait for there warranties and buying new consoles and Sku models everytime one launched.
ONI5  +   840d ago
Same problem with the PS3
Jek_Porkins  +   840d ago
Looking forward to actually seeing what Microsoft has to reveal about their next console, not rumors.

I'd like some great games, looks like all of their developers are now working on the next Xbox, Black Tusk is working on 4 new core IP's, so obviously want to see what they have.

Interested to see what the beast will be able to do.
matchu_peechu  +   840d ago
Xbox will keep the thrown when the new consoles hit the shelves later this year (assuming that there are no delays). Their UI is an experience in itself, and makes using the Xbox fun. In terms of hardware and gameplay, I don't expect much of a difference between the two machines in the sense that processing speed will be similar. What we care about though is the online lag, which SHOULD be cut down with upgraded hardware (and hopefully better dedicated game servers). Xbox has always had better exclusives and I don't think that will change any time soon. The fact that they are eliminating used games is good! They are eliminating competition WITH THEMSELVES. Although consumers don't like this idea since they have to pay more out of their pockets, they will get a better return on their investment since buying new games will bring in more profit for producers, which will in turn lead to better quality games in the future (we'd hope). I'm very excited to see what these consoles have to offer but when it comes down to it, people want to play good games. The larger selection of games will open up more opportunity for consumerism and xbox takes that title.

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