Battlefield 3 Free Camera Mod Tool Released

GR - 'Here's a rather nifty tool for those who want to catch their "Battlefield Moments" in game.'

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soultecc1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

bf3 should have had this EA/DICE you f***ing suck.

and i bet this will be a feature to get ppl to buy bf4, why is it that modders have to show you how its done

and yes i am so angry at this because i will not be able to use this AWESOME feature without getting banned by gay ass punkbuster F you EA/DICE

Upbeat1930d ago

Have you tried fraps ? and Sony Vegas?

Trunkz Jr1930d ago

Add this to Battlefield 4 DICE, don't say you can't cause clearly it works great in Battlefield 3.