New Call of Duty Game Confirmed For 2013

DSOGaming writes: "Activision is currently holding a Q4 Conference Call and we are happy to report that the big publisher has listed a Call of Duty game, planned for a 2013 release."

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Wizziokid1653d ago

do we really need Call of Duty games to be confirmed anymore I mean it's a given we will see a new game every year until the demand dies.

Nitrowolf21653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

This just in, Christmas will be celebrated this year. THERE SHALL BE PRESENTS MY CHILDRENS!!

realiks1653d ago

what ,10th or 11th cod? I lost count...

hakis861653d ago

This is getting ridiculous. This is a drug for people now.

jony_dols1653d ago

No Black Ops Declassified 2? I kid I kid

TheGamerDood1653d ago

The last COD that I actually had fun playing was MW2. I'm done with COD this gen and in the next.

SilentNegotiator1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

The sun will rise in the East tomorrow, too.

I would only be shocked if they officially announced TWO CODs this year, and only slightly.

I_am_Batman1653d ago

New Call of Duty Game Confirmed For 2013 - I'm shocked

Ratchetlombax1653d ago

"Our guess is that this new COD will be developed by Infinity Ward, given the fact that the previous COD was developed by Treyarch and there is a one-year cycle between the studios that are developing these titles."

Neversoft is actually the developper for the next CoD, not IW nor Treyarch. Please do a proper research next time :

zeee1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

And the sky is blue :)

badz1491653d ago

they did release 2 CoDs last year! were you surprised? not so much, right? people will be surprised if and only if they don't release a CoD yearly.

Gaming1011653d ago

This one filed under "duh"

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1653d ago


Why is this getting ridiculous? You don't like the game... don't buy it. I never think it's getting ridiculous every time Madden comes out year after year.. or NBA 2K, or MLB The Show.

It's a game with a Yearly release. It's more ridiculous to me that someone is disturbed that the game comes out year after year. Especially if they don't even buy it or play it. Who cares then.

lilbrat231652d ago

I'm done with COD BO2 sucked nothing new can be created.

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Gamer19821653d ago

Indeed and demand will probably never die people are happy paying for exactly the same game each year with new maps and new weapon skins.

jimbobwahey1653d ago

This applies to every sequel to every video game ever.

SuperM1653d ago

@ jimbob

No i doesnt. Many sequels lose demand if they keep doing the same thing over and over again. Works for the first two maybe three games, then it goes downhill. This hasnt happend with COD so far.

rjdofu1653d ago

jimbobwahey: lol then you should play something other than COD.

josephayal1653d ago

Call Of Duty will never die.... Never

juandren1653d ago

Unfortunately, you are correct

TotalHitman1653d ago

Both of you are incorrect. There comes a time when everything MUST die. The clock is ticking on Call of Duty.

BinaryMind1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

@TotalHitman - Do you mean to tell me Star Wars and Mickey Mouse will also die?

ravinash1653d ago

Don't you know Micky Mouse eats everything including Star wars to stay alive.

Count1652d ago

Call of Duty will eventually die. But you can't just say it's gonna die.

To say the clock is ticking is something you can say for anything. The truth is, Call of Duty sells. And so long as it sells, there will continue to be Call of Duty.

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Hdz541653d ago

It's for their shareholders, this is pertinent info at these earnings calls.

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showtimefolks1653d ago

ok so now let me confirm a COD for 2014 which will launch around october to november and than there will be another for 2015 and in 2016 but right around tha the series will slow down

even though latest COD made a lot of money it still sold 10_15% less than previous COD so it is slowing down and just like guitar hero franchise Activision will find a way to Kill COD

Muffins12231653d ago

This one needs to be next gen please.

ravinash1653d ago

I think they can still squeeze another one in now...but don't worry, there be yet another one for the next gen too.
Don't be surprised is you see the next one come out for all the different gens at the same time for the next one.

AngelicIceDiamond1653d ago

Announcing cod is like saying "football season starts in August." Yeah, no duh.

IRON883 1653d ago

Yea ru right but anyways no thanks infinity ward I'm never buying anymore COD from u. MW3 was total garbage.

zeddy1653d ago

next cod wont sell as much if its on new consoles. xbox and ps4 have like 140+ consoles together and they only sell between 15-18 million copies.

Mounce1653d ago


IAmLee1653d ago

Didn't see this coming....