Will Bungie Destroy Halo With Its New Game Destiny?

Bungie, the famed developers of the Halo franchise, is hard at work on their new game Destiny. GameVerb notes that Bungie is now competing against its very own creation Halo - more specifically 343 Industries' Reclaimer Trilogy (Halo 4-6). Knowing how successful Bungie has been in the past and the fact Destiny will be multi-platform and most likely next-gen, Destiny's sales numbers are likely to outpace upcoming Halo titles easily.

Combined with yearly Call of Duty releases and Respawn Entertainment's unannounced IP, could Halo survive being only a first-party title? And more importantly, are first-party titles going to struggle in the years to come?

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Dwalls11711902d ago

No halo will be just fine...but I am interested in seeing what else bungie can offer since their going multiplat

joab7771902d ago

Is it multiplat? I remember reading that there were 3 games but that the first had to be xbox only, or maybe it comes out first on xbox andthen the next 2 are multiplat. Maybe not but it would be perfect strategy for xbox 720 launch title.

hazardman1902d ago

The new bungie games will be timed exclusive on X8.

EVILDEAD3601901d ago

Either way Bungies game will not destroy Halo, they will co-exist just like Respawn's new game will co-exist with COD.


Dirtnapstor1901d ago

I hope it quashes the Halo franchise. Halo 1 & 2 and Reach were really the only good Halo games. Halo 3 & 4 is a glossy rehash of 1, and Orbital Drop Ship Sleeper was filler to hold back the fans.
From images, Destiny looks good. Hopefully it will be.

otherZinc1901d ago

Destiny 1 "WILL BE EXCLUSIVE TO XBOX 360", period.

Iteration 2 & 3 will be on 720 & PS4.
Don't know about PC, it could but I didnt read it.

Draco1901d ago

The first is a timed exclusive to the 360, the PS3 version has to launch in 2014.

StrongMan1902d ago

I'll wait for the PlayStation version.

IAMERROR1902d ago

you'd wait a 1,000 years if you had to. lulz

Muffins12231902d ago

Oh god not this kid.......

FrigidDARKNESS1901d ago

The gaane will be released xbox 360 720 first and on other platforms a year later or none at all. If you go back to tje activision MS agreement MS has first right of refusal to release it on ps3 and ps4 .

Lvl_up_gamer1901d ago

That's right you will. Keep waiting while the rest of us are playing. :)

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Septic1902d ago

This seems liek it'll be a different beast entirely to Halo.

I really hope it's Star Wars mixed with Halo and doesn't take itself too seriously. Just mates, exploring a unique world filled with jaw dropping locales.

KnightRobby1902d ago

If the manage to make it open world, that would be incredible. They've always been good with level design and the feeling of exploration. It would be absolutely amazing to see a Halo-Star Wars mixture in an open-world environment, with light RPG elements, coop, and competitive multiplayer.

Might be too ambitious, but when Activision compares it to the Call of Duty franchise out of the gate, it makes you wonder if they are pushing a huge budget on behalf of Bungie...

I can't wait to see it!

Septic1902d ago

That's exactly how I imagine it. An amazing open world with a FAT sphere looming overhead in the sky.

C4BL31901d ago

looks like it is going to be Halo mixed with EMpire. open world, always on. It looks like it is going to include social media too. should be huge. Plus it's Bungie.

miyamoto1902d ago (Edited 1902d ago )

Wow! Bungie destroying its own work?

That is interesting..... maybe no ... but Activision sure likes destroying competition....gangnam style!


TheRealSpy1902d ago

wtf are you babbling about?

joab7771902d ago

As long as half of it isnt backtracking.

phantomexe1902d ago

I don't know..... i get a feeling it's going be alittle like mass effect. What do you guys think?

Septic1901d ago

Yeah I think you're right. But I hope it's like a MMO with a massive open world with global events.

So imagine you're traversing a desert with your mates like in Star Wars and I dunno, a fat meteor just crashes on the horizon.

I remember jumping into WoW and being so intimidated by the massive world. Then, the random events that happened like a whole group of Alliance gnomes rushing this area called the Barrens. I was just standing on the end of a hill watching sheer carnage as the Horde on horseback clashed.

Moments like that just linger on with you and really enhance the believability of the world.

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