Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Patch 1.04 Now Available, Adds a New Map

For those of you who did buy it on PS3, patch 1.04 has now become available for download, at a pretty big 427MB, with the following changes and additions coming along with it.

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TrendyGamers1687d ago

Hopefully the PS Vita version has all this at launch.

dbjj120881687d ago

Doubtful. Something's wrong with it! That's why they won't say!

Wedge191687d ago

That, and there is little evidence that this "Tin Giant" that is making the game even exists.... It's all a little weird.

badz1491686d ago

I hold on from playing the game on PS3 as I was waiting for the Vita version but now I have Sly 4 laying on the table waiting to be played! damn...I gave in and gave it a go last night and now I am looking for a partner to play it with me! although still enjoyable playing alone, this game is MADE for coop!

Foolsjoker1687d ago

At least now I don't have to try to Google 'full frontal assault'.

Wedge191687d ago

Nope, it's just bookmarked now.

ftwrthtx1687d ago

I'm curious why the Vita version is taking so long.

shivvy241686d ago

well they are porting a ps3 game to it, so it may take time :/

extermin8or1686d ago

Criterion did nfs just fine on time? Oddworld:Strangers wrath only took a short while longer, rayman origins etc.

idiealot1686d ago

I still need to buy this!!