Best Buy makes up for BioShock Infinite preorder fiasco with free BioShock Infinite

"Best Buy is honoring many of its canceled BioShock Infinite preorders with free copies of the game. That's right: some of the canceled orders are getting fulfilled, for free."

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KwietStorm1209d ago

Can't just pre order again?

ziggurcat1209d ago

logically, yes, but if it was their **** up, then offering the game for free to those whose orders were inexplicably canceled is a pretty nice gesture.

kingPoS1209d ago

Makes me wish I had preordered earlier... oh well, I'm still buying it.

febreeze11209d ago

So this is for people who ordered online only? And for consoles only? I pre-ordered in store for pc.

azshorty20031209d ago

Probably only for people who had their orders cancelled.

kewlrats1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I *think* just the online orders of either the Limited or Songbird editions, not the standard edition. And only the canceled ones.

Dark_Overlord1208d ago

I think he means in relation to the Wizard Edition of Ni No Kuni :)

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