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Just Stop! Sony and Microsoft Will NOT Block Used Games in Their Next-Gen Consoles

Warp Zoned writes:

"Even though Sony’s February 20th presentation is still officially known as “Meeting 2013,” and unofficially as their “See the Future” event, the gaming populace is resolute in its belief that the PlayStation 4/Orbis will be unveiled to the public on that Wednesday evening. Actually, I have a hard time disagreeing with the hive mind of the Internet on this one. The PS4 reveal is but a fortnight away, I’m sure of it. But the drones of the Internet have also decreed that Sony will include some kind of nefarious scheme within the PS4 that’ll disable used games on the system.

No! Just Stop! YOU. ARE. WRONG." (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   1022d ago
MS and Sony will both do it or non of them will, this could be because of pressure from 3rd party publishers, who may have threatened to boycott the system that doesn't stop used games.
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Tapioca Cold  +   1022d ago
"And “The Pach” is never wrong… oh, shit… right, I forgot. But hear me out. In this case, I think Pachter has a point."

You swearing in a public article? Learn how to express yourviews intelligently.
hellvaguy  +   1022d ago
Can you sell your used games from Steam? PC users are flocking by the thousands to that service. Or maybe is that market so different from the console one?
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