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edenianrain1690d ago

Yay now I get to make people piss their pants while eating them at the same time.

smashcrashbash1689d ago

Why in the world would I want to play as Killer Croc?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

He's a giant crocodile-lookin dude!!!
Why wouldn't you?!? :D

Now, is he playable? o_- either way the roster's looking pretty good.

JakemanPS319941689d ago

why would you not wanna play as killer croc?

unknownhero11231689d ago

wow, another batman character? might as well be called batman and friends.

Snakefist301689d ago

Too many characters from batman.We more characters outside batman like starfire,steel,hawkman,black canary,katana and characters from the 4th world!!

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