What TellTale Should Tackle Next: Dexter writes:
TellTale Games has said that since the overwhelming reception of The Walking Dead, they’ve been approached by numerous companies asking them to take on their properties next. TellTale wouldn’t give any names or details of course, but it’s fun to ponder – what other series would TellTale excel at adapting for their next unique adventure? We know their take on The Walking Dead is from Robert Kirkman’s comic universe, but let’s focus on television as our given medium. Today details the first of three shows that we’ll explore. Given the right approach, we're sure TellTale could mold these into a hell of a game…

Today starts us off with Dexter.

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Valenka1931d ago

Dexter would make for an amazing game, in my opinion.

JScotty281931d ago

Love Breaking Bad, my favorite, but I don't know that it could make a good game.

Pixel_Enemy1931d ago

We are talking about Dexter here. Don't try to change the subject to a show YOU think is better.

I like both shows but Dexter would make a much better game. Stealth, action, suspense, living a double life etc. It would have to be done really well though and the sad thing is, most all tv show/movie video games fail hard. The problem is that these off brand devs usually get the gigs when AAA devs should be working on these games. It would really help bridge the gap and the stigma that video games have on popular media if the games were of the same quality as the shows.

Tdmd1931d ago

A Dexter game would be almost a reskin of Hitman, I guess. Which is not a bad thing.

gillri1931d ago

would love a dexter game

LAWSON721931d ago

No season 2 of twd game

JScotty281931d ago

And Season 2 of TWD is confirmed already. Just thinking what they do outside or after that.

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The story is too old to be commented.