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Asus Geforce Titan 6GB Listed Online for $1300

The first major leak about the NVIDIA GeForce Titan has just happened and its not a picture or new details about the card but actual listing of the GPU itself. VIdeocardz managed to dig in through retailer Proshop who had put up an ASUS GTX Titan 6 GB GPU lisiting for a price of 7.276,00 kr (€900, $1300). (Next-Gen, PC, Tech)

Hard to tell
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NOOBKILLA  +   900d ago
I really hope Nvidia doesn't try to pull that garbage! I really wanted to buy the Titan.
AKS  +   900d ago
You can tell it's real from that crystal clear picture. LOL.

I'm set with my SLI setup until I see a really substantial upgrade.
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FlyingFoxy  +   900d ago
Like i said before, it's nothing but a cash grab. Stop gap card before 700 series comes, a big waste like those Mars cards.
Trago1337  +   900d ago
All you need is a 660 and up, and you'll be fine for the next few years.
RankFTW  +   900d ago
Not if you play at a high res and want a lot of AA and AO.
Trago1337  +   900d ago
notice how i said 660 and UP lol.
RankFTW  +   900d ago
Heh true :)
Dasteru  +   900d ago
I'm still using a 470 and can max out any current game.

Just played through FC3 twice.

all settings maxed
16xQ CSAA (forced through Nvidia control panel)
8x Supersampling
16x AF

Averages 45fps
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landog  +   900d ago
with rebates and deals, if you shop arond you can grab a gtx 680 for $430

a damn fine card, love mine, have not played a game yet it does not max.

heck, for less than $350 you can grab a gtx 670, will still max everything for the next few years, with perhaps a few dial downs, still, it will beat anything next gen consoles put out for sure!

or a 580, you can grab one for $420

http://www.bestbuy.com/site... 580&cp=1&lp=2

buying the latest thing is usually a mistake in my experience, wait a while, and if you must have this card, which i admit is very nice, it'll drop to $750 in no time, at its current price point, there won't be a ton of people buying it.
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trenso1  +   900d ago
are graphics all that important when the price of the graphics card costs more than current gen consoles? And thats not even including the price for the rest of you computer equipment.
floetry101  +   900d ago
Visuals are one dimension of PC gaming. Performance is the key though. I derive a heap of enjoyment pushing my card and PC to its limits. A PC enthusiast is similar to a car enthusiast. You have to know what makes it run, what needs to be tweaked and what needs to be replaced. It's not about the cash you drop on it (you still have to be savvy), it's about an appreciation for new, refined technologies.
trenso1  +   899d ago
Fair enough. I can respect that at least you replied in a coherent way and gave a good point and didn't resort to outright bashing, I've been on the fence to switing to pc mainly for the price
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jacquelynaguilera96   900d ago | Spam
digger18  +   900d ago
lol, if you think that is expensive you should try the AMD FirePro W9000 Graphics card 6 GB. All the PCs at work (including mine) has at least one of these in them. £2,589 (UK pounds) each or $4067.58 at the current exchange rate.
Sucitta  +   900d ago
why would all your work PC's have this card? what do you do? just curious?
digger18  +   900d ago
Aero design for a Formula One race team
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Sucitta  +   900d ago
that's awesome = )
peowpeow  +   900d ago
Living the dream. Hope to end up in a similar industry in the future.

Them workstation cards though, woah.
hellvaguy  +   900d ago
Formula one cars doesnt look like theyve ever changed the design in the past few decades. They all look like Francesco from the newest Cars movie. Ya?
Plagasx  +   900d ago
Should I buy this or just get another 680 for sli?
hellvaguy  +   900d ago
Your already gunna max out 1080p with a 660ti. Beyond that your just future buying, doing 3 monitors, or a high rez 2500x1440+. So the answer depends on those things & your expendable income.

I really dont know if your only doing a single monitor 1080p at 60 fps if youll ever see a benefit to higher than a 660ti.
black911  +   900d ago
And this is why no one games on PC. Next week the Nvidia gfhjjjj will come out for $2000. with 0% difference.
ninjahunter  +   899d ago
Lol, i remember when i thought my old Radeon 6850 was the shit. Now there are $1200 laptops that stomp all over it XD

I sure love PC gaming. And for all the console users, A lot of PC gaming isnt about "look at my graphics hurp durp". Its about making your machine, refining it, tweaking it to the max, adding your love and rage into one beast of a machine. Buying a console would bu like buying an electric scooter, not much you can do with it, but it will get you around, where as PC gaming is that V8 Monster of a car that you spent thousands to polish up and dial up the horsepower to infinity and beyond.

I dont know if that makes sense, but to a lot of "PC elitists" its about making a machine that's yours and pushing it beyond what should be possible. Ask any PC enthusiast what his computer specs are, he will be able to tell you them on the spot down to the speed of the ram, because they care.
xzendor7  +   899d ago
ninjahunter is right there's nothing like building and fine tuning your own home built system no matter how little or how much money you spend on it and trying to squeeze all the power you can from it.

Pre-built systems and consoles just don't compare to that and I doubt they ever will.

Getting to the GeForce Titan I've read elsewhere that when it's released at the end of 02/2013 that it should retail for $900 which is less than a GTX690, which makes sense.

I can't see how this card would retail for over $1000 unless it was accompanied with a whole bunch of extras.

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