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Gaming Fail - The GameBoy Camera

In the second edition of his Gaming Fail series, Paul takes a look at the GameBoy Printer (Retro, Tech)

bullymangLer  +   817d ago
how is releasing something before anyone else a fail . Nintendo does this type of stuff in order to have dibbz before all else .

you don't see carmack complaining about the virtual boy
sonicsidewinder  +   817d ago
I'd say the printer was worse.
Ripsta7th  +   817d ago
Psp had something similar which i thought was useless, same goes for this gameboy camera
hkgamer  +   817d ago
did the gameboy camera fail? I loved it
Kevlar009  +   817d ago
I remember using the camera for the built-in games. I never owned it personally, but it was one of those little pieces of Nintendo and gaming history
Rampaged Death  +   817d ago
A lot of professional photographers use the game boy camera.
wingman32x  +   817d ago
It had a few neat applications, but a lot games used it for boring crap. Although, as a kid I loved that you could print off stuff like HoF rosters and Pokedex certificates from the Pokemon games.

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