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The Handheld Wars: 3DS vs. Vita: Or Quiet Down and Enjoy Both

SuperPhillip Cenrtal writes, "It seems after every "gamers should stop embarrassing themselves and their hobby by acting like total jackasses" opinion piece gets some traction in the gamer collective and then proceeds to fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes in this case), you would think that we here at SuperPhillip Central just can't take the hint. Console wars-- or the subject of this piece, handheld wars-- are here to stay in the industry, no matter how pitiful, sad and immature it makes us look to outsiders." (3DS, Culture, Industry, PS Vita)

Dwalls1171  +   752d ago
Their is no war right now, when vita gets a price cut we will see a war
MmaFan-Qc  +   752d ago
even if im using the vita 3/4 of the time, im enjoying both.

"power to the gamer!"(fist in the air)
Sucitta  +   752d ago
Fanboy wars are created by poor people or children still dependent on mothers milk.

If your not strapped for cash and a true gamer, you play all games on all platforms and you enjoy all of them for their strengths.

It truly is as simple as that.
mcstorm  +   752d ago
Finlay a none fanboy commenting on n4g. I've said for years that no console is the best. Or any technology for that matter.

People spend to much time telling people there reasons why there product is better than another rather than enjoying that product for them selfs and letting people enjoy what they like to use.

I own a 360 ps3 Wiiu 3ds and psv and I think they are all amazing machines and I play what I like on them.
chadboban  +   752d ago
Fanboys and the way they behave remind me of this story. "The Fox and the Grapes"

mcstorm  +   752d ago
Haha I like that and agree.
SaxScrotumz  +   752d ago

You are SPOT on man.
Fel08  +   752d ago
I would go with just shut up about it and enjoy both.
hduce  +   752d ago
Agreed. That is what I am doing.
chadboban  +   752d ago
Kingthrash360  +   752d ago
Also agreed...
Tired of seeing people argue over whats best. We as gamers should play games. Fanboys cloud what gamers are. Fanboys belong in sports, where theres a lot of different teams that rep different citys. gamers belong in gameing where theres a ton of games to be played on 3-5 sytems (most of them can be played on all systems)..its always bad to mix the two.. we as gamers should enjoy games not try to bash other games or systems in order to make your system "win". But win what? Is there a championship trophy for the guys at sony if they win? Is there a parade for microsoft if they win? Nope that only for sports. Fanboys in gaming hurts gaming. Brings negitivity to gaming and adds fuel to the fire for the real war in gaming....against the politicians who believe gaming causes violence ( tho they've never picked up a joy stick) and should be banned...thats the "real" war. Hope we dont end up like China.
chadboban  +   752d ago
Well said good sir, couldn't agree with you more. I've always said fanboys are what keep the gaming community from actually being a COMMUNITY. And I'm with you on the hopes that the rest of the world doesn't become like China in terms of game consoles.
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animegamingnerd  +   752d ago
agree both the vita and the 3DS have a great library unless if you don't have the money buy both
miyamoto  +   752d ago

May we all have a Peaceful Gaming year!
bullymangLer  +   752d ago
between the Vita and the 3DS?

1. The Vita gots more Power than the 3DS, but not that that much more power . The ps3 had more power over the gameCube, but there exists a game called Res Evil 1 remake, chek to see what that shit looks like compared to ps3 360, not much difference., . so much for ps3 or 360 "power"

2. The 3Ds is more comfy than the Vita = comfort matters tremendously when embarking on lengthy games .. the Vita's comfort is actually bad, go chek it. . i would not want to spend time with my hands wrapped around that thing, with oddly placed joysticks AWKWARD. . = bothersome the vita is .

3. The 3DS can do stereoscopic 3D . . as soon as Super MArio 3d land came out, that game dismissed all the myths surrounding gaming in 3d . that mario 3D land and is like witch craft . it felt like i was playing a whole new race of videogames for the 1st time . GAME CHANGER stuff!!

4. 3Ds XL?

5. The Vita looks more pretty than the 3ds, from the outside that is

6. The 3Ds has GREATER games than the Vita so far, ACCORDING TO REVIEWERS ALL AROUND THE GLOBE .

7. The Vita has comfort grips you can buy seperately, i have not tried them yet, but i have seen them, they turn that vita into a beast. but then theres the oddly placed joysticks .. facts of comfort speak louder than opinions .

8. The 3DS has 2 screens, giving the 3DS ANOTHER gaming advantage. the Vita does not have 2 screens, and there is not a set to convert it into a much needed 2 screen experience.

the 3Ds is a pleasure to hold and to have, the Vita is not a pleasure to hold, but yes to look at. . . the Vita should be fine though, as soon as they announce the 1st trailer to GOW and the Mark of Kri 3
TongkatAli  +   752d ago

jony_dols  +   752d ago
bullymangLer obviously didn't even bother to read the headline before posting. He just saw Vita & 3DS in the same sentence & his 'herp derp' brain spewed out this vitriolic rubbish.
bullymangLer  +   752d ago
awww regardless if i read the darn article or not, which of what i said was an opinion?
r21  +   752d ago
Basically, you want the vita to be this: http://images2.wikia.nocook...
chadboban  +   752d ago
Sorry but it's just never going to happen. Fanboys are permanently stuck in a state of mind that prevents them from ever seeing the good in a system they don't own or never plan on owning. It makes them feel better when they keep telling themselves "That system is crap, I don't want it, won't ever want it, hmmm.... this game actually looks kind of good... NO I CAN'T LET MYSELF THINK LIKE THAT!, that game looks awful. Awful awful AWFUL!!! MY SYSTEM IS THE BEST AND IT FOREVER WILL BE THE BEST!!!"

I think the story of The Fox and the Grapes pretty much covers fanboy behavior.


I for one own a 3DS and love it and will definitely get my hands on a Vita by the end of the year.
Genuine-User  +   752d ago
I might sell my 3DS and get a Wii U.
The vita does everything so much better. The only game I want for the 3DS this year is Luigi's Mansion 2 and I'm not sure if it's worth keeping a handheld for.
What would you guys do in a similar position, would you sell your 3DS and get a Wii U whilst paying very little on top?
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chadboban  +   752d ago
What games are you interested in getting for the Wii U? If the 3DS doesn't have anything you want but the Wii U has more I say go for it. I'd also say to wait until E3 or until Nintendo reveals more games for each system before you make your final decision.
Genuine-User  +   752d ago
The only game I'm looking forward to on the 3DS this year is Luigi's Mansion 2 where as the Wii U is a lot more promising for my taste.
Mario U, Zombie U, Lego U, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker U, Bayonetta 2, Rayman Origins, Mario Kart U, Yoshi U, 3D Mario U and many more.
Thanks for your advice.
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Toon_Link  +   752d ago
I'm really enjoying both and look forward to a lot of new games for my handhelds.
kingPoS  +   752d ago
I don't consider myself a fanboy (mostly), I'm just one of many that simply can't afford them all.
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wingman32x  +   752d ago
I only have the 3DS right now, but I would love to have both of them. Both of them offer different experiences, cater to different crowds, have different philosophies etc. They're different enough for them both to exist comfortably in the market.

The whole handheld console war thing is stupid. It's even more petty than the home console fights IMO. At least in those, you're comparing platforms that have a lot of common goals, target audiences, etc. The Vita and 3DS have some of that, too, but in a lot of ways they're just doing there own thing. There isn't as big of a common pot to fight for.

Anyway, my answer is just go with what you like, and don't let brand loyalty stop you from playing things you're interested in. Remember, we're both making a stand for dedicated gaming portables, here.
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TheDivine  +   752d ago
Both of course. Vita for P4, Gravity Rush, MGS Collection, Assassins Creed, KZ, FFX (if it ever comes), and the future potential (I'm sure a MGS will come and some dope jrpgs). The 3ds for SMT4, Devil Survivor, Fire Emblem, DQ7, Paper Mario, Zelda, Tales of the Abyss, Soul Hackers, Etrian Odyssey 4, Castlevania, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus, MH Tri, MH4, and RE Revelations. It also has a ton of future potential. Both have games worth having as did the DS and PSP. The 3ds (XL preferably) is my pick if you can only get one because it has 2 screens, 3d, a full DS backlog, and it gets all the games due to its popularity and sales.

I can't wait for e3 to see what games both will get. Il die for a Metroid, Xeno, Last Story, Twewy 2, and new Zelda on 3ds. Il die for a Type-0 localization, new KH or FF, MGS, or Demons Souls on Vita. Add to that new consoles and the million wii-u games Nin will debut or show off and I might just take a few days vacation to soak it all in.

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