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Xbox 720 Rumored To Require Always-On Internet Connection; Is This A Mistake For Microsoft?

Microsoft implementing this kind of system seems far fetched but there could be justification for this sort of system. - Lazytechguys (Microsoft, Xbox One)

mandf  +   840d ago
A big mistake and if they don't see it,then they are out of touch with the consumer.
Muffins1223  +   840d ago
Really?You obviously have internet accese as we speak.......how in the world will the people who are paying 400 dollas for a gaming machine in 2013 would not have internet accese
Snookies12  +   840d ago
It's not even about that.... I have a fast internet connection, but location-wise it will randomly at times cut out and come back on. That would be disastrous for something that requires an "always-on" connection.
NewMonday  +   839d ago
It's not just about the connection, the idea of a having to ask a system you supposedly own for permission to play a game is just wrong.
Ezz2013  +   839d ago

there is nothing good about this
it just wrong and plain stupid if MS is doing this
Dazel  +   839d ago
Are you really that stupid?
NegativeCreepWA  +   839d ago
I personally know more people that don't have their consoles online. A lot of people use wireless Internet providers that wont work with Live.
Imalwaysright  +   839d ago
If i'm paying € 400 I shouldn't have to pay for an internet subscription to play with it. Consoles are not software and we own them when we pay for them. I dont want to be forced to be online to use something that is mine.
kneon  +   839d ago
I'm skeptical that Microsoft will do this. But if they do then that means they have given up on developing countries and even many rural areas in the developed world.
3-4-5  +   839d ago
what about when it goes out or resets or your router is acting funky, or the internet is down in the area ?

Then you can't play your console ?

Learn to think beyond the first layer.
darthv72  +   839d ago
i think people are confusing things
technically speaking. An internet connected PC has an always on internet connection. Even if you are playing a game that does not "require" it, its still there for if you need to open a browser and look up cheats.

The 360 uses an always on internet connection for those who are plugged into their home network. you sign in to xb live even if you are silver member and you are connected to the internet.

the only ones who can really say they arent are those who do not connect their system to a home network. They are the same ones who dont access the store for new demos or downloadable anything.

The statement of "always on" is what confuses people. PS3 uses a similar "always on" type of connection as well. You turn on your ps3 and sign in to the PSN you are online even if you arent playing an online game. We use it to access the store or our account information.
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BrunoM  +   839d ago
Hope they don't go that way is just not right paying lets say 400 to 500 for a system u own and then kinda having to ask Microsoft permission to play if u do have to be always on ... That's just not right
-Superman-  +   839d ago
Microsoft earns so much money, and no exclusive games.
Sony loss, yet so many good exclusive games.

I really hope Microsoft fuck up Xbox 720, so then Sony can earn more money, and make even more exclusive games.
No need Microsoft.
KMCROC54  +   839d ago
That by far has to be the dumbest statement I have ever heard & I make some dumb one,but this takes the cake.please stop.
BX81  +   839d ago
Yeah, can't wait to see the amount of quality games that will come out when the only competition on consoles will be Nin.
007Bond  +   839d ago
This is not going to happen until one company sees the other do it first, they will both eventually need this anyway
TheGamerDood  +   839d ago
Remind me again why we need this?
nukeitall  +   839d ago
Of course this rumor is completely stupid and only idiots believe it.
listenkids  +   839d ago
Same goes for the used game patent, right? These same idiots who said they won't add it to Diablo 3. Worse things have happened.
Perjoss  +   839d ago
lets not forget 1 important thing here... If Microsoft can assure devs and publishers that nobody will be pirating, renting, trading in or even lending out their games how do think the devs and pubs will react to this? obviously they will love it.

If Sony does not follow with this tech its going to look a lot less appealing for pubs to release on the Sony system because so much more lost revenue. Dont be surprised if you see quite a few multiplat games released on the NextBox and not on the PS4.

I'm just saying
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BX81  +   839d ago
If this is the case then I wonder how many will not buy the next xbox and only buy the PS4. That would also catch the devs eye. I personally won't buy a system that requires me to be online all the time, but that's just one person. Interesting to think about though. I doubt MS will do this. I don't think the gaming community is ready for something like this.
josephayal  +   839d ago
sorry but there are gamers who live in jungles, deserts , rain forests etc etc who have no access to internet
DarkSniper  +   840d ago
With technology pacing forward at a rapid pace, the common gamer is always on the go. Making an internet connection required for all next generation Xbox consoles would be an idiotic, boneheaded yet expected tact from Microsoft. This wouldn't be the first. Decisions like this has haunted them in the past and is a core reason why they are in third place this current generation.

If you wanted to bring your new Xbox to a friends house, or you're directing a competitive, offline tournament, you couldn't. Because you need an internet connection. It would be a crying shame if Microsoft did this. Alienating a good fraction of the gaming population. Sometimes technology doesn't get better with time.

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mandf  +   840d ago
Good to see you sniper. How's madden this year?
Jek_Porkins  +   839d ago
Keep up the trolling! Hopefully this place can get cleaned up from ignorant fools like yourself this year.
GalacticEmpire  +   840d ago
There's no justifying this, it would be a huge mistake and one that would herald MS's exit from the videogame industry; if not from fan backlash then from retailer alienation.
Godmars290  +   840d ago
I'm just waiting for people w/o online having to argue with a Gamestop clerk when returning the system.
GribbleGrunger  +   840d ago
There is absolutely no foundation for this debate. You can't assume to justify a proposition. This is only a rumour and has not been verified in any way, so there is absolutely no merit in the question, 'Is this a mistake?'. Perhaps 'Would this be a mistake?' gives it at least some legitimacy. As is, I'll wait to debate this when we actually find out ANYTHING at all about the next gen machines.
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pandaboy  +   839d ago
Upbeat  +   839d ago
of course this article is aload of piss! why on earth would they do that.
Jek_Porkins  +   839d ago
Why are people treating rumor as fact? DRM doesn't work and people find a way around it. My Xbox 360 is always online, but not forced to be. I don't think Microsoft is willing to just hand over the consumers that they've won over this generation by being the only company to employ these tactics.
Philoctetes  +   839d ago
You're right that there's no way Microsoft will do this unilaterally. If the new Xbox has this sort of DRM, then the PS4 will have it too. And considering that similar rumors have come up with Sony, I'm starting to worry that both systems will go this route.
soultecc  +   839d ago
how many more articles can ppl make saying the same thing
KMCROC54  +   839d ago
Isn't this like four old news.
edonus  +   839d ago
I dont think it will happen but this model works for PC games and programs.

I think they are over exaggerating the required part. I think its going to be more like a cable box that you can just keep on all the time and never turn off and all of your games and content will be almost instant.

Thats what they were talking about in that leaked memo they had.
StrongMan  +   839d ago
Are they trying to force all Xbox owners to have to pay for XBL Gold?
Belking   839d ago | Personal attack | show
giovonni  +   839d ago
When this becomes fact I will comment accordingly, but until then I'm going to reserve my judgment. all these speculations hold no weight. To be honest it seems some want this to be true so they can reinforce their decision, or just have something to completely complain about. knowing that this isn't even fact speaks volumes of how bias some of us are.
CC-Tron  +   839d ago
Rumors, rumors and more rumors.
KontryBoy706  +   839d ago
If that happens... it's DOA
chukamachine  +   839d ago

Enjoy next gen.
givemeshelter  +   839d ago
Rumors folks...Rumors. Looking at some of these comments, many are actually stating this to be fact. Why not actually WAIT to actually see if this is true and not some half cocked story like most of these next Gen console rumors shall we?

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