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Following the plot from previous Dead Space games players take on the role of Isaac Clarke, following him and his allies on their journey to rid the universe of the Necromorph threat once and for all. You’ll follow Isaac on his journey onto Necromorph infested ships, the ice tundras of Tau Volantis and even Earth for a short period. But does Dead Space 3 provide a fitting title for hardcore fans of this iconic franchise, or does it fail to deliver?

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Thantalas1748d ago

A good in-depth discussion with a bit of substance. That's a few reviews that now suggest the gameplay can be a little repetitive. I'd like to play this but as I am still trying to clear my backlog I think this one can wait.

CaptainCamper1748d ago

Was expecting to be thrown to the wolves for this one. Thanks Thantalas :D

derkasan1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I just don't understand how a game called "Dead Space" has soldiers alive on icy planets.

CaptainCamper1748d ago

I wouldn't mind if it was just the soldiers. Necromorphs for 90% of the game was just another area of repetition lol