Soul Sacrifice Can Turn You Into One Ugly Mofo

Toshi Nakamura: ''As previously reported, in Soul Sacrifice, players will find themselves making a lot of different choices as they progress through the story of a sacrificial lamb fighting through an evil sorcerer's past in the form of a living book to gain the power to fight for his/her freedom. Japan's gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu has revealed that your choices will also have an effect on your character's appearance.''

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Eziowellington1928d ago

T_T pls release, i cant wait any more....

r211928d ago

Thank god, its just only a month away :D Usually localizations take months but Sony has done a good job by localizing as fast as possible :) Gives me enough time to save up for SS since I just spent money on Sly 4.

Ritsujun1928d ago

I have too many unfinished/unplatinumed games, i can freaking wait.

Andreas-Sword1928d ago

I hope this game will release in the future also for the PS3!

KrisButtar1928d ago

It kinda reminds me of the 1st fable where depending on your choices your look changes for either good or evil

TongkatAli1928d ago

I'm gonna try to save people 100%

sashimi1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I'm going to save or sacrifice people based on my mood :P or maybe i'll just a die haha

Reborn1928d ago

Hoping for a bundle. This is one of the games I want a Vita for.

drsnoopyseussdog1928d ago

I'm just glad we are seeing a new full fledged RPG no matter what system it's on. As much as I love sequels and remakes, it's a breath of fresh air to see a new one every now and then. Plus to see it on a handheld is even better since I prefer RPGs on the go:)

God Bless Comcept!(Keji Inafune's Company)

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