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Would You Spend $400 on a Playstation 4?

Forbes - Another rumor about the Playstation 4 is making the rounds on the internet today, except this one has nothing to do with hardware (Culture, PS4)

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remanutd55  +   756d ago | Well said
Yes, I would spend up to $499.99 for a ps4.
nrvalleytime  +   756d ago | Funny
That's too much. $499.98 at most.
blitz0623  +   756d ago
Yup, willing to spend $400 tops. $450+ I would, depending on how awesome the console is - launch games, new features, etc. Just got a new PS3, so I wanna tell myself don't get a PS4 too early and spend another crapload.
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Peppino7  +   756d ago
In a second! I bought the original 60gb. 600 plus tax would prob be my max.
nrvalleytime  +   756d ago
^ I was kidding, by the way. I never actually purchased a PS3, but I'm far more excited for the PS4 than other potential new console from Microsoft. Not hating on the 360 or 720, but I'm ready for a change.
guitarded77  +   756d ago
I spent more than that on a PS3, so yeah... I'd spend $400 on a PS4.
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Redrum059  +   756d ago
My first born...

Naw jk LOL
I'd pay 600 no problem
Anon1974  +   756d ago
I spent $600 on my PS3 ($500 on my 360) but I'm not in a hurry to replace either. That said, a $400 PS4 price tag would probably entice me to pick one up earlier than I was planning. Any more than that and I can wait. It's not like I have a shortage of games to play.
Saigon  +   756d ago
400$ is the perfect price point. I will be willing to go higher, but that $400 looks sooooo much better.
Sarcasm  +   756d ago
I'd spend $499.97 at most. Anything pass that is a no no.

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TheGamerDood  +   756d ago
I thnk $399 is the sweet spot.

Also if they want to get the jump on MS then they better price it aggressively.

I have the cash to buy it right now plus a couple of game so I'm f**king ready to do this.
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Ju  +   756d ago
Well, $399 would be awesome, $499 probably, too. But I'm in no rush...depends on my urge I might get weak and get it early; but realistically I won't be getting it before spring 14...
deno  +   756d ago
No that's still to much. $499.97 for me.
DERKADER  +   756d ago
What price would you pay for a device you know nothing about? I am going to use common sense and wait till we get actual facts before blindly pledging elegance to any device at any price.
SilentNegotiator  +   756d ago
I paid $400 for my Ps3, so yeah, probably.
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badz149  +   756d ago
I paid AU$1000 for my 1st 60GB PS3
so yeah...why not
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thorstein  +   756d ago
$400 no problem. $450 with an extra controller and/ or launch title.
killcycle  +   756d ago
sobekflakmonkey  +   756d ago
I'd pay $499 easily, not a problem, considering I bought a PS3 when it first came out for like $600 with like 3 games as well and an extra controller, so it was probably like over $700, I go big, that's how I do. lol
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ChrisW  +   756d ago
I'm pretty certain that it'll be a super stripped basic version.
Yi-Long  +   755d ago
It depends...
... will it have backwards compatibility!? Will it require game-activation? Will it be region-locked? Will it demand 'always online', what are they going to do with the new controllers and will the be as ridiculously expensive as those WiiU tablets (hell, even normal dual-shock 3's cost 60 euro here in Holland(!) )

... and most importantly, it will depend on the games.

400 dollars/euros sounds like a great price though, so I'll certainly be interested, but like I said, it will depend on a number of things for me. Not just that attractive price.

I do have to say that the last 2-3 years Sony has made some very positive steps to winning me over, with PSN+ probably being their biggest achievement this gen. I'm am pretty confident that Sony is focussed on GAMES, which is what I'm looking for first and foremost with a GAMES console.
andibandit  +   755d ago
In order to persuade my wife, it would have to have some serious COOP games at that price and none of that Horde/Zombies/Tacked on seperate coop campaign, crap.
morganfell  +   755d ago
The real question is why wouldn't I spend $400 for a PS4.

Looking at what I spent for a launch 60GB PS3 and all of the enjoyment and enthralling experiences it has brought why would I not want to take that to the next level and beyond for a mere $400.
007Bond  +   755d ago
HAHAHA We got mommy buying this for you? Trust me if any of you worked instead of playing video games all day you would understand how tough it is to earn money on your own.

500 for a video game console HA!
Ritsujun  +   755d ago
HappyGaming  +   755d ago
I seriously doubt it would be $400.
I would love it if it was but my gut is telling be $500 minimum. Remember this will be a console that will have 6-7 years of price drops before the PS5 comes out.

Edit: They have to squeeze the markets pockets like a toothpaste. At first ask for a lot of money slowly bring the price down and get people to push their limits and pay as much as possible for the console.
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aceitman  +   756d ago
I spent 600$ on the ps3 so yes.
DrRichtofen  +   756d ago
Me too! And that was in 2007 a year after it first came out
dalibor  +   756d ago
Why yes I fall into this category as well. That makes us all cousins in the gaming world. People who have bought the PS3 when it was $600. Would I do it again? Most likely. Probably. Oh what the heck you bet I would. It was all worth it in the end even though so many people ahem journalists wanted the PS3 to suffocate and die never to rise out of the grave ever again.
BattleTorn  +   756d ago
I spent $400 on WII U!!!

MmaFan-Qc  +   756d ago
pretty much, im buying it day one whatever what the price will be, even my pc graphic card is probably more costly than the ps4 so its not really a big deal for me.
T2  +   756d ago
Exactly plus I liked the added benefit of excluding trash whenever possible. The first time I played on xbl I was stunned at the sheer number of idiots yelling, singing, wannabe gangsters .... I almost never use a headset on xbl
deno  +   756d ago
Same here. It was worth every penny.
Spinal  +   756d ago
I would especially if it lasts almost 10 years like this gen.
Shadow Flare  +   756d ago
And judging by the ps3, the launch model will be the best model. So whatever the launch price of the ps4, it could likely be the best version of ps4 to exist. So it's definitely worth the price
mandf  +   756d ago
Monolith  +   756d ago
Flavor  +   756d ago
Asking this question on N4G is like asking a dog if he likes bacon.
DOMination-  +   755d ago
Bubbles+ for funny.

I can't believe there are people posting that they would pay £450. That's more than the ps3 at launch! And we don't know anything about it.
Aceman18  +   756d ago
I spent over 400-500 for both my PS3 and 360. so why wouldn't i spend 400 for the ps4?

journalists and their dumba$$ questions
Aceman18  +   756d ago
Hmm my many disagrees pretty cements my beliefs that this is the worst generation where it comes to gamers.

just because i mentioned both my consoles sad and insecure people disagree totally disregarding the fact that i said i would easily buy the PS4 for $400.
Conzul  +   756d ago
Um.....we're all adrift in a sea of fanboy, what do you expect? I dislike xbox as much as the next guy, but I admit there was nothing wrong with your comment.
Merrill  +   756d ago
I hope it's $499.99. I want current and relevant technology in the PS4, I don't want cheap/weak components like the WiiU.
Ripsta7th  +   756d ago
The Wii u is being sold at a loss to nintendo, but they said they make that money back w 1 game they buy so add 60 dollars to the current price n there you have the Wii U's actual price. Basic $360, Deluxe $410
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Merrill  +   756d ago
It's not being sold at a loss because of anything in the WiiU itself, it's only because of the one controller with a screen. Cheap system with an expensive controller.
azshorty2003  +   756d ago
They can't take the whole $60. Then the game company doesn't make money. They profit after their cut of the game. Which is No more $10-15.
dboyc310  +   756d ago
Spent 600$ on the PS3 so I don't see why not lol 400$ will actually be a relief for most that got a PS3 in the beginning of its cycle. I do think though that the price will be 400$-500$. I'll pre order that baby ASAP.
GraveLord  +   756d ago
A $400 price would be preferable, but yeah I would take the plunge at $500 but I have a feeling most won't. I just hope they price match Microsoft, so that way people will based their purchases on games, not price.
BlmThug  +   756d ago
I'd gladly spend up to £450
FlyingFoxy  +   756d ago
That'd get you a nice motherboard, memory and CPU to start building a nice gaming rig with.
UnholyLight  +   756d ago
I would be happy if both systems are below the $600 range. That's perfect for me.
lilbrat23  +   756d ago
Yes not more though I guess $400 is better then $600 :-)
Jaybronee  +   756d ago
I'd rather pay more for a top notch console than pay less and get a sub par unit. I thought the $599 was a little high for my first PS3 but it didn't stop me from buying it.
omi25p  +   756d ago
Nope, I spent £250 on my ps3. Haven't turned it on since November 2011.
Rhythmattic  +   755d ago
You are far from happy with your PS3 looking at your past comments.

I suggest you sell your PS3, and dont buy a PS4...
Jazz4108  +   756d ago
I would be okay paying that for the new 360 but not a ps4. Just my opinion and I have a right to it. I will pick up a ps4 at sometime but im more excited to see my 360 updated but thats me.
yeahokchief  +   756d ago
yeah $4oo is okay.

i want the console, required cables and a game for just under $500 and we're good. (and no required monthly subscription service, but an optional one is cool)

i agree with remanutd55. going over $500 makes me start thinking of waiting for the price cut.
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Mounce  +   756d ago
I'd spent $400.

$450 for a bigger HDD if worth it.
Abdou23  +   756d ago
Pillsbury1  +   756d ago
I would spend 399.99$ not a penny more! ;p
clint9casle   756d ago | Spam
showtimefolks  +   756d ago
my max price is $599 but i think its a safe bet to assume it will be between $400-450 and may support 2 SKU's
scissor_runner  +   756d ago
If so then great for there fans. Wouldn't it be great if we saw the second coming of the ps2?! still not keen on sonys game play. If they get that right then the price doesn't even matter.
Flipgeneral  +   756d ago
Same, I would go up to $499. Time to put aside $100/month so I can get all the goodies with it.

Hope my PS stereo headset will be compatible
Sevir  +   756d ago
Considering I spent $800+ for the PS3
$600+tax and 200 for accessories and games

I'm fully prepared to spend 400+ for a PS4. Its a Freakin No brainer! YES!!!!
MEsoJD  +   756d ago
I predict no more than $399.00 in the US.
ZoyosJD  +   756d ago
If it's less than $500 I'm donating the difference to charity.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   756d ago
Why not? I spend $1,000 on mine 2 days after release. The normal price when it first dropped was $600+ so why complain about it?
colonel179  +   756d ago
The sweet spot for a PS4 with the right features and specs is $499, which I see more realistic than $399. The times have changed since the PS3 launched at $599 and I think that more people will be willing to pay for the PS4 this time. Also, considering that Sony might me preparing a good launch line up, it's going to be an easier choice.

The only problem I see is that Sony fails at the marketing. They used to be great at it, and hopefully with the new agency they hired, they'll get it right this time.
kparks  +   756d ago
Hell yeah I'd spend 799 on one.. Logic tells me the price will most likely be 499 and I believe that's a pretty good price point.
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BLuKhaos  +   755d ago
Hell no.
I'll only get one if it costs $300 and has at least 15 games I know for a fact I will enjoy.
Azfargh  +   755d ago
Yes, but not at launch.

The fat PS3 was enough trouble with its 3-year-life...

Sony should fire their engineers for such mistake.
Syntax-Error  +   755d ago
No Dice
With today's economy, $299-349 will be a safe price point. They couldn't even move Vita's @$249. Parents will see PS3 and 360's at $200-300 and buy those before newer systems. Hardcore gamers are a small percentage oompared to the masses. A $400 systems seems okay in your eyes, but too much for the average. A game system is not an iPhone, so don't expect it to be shelves as a MUST HAVE.
Bobby Kotex  +   755d ago
I gladly spent $400 on a PS3 when the price was reduced in 2009. If the PS4 is launched at this price, I'll definitely buy it.
TAURUS-555  +   755d ago
cmon ¡¡
400 ????

for such high quality, true next-gen ?...

400 are nothing, of course id spend 400 on the PS4.
Kamikaze135  +   756d ago
It depends on the games
-Mezzo-  +   756d ago
Yes,...Yes i would.

Gladly Even.
NastyLeftHook0  +   756d ago
GalacticEmpire  +   756d ago
I would take Sony's arm off for that price.
wishingW3L  +   756d ago
I would spend $600!
Root  +   756d ago
I would because the PS3 was worth it this gen

Plus Sony has supported us gamers despite their little financial situations instead of giving us the middle finger to milk the casual audience.
j-blaze  +   756d ago
"PS3 was worth it this gen"

for me it was worth it mainly for games like Heavy Rain and MGS4, but it sucked as a console it was slow, games required mandatory installs, hard to develop for with bad memory...etc, glad all this will end with PS4.

on topic: HELL YES!
DatNJDom81  +   756d ago
boring troll is boring....... *yawn*
omi25p  +   756d ago

Boring troll because he didnt like the console??

I bought my ps3 for £250, I literally only have 5 games on it.

Uncharted 1
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain
Infamous 1
Infamous 2

I think those 5 games are good and the console is awful. Literally haven't played it in over a year.

So am i a troll too?
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fsfsxii  +   756d ago
Are you some sort of a developer???
CrimsonSquall  +   756d ago
@omi25p Of course you are a troll. The latest PS3 Game on your list was released in June of 2011. What self respecting PS3 Gamer hasn't picked up n played ANY of the over +20 Quality Exclusive Games released on the system. Seriously???
badz149  +   756d ago
I press agree to answer your question!
The_Infected  +   756d ago
$499 is my absolute limit although I hope it's $400 or $450 at the most. Either way it will be worth every penny because PS4 will rock!
Norrison  +   756d ago
If it's lower than 500$ I'm sure I'll buy it at launch, I didn't buy the ps3 at launch because it's price tag was atrocious
Crystallis  +   756d ago
I would spend $499 or $599.
Gildarts  +   756d ago
I'd spend 700$ for a nextgen console if it's a beast.
akaakaaka  +   756d ago
i will spend $999.99 I won!!! give it to me know Sony... give it to ME!
fluffydelusions  +   756d ago
Game0N  +   756d ago
Sony has not disappointed me this gen. I'll be back on board for a cool $399
Drainage  +   756d ago
ill be back on board for a casual model of $349 no more .
BrianG  +   756d ago
Casual model is probably not going to happen. That would mean developing games for 2 systems. What would the casual system lack, HD, Bluray, PSN?
#12.1.1 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Dark_king  +   756d ago
@BrianG Extra usb ports,mem card reader,Chrome trim,Larger HDD,Rotating PS logo.this was what made up the 100$ difference between the 60 gig and 20 gig models at the start of this gen.

For PS4 I could see one model with 6 usb3.0 (Four front 2 on the back)Mem card reader for vita games.Larger HDD,And maybe some nice chrome trim.While the other has three usb3.0(two front one back)no mem card reader.

These are just examples of course.
ozzywazzy  +   756d ago
Easily. So much value in Sony products. I'd spend 600 even.
bunt-custardly  +   756d ago
I would spend $600 for a PS4 only if the launch games warranted the purchase. Even if there was this one must have game.
Ck1x  +   756d ago
$499 is too much but yes $399 is the perfect price! I bought my PS3 at that price as well.
plaZeHD  +   756d ago
500$ = Yes, 600$ = no, will get after price drop.
1nsomniac  +   756d ago
If it's worth £400, I'll buy it for £400. Simple.
#17 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ANIALATOR136  +   756d ago
same here
mike32UK  +   756d ago
Ditto, I paid £425 for the original 60GB wifi PS3, even being aware that at launch there weren't that many games (I think i had COD3, motorstorm and Resistance: FOM). With all the potential games that are lined up to be launched with the PS4 i'd happily pay the same again.
Mangede  +   756d ago
I bought PS3 for 989$ here in sweden. So 599$ would be awesome! ;)
Azurite  +   755d ago
Indeed, $400 would very cheap for a new PlayStation here in Sweden.

But when things cost $400 in the US it usually translates to 4000 SEK, which is roughly $600.
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DFresh  +   756d ago
I spent $500 on my PS3 back in August 2007.
Won't spend more then that on any console.
strigoi814  +   756d ago
Absolutely. im willing to spend $500 plus tax with it.
deafdani  +   756d ago
I spent $900 on my first PS3, $700 on my second one (after the first died - and I live in a country with crazy expensive prices for electronics, I spent $600 on my Wii U).

So, yes. I will pay whatever the PS4 costs, if and when it offers a compelling library of games, both multiplatform and exclusive.
Ron_Danger  +   756d ago
You from Australia? I've got a friend on PSN that's from there and he said new games can be up to $100!
deafdani  +   756d ago
No, I'm from Costa Rica, a small country where pretty much all electronics are very expensive, not only game consoles. TV sets, dishwashers, freezers, game consoles, smartphones, tablets, washing machines, cars, etc etc etc, are all considerably more expensive in here than they are in the U.S. The average salary of the costa rican citizen is much lower than that of the U.S. citizen, making this difference even more pronnounced.
saint_seya  +   756d ago
i expend 1k$ on my ps3's and i pay 100$ per game #because i live in argentine# and tbh i never regret it
tubers  +   756d ago
499.99 if it has b/c.

399.99 if it don't.

Depends on the launch games and 1st year games.

Depends on the DRM.
kma2k  +   756d ago
if it plays used games, depends on the specs, depends on the media playback restrictions, depends on what xbox is offering, depends on launch games...oh who am i kidding yes i will!
NaAsAr  +   756d ago
I'll take the 299 option with only 2 usb 3.0 ports and 1 hdmi and a ethernet w/wireless vs the 399 unit with 6 usb ports, 2 display ports, ethernet w/wireless
MasterCornholio  +   756d ago
If Sony doesn't go casual then yes.
RuleofOne343  +   756d ago
Not on a PS4, but am willing to spend that & maybe more on Xbox ? + Kinect 2.
#26 (Edited 756d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
KMCROC54  +   755d ago
Wow he got disagrees for answering question honestly.
How sad .
#26.1 (Edited 755d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cruxito  +   756d ago
Is that even. Serious question? I will spend 600 dllrs pn tge play4, I paid 540 for my play3 and it was worth every penny, for cryin out loud therr were people who paid thousands for the Playstation 3 bavk when it came out!!! The play3 became the Thieves favorite item to steal!!
NoobJobz  +   756d ago
Considering how expensive PS3s were when they first came out, yes, I would pay $400 for a PS4.
Xenial  +   756d ago
blackbirdi  +   756d ago
no way i spend 600 euro for ps3 and the full price of 300 euros for psvita i m really dispointed it not worth the 400 euros maybe 300 then yes
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