The one thing missing in Far Cry 3

It can take about 40 hours to finish the main story in Far Cry 3, collect the majority of loot and complete (almost) all of the side missions -- including the path of the hunter, trials of the rakyat, liberating outposts, climbing radio towers, delivering medical supplies, and so on. Add in the hang gliding, swimming underwater and even parachuting -- for those times you want to leap off a mountain. With all of that, you’d think the game has everything covered. But there is one thing that Far Cry 3 is missing.

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Nelson M1904d ago

The one thing missing in Far Cry 3

Me !!

Haah Hah

JimmyJames701904d ago

Someone else said, Sharks with lasers, but that was too obvious.

Psychotica1904d ago

After finishing the game I wished the pirates could try to retake what they lost so there would be a continual war going on. There isn't much to fight other than animals after the story is done.

Bathyj1903d ago

this is exactly what ive been telling my friends. the leaderless pirates should all form factions and try to reclaim the island. i think the only reason they havent done it is the game would be limitless and you wouldnt need to buy dlc.

that, and you should be able to drag bodies. cant imagine why they didnt do this. they even made the animation already as a tackdown drag but didnt impliment it

PhantomT14121903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

I think it has more to do with the complaints in Far Cry 2 where you were constantly bothered by enemies when you traveled in the wilderness. But I agree I miss some actions once you've completed the main storyline and took all the outposts.

Bathyj1903d ago

with fc2 they respawned as soon as you turned your back on the camp. they should have made it more occasional having maybe 2 or 3 outpost under dispute at any one time, which would grow if unchecked.

it would stop it from becoming this big empty world

JimmyJames701903d ago

You can drag bodies after a take down. It's a skill you have to unlock.

peowpeow1903d ago

Probably meant after dropping the body, should be able to pick up again

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e-p-ayeaH1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

My picks:

-Better weather dynamic (far cry 2 made it right)
-Snow covered environments
-Ability to prone (like far cry 1)
-Ability to use 2 weapons at once (like far cry 1)
-Allow players to join game world and face each other (kinda like Day Z and GTA4 MP)
-Ability to climb trees
-Customizable main character (clothing,equipment,etc)

And Dinosaurs.

PhantomT14121903d ago

I would add to it better sniper mechanics. There's no bullet drop in this game plus there's a certain limit to where your sniper can fire: even if you can see your targets in your scope (it seems like the bullets magically disappear past a certain range).

So far the most satisfying sniper handling (at very long range) I had was with Battlefield 3.

Bathyj1903d ago

really enjoyed sniper elite v2

Coach_McGuirk1904d ago

campaign cooperative play would be my request.

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