David Cage: Game industry has 'Peter Pan Syndrome'

GamaSutra - Quantic Dream CEO David Cage says it's time to grow up. “It's time to reassess who we are, and what we are doing,” he said, during a talk at the DICE summit in Las Vegas. He says we have Peter pan Syndrome -- “Someone who is anxious at the idea of growing up and becoming an adult, and who actually refuses to grow up,” by his definition. “And that's quite a bold statement to make about an entire industry!”

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NewMonday1961d ago

Catherine is the most mature game for some time now

And also Walking Dead , and not because of Zombies

Perjoss1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

I would say Heavy Rain is a better example of a grown up game.

edit: compared to walking dead I mean

Thatguy-3101961d ago

Honestly I don't see why everyone has to follow his direction. I think he should just shape HIS games the way he beliefs but making statements that some what take jabs at other developers isn't right. Variety doesn't hurt. Plus it's nice at times feeling like a kid when playing games that I used to live in my early yr's of gaming like the sly and ratchet series. Still respect this man though.

ThyMagicSword1961d ago

He has the Peter Pan Syndrome, or does he think putting naked woman in his games makes him more "adult"?

Fishy Fingers1961d ago

If that's the only thing that Heavy Rain left you with your proof enough that not everyone is ready for more mature experience.

Ooooh boobies...

ThyMagicSword1961d ago

I have not even played the full game. I downloaded the demo and did not like it and did not want to spend money on a game I do not like to play, but because a game does not have "boobies" it does not mean that it is immature, so I do not understand his (David Cages) argument. In my very own opinion his games try hard to be "mature", but they fail (in my very own opinion).

tigertron1961d ago

"I have not even played the full game"

Well, there you go.

Ultr1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

How can you argue if you did not play the game.
I also wont argue about a book i did not read, nor would I argue about music I did not listen to.

Heavy Rain is a very adult piece of entertainment.

though I dont think "ALL" videogames have to "grow up"
because I REAAAALLY like the peter pan syndrome :)

So like I, you could just say.
NO MR. Cage, I dont want every game to "grow up"

Done :)

(heavy rain is awesome)

darx1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Who is this guy!? He may develop some of the worst games out there.

neoMAXMLC1961d ago

Heavy Rain stands with an 87 on Metacritic and has sold over 2 million copies. Not exactly the worst game out there.

Nate-Dog1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Well if Metacritic says it and it made loads of money then it simply must be true!

(Just to note, I'm not saying Heavy Rain is crap, I haven't even played it, but if you use the "X game has Y score on metacritic and sold loads of copies" as an argument you're putting yourself in a bad position, especially looking at CoD.)

darx1961d ago


Never the less!

neoMAXMLC1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )


Uhhh... You're basically saying that any game that gets high ratings and is very successful is actually a terrible game. And telling me that I'm putting myself in a bad position for that reason you gave is a very poor and biased argument. However, what DOES put you AND darx in a bad position is the fact that you both admitted to never even playing these games.

"but if you use the "X game has Y score on metacritic and sold loads of copies" as an argument"
An argument for what exactly? I never said that Heavy Rain was an amazing game or even the best game. All I said was that it's NOT the worst game out there. Nowhere near it at least.

I don't really care for Call of Duty but I wouldn't call it the worst franchise ever. Black Ops 2 isn't in the high 90s. Not even near it. And sure it's the same old same old but no other shooter has done what Call of Duty can do. That 60FPS smooth fast paced gameplay really is one of a kind on consoles... unfortunately... Not the best game, but also not the worst.

Medal of Honor Warfighter was a terrible game that deserved its scores. But does your logic state that it's actually an amazing game? Does it?

darx1961d ago

@ Neo

Played the demo, was enough for me.

neoMAXMLC1961d ago

Ohhh you played the DEMO. Well that solves everything!

Nate-Dog1960d ago

@Neo: Re-read my comment my friend. I said people using the "well X game got a really high review score and sold loads" is a pathetic argument to say that that X game is great. Everyone knows the pitiful state of gaming reviews these days (pretty much any decent game has to get 8+ or else it's regarded as a piece of garbage).

neoMAXMLC1960d ago

That's not the fault of the reviews. That's the fault of the readers taking it that way. Not all reviews should be disregarded. Most of the time I end up agreeing with a majority of them. If you feel like your opinion should be the only one that counts, fine, but it doesn't make your argument any better.

Would you disagree with the majority of reviewers who though CoD Black Ops Declassified was complete trash?

Nate-Dog1959d ago

No of course I wouldn't disregard every review that would just be silly, but that's the reason why I don't read into Metacritic's score system. There are websites that might get paid for reviews, websites that give ridiculously high or low scores just for attention, websites that in general only have a 6-10 score system (not in a literal sense but I'm sure you know what I mean), websites that have lower score systems (probably such as Edge) so some games might come better off and some worse off for varying factors mixing like those. Not to mention a lot of reviews tend to just go with the flow of early reviews and previews from big websites in order to stick with the status quo. I can't remember if I am on about the right title (I may be mistaken) but I think with that downloadable title Amy all the previews said it was looking to be a great game, and everyone with a hands on approach said it was solid and good. But a little while after the first batch of reviews and late previews came out a ton of reviews came out saying it was a bugged mess and was almost impossible to play through in places. It's things like that which make me avoid most reviews because that was a big instance where gaming journalism failed the players, not to mention the general fact that pretty much all major websites just plough through every game they review in order to get out the review as fast as possible, so with a title like say Skyrim or any big JRPG you don't really get a decent grip on everything from the game.

As for Black Ops Declassified I don't have a Vita so I don't know what it was like, but from what I saw it didn't seem like it was completely unplayable or anything so I didn't really understand the incredibly low scores from many places. But maybe again that's to do with people following the early reviews and the status quo, or at least that's how I see it.

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joab7771961d ago

The problem is that we change too much, not to little. Give me a break. He has quite the complex to basically say that all games should be modeled after his. Its our new relativistic nature that gets us into so many problems. And its because everybody knows what is best and what we should do. I know, make good video games and we will buy them.

DigitalRaptor1961d ago

Where the problem lies is that you don't notice the areas where Cage says that he doesn't mind the current wave of genres in the industry, but wants to change people's perception of how emotion can be conveyed in games without leaning on cliche game stereotypes and what is considered the norm.

Cage isn't trying to take away what you like to play, but to try and convince people to not be scared of spending money on new experiences, following his ambition of games being as universally respected as films.

I think that's a tune most of us should be humming to if we can call ourselves open minded.

miyamoto1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Putting the console war or fanboyisms aside for a moment please...

For 40 years, as a form of entertainment, video games has become a major force to be reckoned with;

lots of potential and growth for such a young industry and Cage want's it to grow in the right way perhaps.

Look at American comics it has been relegated to superheroes, action & fiction & action as subject matter only..... while in Japan, young and old, everyone reads manga and watch anime for all sorts of subject matters. From lawyers to basketball to baking bread to the operating room.

Maybe he likes video games to be relevant and beneficial to all kinds of people, boys and girls, young and old as a medium not only of entertainment but of artistic expression
or education.

Its really dangerous if video games are relegated to just a few kinds of games such as shooters, kiddie games, or be dismissed as stuff for nerds or kids.
For 16 years Sony has been trying to take away this stigma.

Maybe he wants the whole society to accept video games as legitimate medium as movies, music, print media, TV shows, radio, etc.

I myself want many of my friends to appreciate the fun I get from video games.

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