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Ness6191444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Meh, this series needs to go away now.

Bring on the disagrees...

Riderz13371444d ago

I agree as well. Just played Assassin's Creed 3...So bad.

Cam9771444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I agree. I've been a fan since the start but now I'm just bored. I have AC3 but I've barely touched it, Connor is dull and so is the game.

GanjaMan1444d ago

Totally agree, AC3 was awful, the setting was hideous (even Americans have to agree it was rubbish setting) and had no feeling of a real world, boston was lifeless and wasnt compact enough and don't get me started on Conner, oh my!

Root1444d ago

Yeah I felt like it forcused too much on Americans vs Recoats then the Assasins vs Templars. It felt like a massive "F*** Yeah America" in some parts.

Both sides did some pretty horrible things in the war but it plays down what the Americans did and exaggerates the Redcoats like they were the bloody Nazis are something

I think it was too sell more copies in America in my opinion.

Anyway there was other things wrong with the game

Connor sucked as a character and I hope they'll never use him again. The voice actor was terrible and he was naive and dull. I'd rather have it so Haytham was a good guy and you played him instead while George Washington and the other founding fathers took the Templar group role which Haytham lead.

I can't even finish it yet I want to know how it all ends.

They should of done the French revolution or set it in Japan.

Hell even a female Assassin set in WW2 where all the men are off to fight in the war and your back in London fighting off the templars

N311V1444d ago

I'm in your camp. Been a big fan of the series but I couldn't even finish AC3 because it was so boring. The combat was way too easy. Where did the progression go, buying weapons was pointless and "armor" upgrades were barely cosmetic. Building an Assassin Guild was hidden away in menus. For me at least, the naval battles were immemorable. And what happened to to whole crux of Assassin's Creed, that being a war between Templars and Assassins. AC4 will be the first one I don't pre-order.

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guitarded771444d ago

Not go away... just take a break. It's a great series, but I'm burned out. But with the reported 12 million in sales of AC3, it's not going anywhere. Ubisoft's cash cow.

OhMyGandhi1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I absolutely love assassin's creed...but I agree with you.

This franchise is tiring out, real fast.

fermcr1444d ago

"Ubisoft confirms new Assassin's Creed for FY14"

I really wasn't expecting this. This totally cough me by surprise. /s

NastyLeftHook01444d ago

they should bring it to ps4 and have it a spin off, something very fresh set in other times.

joab7771444d ago

Actually, i once agreed but i dont now. They are the best realized worlds . They need to raise difficulty, and bring back and add character leveling amd customization. Allow us to get stronger. The problem is that they have created a game that is nothing more than a gorgeous interactive movie.

At least create a game around the naval missiims, lol. I hate to see it die when it could be so amazing

rainslacker1444d ago

Maybe just take a break. Get people all nostalgic and stuff, then come back with a big release. However since they sold 12 million units of AC3 it's probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

Brownghost1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Only if sales go down, which will take a while.

omi25p1444d ago

I said right from the beginning it was going to awful and pro USA.

Hundreds of disagrees later and i was right.

It was a terrible game and im annoyed i ended up buying it even though i knew it was bad.

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Trago13371444d ago

AC 3 was disappointing in my opinion. I hope this one focuses more on assassinations, and the ways you can assassinate them rather than set piece after set piece :/

rpd1231443d ago

Yeah there were plenty of ways to assassinate regular people, but you never got to actually try to assassinate a main bad guy. It was a bit disappointing. Still a fun game to me though.

A2X_1444d ago

If it's a new assassin/setting and a release on next-gen consoles then why not?

JohnApocalypse1444d ago

Good, not more yearly releases

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