10 Massively Hyped Video Games That Actually Look Pretty Awful

WC - Hype is that brilliant marketing device that companies all over the world use to create a buzz about one of their upcoming products. And that includes everything from films, TV shows, books, zoetropes or – in this case – video games.

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mandf1441d ago

I would be upset if this article is approved. It's like he picked all the most anticipated games and jotted them down. How does Bioshock infinite look bad?

Hicken1441d ago

That's for you. And they're still doing that one-item-per-page crap that gets them no clicks from me.

Wrightylfc881441d ago

Whoever wrote this article is a tool!

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e-p-ayeaH1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Awful list where´s Aliens Colonial Marines? Walking Dead survival instinct? Crysis 3 multiplayer?

Dead Island: Riptide its pretty much the same as the previous one definitively doesn't deserve a lot hype.

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