I Hope This New PS Vita Game Has Enough Originality To Stand On Its Own

Toshi Nakamura: ''Toukiden is the new PS Vita game from Tecmo Koei. Originally announced as an entirely new title from the Omega-Force development team (of Dynasty Warriors fame), the game trailer showed a female warrior hacking up and killing a giant creature in a very medieval Japan sort of setting. Well, according to information released to Weekly Famitsu, it looks like the trailer isn't that far off from the actual game.''

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Myst1957d ago

Well this and Soul Sacrifice can certainly take the spot of the elusive Monster Hunter.

TongkatAli1957d ago

Check out these screenshots

Looking like a Day 1

Myst1957d ago

Damn! Yep so far the game (going by the screenshots) looks awesome!

miyamoto1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

This game is a beast in graphics and art style!!!!!!!

One of the best I have ever seen on any platform in a long long time.

rezzah1957d ago

I wonder about that. Nothing after MH has really matched the quality of a MH game.

To me SS will be unlike any other game un terms of what its story focuses on.

miyamoto1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

And, Vita has the grand daddy of all these third person hunting action JRPGs on PS Vita...

Phantasy Star Online 2!

Ragnarok Oddysey
Soul Sacrifice
God Eater 2
and Dragon's Crown

its a great action JRPG line up!

This game is like sexy Baiken of Guilty Gear fame meats Bushido Blade with Metal Gear Rising slash mechanics set in Ninja Scroll universe with Asura's Wrath mythical angst with Onimusha like enemies and beautiful Dynasty warrior detailed graphics on Phantasy Star Online character customizations & multi-player premise.


blackblades1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Tecmo-Koei been on there game lately on vita. Can't wait to play it, as well as DW7E on the 20th. Still waiting for Ni-oh.

Sino1956d ago

Too bad I sold my Vita for a 3ds

KrisButtar1956d ago

Why didn't you just save until you have enough to buy the 3DS and then have both? That's what I would've done, I never sell any of my systems or games(though I do trade/lend to friends)

medziarz1956d ago

So lame. And what do u play on it? Mario? :D

TheGrimOfDeath1956d ago

Look man, I love both the 3DS and Vita, and I would like to say that both consoles are amazing and both have amazing exclusives. Vita has UC: GA, AC3 Liberation, Gravity Rush, WipEput 2048, Sly Cooper, Sound Shapes and Unit 13. The 3DS also has many awesome exclusives like Mario 3D Land, Paper Mario, Mario Kart 7, Castlevania and Luigi's Mansion.

Why can't everybody accept that?

I have a PS Vita and my friend has a 3DS and we are surprised from each other's consoles.

Hicken1956d ago

Too bad you trolled a Vita article.

R_aVe_N1956d ago

people that say that usually never owned one at all.

CalvinKlein1956d ago

This looks great, I always liked DW games and this looks like they are trying something new. I will get this when it comes out.

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