Wii U’s Struggle to Remain Relevant

So Rayman Legends is no longer exclusive to Wii U. One of the games that best showcased Wii U’s many unique attributes, and outdid Nintendo's own New Super Mario Bros. U, will now come to other home consoles.

What’s most concerning about this situation is that it isn’t surprising. Nintendo has had trouble communicating the appeal of its home console.

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DivineAssault 1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Thats what happens when they get cocky about their hardware.. Sony made the same mistake by making the complicated Cell processor & thinking all devs will just deal with it.. I believe nintendo thought that people actually began to care about them again outside of their fans when in reality, the wii was just a fad that casuals went crazy over.. Without them, the wii u is nothing imo.. Im a nintendo fan & grew up with their games & will always support the good titles.. However i know that the only reason i have one is for those titles & that their hardware has been inferior & will be the same way going into nx.. They are very talented software devs but their child safe philosophies & inability to get with the times will hold them back.

The wii shouldve been 720p so they couldve got used to the HD revolution then instead of testing the waters now that Sony/MS have perfected it.. The internet revolution shouldve been embraced with the wii as well instead of going in one foot at a time currently.. A huge mess theyve made but ill still back em til their games begin to get stale.. (NSMB, ya ur one of em) twilight princess was MUCH better to me than skyward sword too.. Get with it

aceitman1901d ago

I feel they put themselves back to the gamecube days . and that's sad to have such a good system (wii) to fall apart , I think they weren't ready for this launch just to beat the next gen.they should have waited.

Thatguy-3101901d ago

Like divine said, Nintendo was really confident because they took the current gen by storm. Guess they assume the same would have happened with the wii u. Honestly Nintendo got lucky with the wii because it broaden the gaming demographic by bringing in casual gamers. It back fires now because now casual gamers moved on to phones/tablets. Nintendo will be back to the n64/gamecube days. Going into this next gen they honestly could have handled it better if
1. They nailed the marketing(many ppl assumed the wii u was an add on to the wii)
2. Actually had games that weren't coming out in current platforms
3. Price point (wii price point was spot on and basically catapulted it to success)

darthv721901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

nintendo stopped all current production of the wii. They change the marketing aspect to focus on the wii-u not only plays its own games but the full library of existing wii games as well.

something nintendo never really made clear with the wii being able to play gc games. Many knew about it but there was plenty more that did not. Even with the ports right there on the unit.

Nintendo has been successful in marketing their handhelds as being a previous generation compatible and it tends to lead to more sales of both old and new software.

Wii-u playing wii games would be the ideal path for a new wii/wii-u consumer. Looking back I'm sure nintendo would have sold double the amount of SNES units had it had physical compatibility with the original NES carts.

At least with sega and the genesis had the PBC and actually went on to sell more master system games during the genesis run than they did during only the master system days. All because of the convenience and additional library now available to the consumer.

As to the subject of rayman legends...okay. its coming to other platforms but the wii-u is the only one with the tablet (that we know of). Playing it without the tablet just wouldnt be the same as playing with.

colonel1791901d ago

The Wii U should have been the Wii, then we would have something better for this new generation. However, video games are at a weird point right now because everyone is trying to make games (or change already stablished games-dead space- into casual games.

I really hope that at least one console stays true to its root and continue to bring games the way are supposed to, and I surely pray to whichever god there is that this microtransaction BS doesn't become the norm.

StraightedgeSES1901d ago

@DboyC 310 but isn't that what the "core" gamers want for nintendo to go back to the N64/GC days.

Jadedz1901d ago

Though if his 1 billion operation yen profit by the next fiscal year doesn't pan out for him, he deserves to go (fired).

LOL_WUT1901d ago

Totally agree with you. Too bad the other Nintendo fans won't feel the same. Respect +well said ;)

If this is how it is now then it is extremely worrisome for future or unannounced 3rd party games.

Starfox171901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Wonderful 101
Lego city stories
Monster hunter ultimate

and these are before the 3rd party Nintendo Direct ? no problem here as Lego city wiiu is the biggest 3rd party exclusive in many years for any console.

Jadedz1901d ago

I've been through all the slumps of lack software during the Gamecube/Wii era's, and I honestly thought the Wii U would be a different case. 3rd parties are totally anemic towards Nintendo console hardware, whereas their handhelds are a different case.

It isn't so much as them loosing another exclusive (though that is something that urks me), it's the lackadaisical nature of their stance on 3rd parties in general.


Then I guess he can stay. Though my admiration for him as Nintendo's CEO, is currently dwindling at a rapid rate.

I'll recant my negative opinion of him once he proves his competency.

RuperttheBear1901d ago

I've never seen or heard the word 'lackadaisical' before. Just want to thank you for that Jadedz, because that's a seriously awesome word lol.

*thumbs up*

mrbojingles1901d ago

What if they barely miss that target? Like by a small margin?

rytlok1901d ago

people are stupid,they will always be relevant!!!

xursz1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

As long as the handheld market is strong, for sure they will be relevant. This isn't to knock the WiiU or the PSVita for that matter. I just don't think even some of the most hardcore fans are willing to pay $400 for outdated games when newer consoles are ready to be shown.

Third party support is going to fall short if third party developers are optimizing their engines to run on ps4/720 and don't find the neccessary player base to buy these games on WiiU, just like the Wii.

Nintendo is repeating mistakes but this time the casuals aren't biting.

edit: clarified a little

Starfox171901d ago

Gearbox are making a FPS on WiiU using UE4 and ps4/720 ect but the ps4 devkit had a meltdown i didn't hear anything of the WiiU devkit having a meltdown in fact Randy pitchfird only speaks highly of wiiu,powerful powerful console his words.

rytlok1901d ago

nintendo will always be relevant no matter what happens!!!

NexGen1901d ago

To remain relevant, the Wii U must first become relevant.

The Wii was, and the systems before it, but not this.

Thatguy-3101901d ago

Gamecube and N64 weren't as relevant as you think buddy. Honestly Nintendo was just lucky that the wii turned to a runaway success. But this next gen obviously the next ps/xbox system are going to fly pass it because their core demographic hasn't vanish like the casual did and that's what basically helped the wii.

xursz1901d ago

They were relevant to me.. I had both the n64 and Gamecube but I won't get a Wiiu until I see games that are as good or better than ps360 games.

NexGen1901d ago

Dboy, you don't know how relevant I think they were or were not. Personally the cube and 64 were lame for my tastes, but still maintained a degree of market relevancy.

The WiiU has not yet found that. It might though.

G20WLY1901d ago

We all said the same about Sega back in the day :(

Gr811901d ago

Say the same thing about Sony btw. That they aren't going any where..Meanwhile their financials have been in the toilet for over 5 years now..and counting.

No company is immune from going the way of Sega.

G20WLY1901d ago

Sure, some say that. I guess the ones that have said it recently haven't seen that operating profit is back in black, with trend showing upward trajectory which forecasts net profit sooner than many think (thanks to the constant doom articles).

Then factor in known assets (for selling if the going gets tough - buildings, etc) and the fact that Sony spans many industries and you have to figure that - while not safe by any means - Sony is looking safer than Nintendo as of now. Even Nintendo's headcount is so much lower that they couldn't bolster their bottom line with sudden cost cutting there - that's one of the perils of running a lean operation, like they do.

Then of course you have MS who are basically bulletproof lol :)

Gr811901d ago

Know how to read financial statements do you?

How is Sony safer than Nintendo atm when they posted a loss of $115 million dollars? During a HOLIDAY QUARTER with favorable exchange rates due to the Yen! Nintendo posted profits of $450 million dollars in the same period, which isn't great by any means, but way better than a loss!

If any of the big 3 has a chance to go the way of Sega, that'd be Sony. They are selling assets just to curb losses..its getting ugly.

hesido1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

I haven't read the detailed report but Sony losses may be due to massive R&D required for PS4?

edit: I've just read it and total R&D costs including every division fell from about 500 billion yens to 430 billion yens. Still a lot of money!

G20WLY1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

^Lol, nope, you got me. I haven’t a clue (not like I ran the Sales Remuneration and Profit & Loss models for a major bank until 8 years ago…) smh

I’m not even going to bother; you’re right – absolutely spot on. Sony’s share price hasn’t risen by almost 60% since the start of the year and they are completely screwed in the immediate future. They also haven’t – in any way – been on an acquisition rampage during the past year and they definitely didn’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Gaikai, nor did they just sell an asset for 1.1bn USD. Nope. Nintendo are in great shape though. I mean they have their gaming division, their…well they have their gaming division. Nobody is going to buy a PS4 and the Wii U is flying off the shelves quicker than they can ship ‘em.

I talk crap, but luckily you’re a genius and set me straight. I see that now. Oh God, how will I sleep?

If you are thinking that I hope Nintendo fail, by the way, then boy you got it wrong. I’m no cheerleader for any brand – ask yourself; can you truly say the same*? (*Rhetorical; keep fighting ‘the good fight’ lmao)

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izumo_lee1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Nintendo has always had a history of 'doing it their way' & ignoring the modern trends in gaming that their competitors usually follow. Sometimes it works like with the original Wii but sometimes it does not like with the Wii U so far.

I see the Wii U like the N64. When Sony & Sega were pushing for CD based hardware, Nintendo were defiant to stick with the cartridge format. In the end they lost 3rd party support because of that, Square being one of them & we all know the end result.

With the Wii U they are pushing the tablet & for the most part many developers are unsure of what to do with it. It will probably take time for them to grasp the idea of the tablet controller but it has to be Nintendo themselves with their first party games to show them the way. If Nintendo themselves sway away from using the tablet than there will be more problems.

It is too early to sink the Wii U (just like everyone thinks the Vita is gonna fail), if however things continue to be a struggle for the Wii U than Nintendo will have to buck the trend & follow what the industry is going.

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