Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Contact' trailer fills us with creeping dread

El33tonline writes:

"You may think you’ve already seen this CG trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines featuring a tense stand-off between the marines and the hideous acid-drippping Xenomorphs, but SEGA and Gearbox have injected even more spine-tingling creepiness into the previously released video, giving that gripping feeling of absolute dread even more time to sink its claws into you."

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Starfox171901d ago

Wow the graphics are impressive can't wait for the wiiu version.

RedDeadLB1901d ago

You do realise this is CGI right? But the ingame graphics are not far off.

I'll be getting this. It looks phenomenal.

grailly1901d ago

and the animations were quite poor to.

jimbobwahey1901d ago

My excitement for this game dulled when the gameplay walkthrough by the devs looked utter garbage with the AI glitching out and aliens being stuck in place, and the only things they could ever talk about were "Hey check out this neat thing that was in the movie!" because the gameplay itself it so disappointing and they need fanservice to distract from it.

Then I saw that the main mode everyone was excited for (the horde mode) has been gutted from the game so that they can sell it as DLC later.

Yeah, they won't be seeing any money from me. I hope this crapfest bombs. Could have been great, but alas.

dubal-e1901d ago

yea this game screams wii U GAMEPAD !!

Belking1901d ago

This will be my next xbox360 game purchased.

etownone1901d ago

A part of me is so glad I sold my WiiU..... But this was the #1 game I was on the fence of holding on to it for.

That WiiU tablet is just perfect for this game, I'm also curious to see if this games ends up being graphically superior and/or at least 1080p

grailly1901d ago

huh?! why would you buy a console just to sell it a month ot so later?

stuntman_mike1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

reminds me of the Gears of War/ Mad world song trailer.