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DatNJDom811747d ago

wow this game looks so corny. looks like an iphone game. should be great with the casuals.

Belking1747d ago

Maybe, but I think people will judge for themselves. Your opinion doesn't speak for the masses.

DrRichtofen1747d ago

Maybe Activision should have given this project to Treyarch, I mean, they have been doing zombies for quite a while.

xursz1747d ago

I didn't expect this to compete with tlou but this looks terrible.

Y_51501747d ago

Wow that' coming soon!

Welshy1747d ago

Judging by THAT footage? too soon... Was the windscreen on the jeep deliberately no glass but brown sheet plastic?

Having played the TellTale game, this one looks to have none of the strong points of the TV show at all.

Some episodes a zombie was barely present so i think they've missed the mark on what makes The Walking Dead so great.

-Falaut-1747d ago

March 22...2014 right? Or this has to be some sort of magical 15.99 retail title because that was donkey balls.

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The story is too old to be commented.