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Microsoft's new Xbox will include improved Siri-like speech recognition

Microsoft will greatly improve its speech recognition technology inside the next Xbox, The Verge has learned. (Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney   803d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
majiebeast  +   803d ago | Funny
Im expecting this

Ripsta7th  +   803d ago
I dont think so. Kinect alredy has decent voice recognition and Kinect 2.0 can only improve it , and knowing MS they probably throw big stacks of money when doing they research
Yi-Long  +   803d ago
TBH, I don't really care how good the voice-recognition will be....
... it's something I will probably never use anyway.

I would rather see Microsoft bragging about new great games coming to their next-gen console, instead of hyping a 'gimmick'.
Highlife  +   803d ago
player "xbox power on"
xbox "That will cost 1000 ms points shall I charge your card?"
Perjoss  +   802d ago
"I would rather see Microsoft bragging about new great games coming to their next-gen console, instead of hyping a 'gimmick'."

If you build it, they will come.
Yi-Long  +   802d ago
"If you build it, they will come."

Really!? Microsoft built Kinect. Where are all those great Kinect games!?

Just like Playstation Move doesn't have any great games which we will look back to fondly 15 years from now, neither does Kinect.

Not even the Wii really has any stand-out motion-controlled game. Yes, Mario Galaxy and such are amazing games, but they would have been at least as great when you would control them with a normal controller.

This whole motion-gaming has been 1 huge 'gimmick', kinda like the whole 3D hype which added very little/nothing to gaming, and I don't see 'speech recognition' really enhancing any games either.

Yes, it could have it's uses in SOME games, IF they get the tech down, but only as, tada, a gimmick...
egidem  +   802d ago
I really don't give a damn about how brilliant the speech recognition is going to be in the next Xbox.

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greenpowerz  +   802d ago
Why is this news making you Sony fans so angry?

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yi-Long thinks something from MSFT is pointless and won't be using it because it's disappointing. I'm surprised you like anything about your 360? assuming you have one.

Speech Recognition tech is so unpopular and pointless=in Sony land :P

"I would rather see Microsoft bragging about new great games coming to their next-gen console, instead of hyping a 'gimmick'"

MSFT isn't bragging about anything the news comes from supposed shared info that got out. That's envious troll talk.
RuleofOne343  +   802d ago
They invest about 9.5 billion in R&D a year as a whole.
MasterCornholio  +   803d ago
It wont be that bad but it will have its own set of problems.
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user3915800  +   803d ago
Im beginning to wonder, Skype, windows 8, stream, speech recognition improvement, move engine, more apps, faster cue in, illumiroom, 9 new ips, sutface, kinnect 2.0, MMOs, 3d, blu ray, masive storage, cloud, new controller, and what else you are not telling us? Sounds good enough to me, bring it on, fight on, sony and ms will rock.
Yi-Long  +   802d ago
....cause pretty much none of that sounds great in my mind.

- Skype: Don't care.

- W8: Could be nice for a tablet or phone. Don't want it on my laptop. Don't want it on my PC. Don't want it on my console. It's a touch-OS and I'm not going to want to touch my laptop-screen, my monitor, or my plasma.

Can it be used for a tablet-controller!? Sure. Can't see myself caring much for such a controller though.

- Stream: Stream what!? Games? Nope. Video? I'll download instead.

- Speech Recognition: Don't care.

- More Apps: I'm buying a GAMES-console. I don't really use any of the apps on the 360. Ijust want to play games. Crazy but true.

- Faster cue in: Ok....(!)

- Illumiroom: No idea what this is so can't comment on it.

- 9 new IPs: Cool, depending on what kinda games they are. If it's Kinect-crap, I couldn't care less.

- Surface: Could have it's use in some games, as a nice add-on or gimmick. Nothing more. Won't be a reason for me to pick up a console though.

- Kinect 2.0: Hahahahahahaha. Funny. Myeah. Not for me.

- MMO's: Could be cool. Don't know. Depends on which and how.

- 3D: Don't want. Don't care.

- BluRay: Cool!

- Massive Storage: Cool!

- Cloud: Ok I guess. Not a system-seller.

- New controller: the 360 controller only needs an improved D-Pad as far as I'm concerned. Everything else is great.

So no, certainly not convinced yet, especially not after the last 3-4 years of MS making really poor decisions and shifting it's focus from being a great games-console to the whole Kinect-crap and apps for the dashboard.

I loved my original Xbox, and I love my 360, but the direction MS has been heading these last few years have left me disappointed and skeptical about the future.
greenpowerz  +   802d ago
There will be games.

The only reason you have a problem with everything MSFT has to offer other than wanting games is because that's the only thing PS3 fanboys feel Sony has over the 360(even if half of PS3 exclusives are Japanese filler or games constantly delayed or canceled)

You have an unhealthy hate for xbox/MSFT and you very skillfully stealth troll MSFT articles hence your bubble count.
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Yi-Long  +   802d ago
... funny how I'm a Sony fanboy or stealthtroll when I'm mentioning my complaints about the direction MS has taken the last 3-4 years...

... and how some were saying the complete opposite when 3-4 years ago it was Sony who was screwing up in some major ways and I would comment on that...(!)

I guess it easier to just lob someone in some kind of pre-determined 'category' in order to dismiss their opinion or arguments, instead of just listening to the complaints and seeing of there's any truth in them(!)

For your information, I have both a 360 and a PS3 this generation. I don't have a Wii for obvious reasons. My girlfriend does.

I have more games for my 360 than I do for my PS3. I love XBLA, for which I have at least 40 games, probably more. In fact, XBLA has been pretty much my favourite aspect of this generation. And I have called both Super Meat Boy as well as Trials Evolution some of my absolute favourite games this generation (or, in fact, of my lifetime).

There's a long post-history attached to my name you can check out. You'll see I'm positive AND negative about both consoles, cause neither is great nor horrible. They have their pros and cons.

And with MS' attention to Kinect these last 3-4 years, and them neglecting new original cool IP's, it's only natural that I have been a bit more negative and skeptical of MS lately, considering I have no interest in Kinect (or motion gaming in general, or gimmick-based releases in general), nor dashboard apps.

But hey, you just go ahead with your rash judgements. I guess that's cool too(!)
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TheGamerDood  +   803d ago
wow you can't even joke around here without being voted down a troll. grow a sense of humor N4G, damn.
Septic  +   802d ago
But shutupandtakemymoney IS a troll. He may have joked in this instance, but in almost every other post of his, he posts his completely useless flamebait opinions.
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   802d ago
Ha ha ha ha. That there is a keeper. Totally how I imagined Project Natal before it became Kinect. Bubs
AngelicIceDiamond  +   802d ago
Yeah, and if Sony who announce this you would be like "aww your sooo brilliant Sony" "Leave it up to Sony when it comes to innovation."or "Ohh its gonna be so cool I'll say Siri(or whatever) bring up my huge AAAAAA super powerful exclusive games."

That's the real humor around here.
GalacticEmpire  +   803d ago
Apple's Siri is one of the best developed commercially available speech recognition systems on a consumer device and it's still pretty crap. I highly doubt MS has put in the massive investment necessary to improve on it.

edit: @below Those kind of demonstrations rarely translate to real world application because the conditions in which its works onstage do not reflect real life. I still have my doubts that MS put more money into this sort of research than Apple, who make more money on ONE of their products than MS makes altogether.


Unless of course you have some solid numbers to compare?

I agree that a Sony-Google partnership would be glorious.
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kwyjibo  +   803d ago
Watch this - http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Microsoft have been throwing loads of resources at this. I'd argue that Microsoft have put more resources into this than Apple with their Siri acquisition. I reckon Google is even further ahead though.

Speech is perfect for the living room. Sony should partner with Google for their speech tech.


Edit - Apple only acquired Siri in 2010 and only for around £200M. This is the core of their speech recognition product.

Microsoft and Google have been doing speech stuff for a lot longer. Their TellMe acquisition happened in 2007 for example.

Here's an article about Google from 2007 -

They were offering a hotline search service. The only real motivation for this was to harvest as much real world speech data as possible to build better recognition engines.
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GalacticEmpire  +   802d ago
Apple may have aquired Siri tech but you think they just left it alone when they got it? I still see no evidence to back up your original comment that MS put more investment into voice tech than Apple.

I agree that Google have the better voice tech and are probably market leaders in that area, thanks for that link. However MS aquiring Tellme is no different than Apple aquiring Siri, except that MS have only Kinect voice to show for it and Apple have Siri, which is the shinier turd.
kwyjibo  +   802d ago
I don't have figures that point directly to speech recognition research, but Microsoft has consistently outspent Apple in RnD.

It's available in their earnings.

Apple spend a tiny fraction of their revenues on RnD, less so than many of their competitors.

Loki86  +   803d ago
Wow trolls in a MS article, that's new..

Anyways, this has a lot of potential especially if they use an on-board processor which will make it a lot closer to 1:1 with your voice and movements. Only time will tell.

Edit: of course the trolls disagree, there is a lot of potential in this type of voice recognition. The speech to text with Skype will be excellent, being able to get queried results using natural interaction will flow a lot smoother then using certain phrases which you always need to remember or watch your wording. Still on the fence which system to get, but this sounds progressive.
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JoGam  +   803d ago
Whats funny is I hear people complain about how Vita or PS3 years ago didn't or don't have games. We all know Microsoft is in that same boat when it comes to exclusive games, maybe gamers are getting tired of MS announcing features and want games instead. Im not saying voice recognition isn't cool im just saying bring the games too.
Loki86  +   803d ago
These are all just rumors and speculations nothing formally announced. It is fairly common to uncover features or new technology before finding out about any new IPs.
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JoGam  +   802d ago
@loki86....Oh I understand this, my comment was in response to your troll comment. See... All of last year MS was all about Kinect. Now next gen leaks and rumors are hitting the net and what people hear from MS? More Kinect. Now im cool with that but maybe some people may feel some type of way because they are not hearing the games. I just hope 2013 is not all about Kinect again.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   802d ago
Agreed. The guy who post first, that was marked for trolling has like 16 agrees, and only 5 dis or something like that, and yet you have it reversed 6-12, and you're talking about the actual MS product. LOL.. but because this site is the home of the Sony Fanboy,... his comment dissing the 360 about not having games.. which is also funny btw, since it has the MOST games out of all the consoles... but he gets all the agrees.

Shows you something about this site. Ya..I have 1 bubble. Like I said... Sony strong here... that's why you have to love what happen this gen. :D 3rd place in the USA... (oh i know.. all of a sudden, where most everyone lives that post on this site.. usa doesn't matter.. it's about places that you don't live that now matter!!!1!one!)

Ha.... love it.. and love a good voice system. Can't wait for these new consoles.
MmaFan-Qc   803d ago | Trolling | show
perfectCarbonara  +   803d ago
Like J.A.R.V.I.S ?

No ?

Then GTFO.
Godmars290  +   803d ago
But really, how much more can they improve on the vocal command app? Its the motion control side they have to improve.
BanBrother  +   803d ago
Aww, why did they mark as trolling?

I thought his comment and StrongMan's were hilarious. People need to lighten up ;)

I bought a Kinect for someone in my family, and the voice recognition was a bit off, unless I was asking something outside its parameters. (No, I did not ask it to make me a sandwich....I think)
Knight_Crawler  +   802d ago
The problem with shtup and strong man is that they make a daily mission to go on N4G and troll 360 articles all day.

I am not sure how one just wakes in the morning with a goal to troll 360 articles.

I refuse to belive that people do not have better things to do in life but troll 360 articles.
FarCryLover182  +   803d ago
Not sure why I need siri like vocal recognition on a console. Sure it has it's uses on the phone when I am driving and whatnot and it's used for things like looking up stuff. I will never ask my Xbox to look up a mathematical formula, what the weather is, etc.
DivineAssault  +   803d ago
not interested
Ashunderfire86  +   803d ago
Xbox turn on. Siri not available lol!!!
Wikkid666  +   803d ago
Yep.. it's called Kinect 2.0

Kinect was out before Siri... so it's really not Siri like at all.
Nicaragua  +   802d ago
Its like Siri in that they are both useless gimmicks.
shaun mcwayne  +   803d ago
I think the Next Box with be an empty shell that you will have to build up with micro transactions to suit your needs.
If you want siri voice rec 400msp
Backwards compatability 800msp
Lend to a Friend (the ability to let a mate borrow a game for the night) 400msp
Migrate your old account 1200msp

I feel it might be time for me to hang up my controllers and retire from gaming next gen.
Or i could get into retro gaming and find some of the hidden gems ive missed over the years.
mwjw696  +   802d ago
Not sure if trolling or just an idiot?

It will still be better than Sony.

If you want siri voice rec removed 2 years after launch
Backwards compatability removed 1 year after launch
Lend to a Friend - Removed (patent pending)
Migrate your old account $20 (Sony does it with games, why not accounts?)
shaun mcwayne  +   802d ago
I never said anything about sony, I thought the headline was about xbox.
Gamer39  +   803d ago
I want say: Xbox, let me play secondhand games.
#14 (Edited 803d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   803d ago
This seems like a no brainer. Given the voice controls already work pretty dang well, it seems like it would be a tech they would continue to embrace.
XXXL  +   803d ago
Siri: "you have triggered the red ring of death 2.0, goodbye."
ziggurcat  +   803d ago

Dlacy13g  +   802d ago
I refuse to buy either unless it brews coffee as well. It's ridiculous to think in this day and age they would make a machine that can make breakfast minus coffee. ;)
Godmars290  +   802d ago
let me know when they pay you to play games.
kudakadere  +   802d ago
Lol xbox 3"siri"xty
ger2396  +   802d ago
I think the Xbox was Microsofts Trojan horse. It's become what they intended it to be, a media hub. When they announce the next Xbox it won't be called a gaming console, it'll be Xbox media hub.
Belking  +   802d ago
Awesome, bring it.
DigitalSmoke  +   802d ago
Try to Voice Command it with a game played at respectible sound volume.

Dont fall for the gimicks ppl, its all bullshit.
ACEMANWISE  +   802d ago
It's true purpose is for software control and to enforce a user limit to each game.
edonus  +   802d ago
You must not be familiar with sound frequency cancellation technology. I have several software applications that do it with ease.

Its actually not even that complicated. I have done studio audio work and it was old engineers doing it back in the 90s to take vocals off of records.

Its not not that hard.

Not to mention if games are designed to use the audio feature... it make it even more feasible.
DigitalSmoke  +   802d ago
Sure i am aware, and if you are you to you would know that it doesnt really CANCEL out sound as its says to.
There is no way you will be over voice it wile watching a movie at solid volume.

A bogus gimick to be used in a hyper low volume setting, which isnt listning to music watching movies or playing video games.

Gimmick to mess with your mind, if you defend it, it worked.
edonus  +   802d ago
No its totally possible. I have been doing audio engineering since the mid 90s.

Each sound has a specific frequency and you can find that frequency and manipulate it even completely remove it. The conditions you are talking about listening to something in would have to damn near distort the sound and even then its still possible.

The only question is how powerful of a mic kinect will have. A decent condenser would work fine beyond fine at living room distances. The next thing would be how specific the frequency data it keeps is. Your voice has a frequency that can be locked on too.

As long as you dont have a speaker aimed directly in to the mics it really shouldnt be to hard. Hell... kinect does a commendable job at it now and its actually been improving since launch if you follow those things.

I can remove most sounds manually with an EQ but for specific frequency I use Adobe Soundbooth. The technology has been around for a long time.

Search remove sound with Soundbooth and you'll see. there are lots of other softwares for it. Remember all you have to do is be able to isolate the voice.
ACEMANWISE  +   802d ago
They will need it to enforce the upcoming one person per game purchase limitation. No more lending games or playing used. Next up? Fingerprint scanning buttons and retinal scanning Kinect abilities.

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