Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare RK Mappack available for PC

This map pack includes 31 maps, all unique and fun.

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mighty_douche3825d ago

31 maps.... and people question me on why i prefer PC gaming.

fenderputty3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

it's all personal preference. Me ... I want to play on my 42 inch HDTV with my surround sound system cranked. I never liked being hunched over a computer desk while playing games. Diablo was the closest I ever got to PC gaming.

I hope a good portion of these maps get included for the console updates that are to come.

Also ... I'm pretty sure the console version has outsold the PC version. Why then are we console gamers getting seconds to PC gaming?

wil4hire3825d ago

With my custom NHT surround sound.

kB + mouse and Eyes f t w.

Just because you dont know how to do it, doesn't mean its not done. Some games I do my monitor others I do my tv.

fenderputty3825d ago

then my GF whom I live with couldn't do school work or surf the net while I play my games. Console gaming has always been about ease.

I'm trailing off topic though ....

on topic ... please bring half of these to consoles. Thank you Infinity Ward.

mighty_douche3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Are these maps by IW? MoD's/fan made right?

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monkey6023825d ago

I'd love these on my PS3!

yourcatch223825d ago

These aren't official maps, they are just third party releases. Still good though.

okcomputer3825d ago

If the quake and unreal series are any indication, 3rd party fps maps are often better than the ones made by the devs themselves.

31 new maps is crazy, I'm seriously jealous of this. The reason I don't play cod4 on 360 as much as I used to is just that playing the same maps over and over got old.

MetalProxy3825d ago

Its only for the point and clickers :( .

Close_Second3825d ago that compared to the lobby system for COD4 on the PC, the console version lobby sucks big hairy dogs balls.