Oh wait, my bad! Mario Kart doesn't even have text support!

Destructoid writes: "Alright, so remember how I said that Mario Kart for the Wii will support text chatting? Well I was completely wrong. Or rather, Nintendo has no idea what the hell texting means."

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Relcom3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I hope that "this preditermined phrases thing sucks" phrase is a selectable one. I would spam it the who time.

I bet they are all wak too. Like " jee golly, this is fun" and "i'm having a super time!"

LJWooly3432d ago

Oh, god. 2008 officialy sucks for the Wii...

Relcom3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

"jee wilikers, the Wii is AWESOME!"

LJWooly3432d ago

Lol, + a bubble from yours truly.

'Gee whillikers!' Reminds of Batman's little whipping-boy, Robin XD

heyheyhey3432d ago


SSBB is all the Wii needs in 08, that game alone will make 08 a great year for the Wii

SolidSnake933432d ago

I'm not sure if I should buy a Wii now because all they have this year is brawl.

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Darkiewonder3432d ago

I was so right on this. I mean ANY could have figured it out.


The Fungus3432d ago

Why not? Big budget, large fanbase, and the tech is there(all you need is....internet)


MiniMii3432d ago

Lmao, wii kiddies = owned

Nintendo arent targetting gamers. When will you dumbasses learn? They are targettting casual moms and dads and grandpas. And they dont play online.

So if you are a gamer, then tough luck.
If you are a gamer who bought a wii thinking you will enjoy proper videogames = OWNED

Youre no better than the HD DVD folk/ xbots who bought the HD DVD add on actually thinking HD DVD would win over Blu ray = OWNED

If you are a disappointed wii gamer, who then thought he would buy 360 so he can properly play videogames and because you dislike Sonys 600 bucks, just like those gametrailer noobs = TRIPLE OWNED AND BIOTCHSLAPPED.

Sony is where gaming is at, folk. There is no denying. Youre only wasting money on other crap.

PS360WII3432d ago

That's one way to stop people from being dumbarses online

LJWooly3432d ago

Censorship at it's most effective :)

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The story is too old to be commented.