The Fight for Used Games

MoarPowah's Tarabisu writes: "They started out as what seemed like the most ridiculous of rumors. Next gen consoles blocking used games? Preposterous! Such a flaming claim could only be made to point out the competitor’s desire to scheme its sheep customer base out of as much money as possible. Those fools at Microsoft/Sony will be crying themselves into early graves, long live the PS3/Xbox!

Well here we are, and there have been reports of Microsoft implementing a one-time use pass on all retail games, and Sony filed a patent for something similar not too long ago. Of course, very little information is currently in our grasp as far as next-gen tech, and much of this must be taken with a teeny tiny grain of salt. Nonetheless, it’s an issue and needs to be discussed."

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Mr_Writer851809d ago

I don't get why people get so precious over this. We get shafted by the shops for our games.

I paid £44.99 on day 1 for Ghostbusters. Completed it, and took it back two weeks later, they offered me £14.99 for it. Went back the next day to browse, and what do I see.

Pre-owned Ghostbusters games (just over two weeks old) £39.99.

Since then I have hoped these places fail.

Good_Guy_Jamal1809d ago

I buy most of my games used. I bought Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 used for R80 ($9) each last year. I rarely ever pay more than R150 ($16.50) for my games and I've played alot of recent games including Witcher 2, Max Payne 3, Reckoning and Mass Effect 3.
Lets not forget peer to peer trading. The only way I've managed to play over 120 titles this gen is through trading with other gamers.
Blocking used games is a horrible idea!

Captain Qwark 91809d ago

agreed. i actually like to buy the majority of my games new but sometimes i miss a few titles, they go out of production and are no longer available new. then when i finally have free time i go get them and because they arent being made anymore, used is how i still get to experience them.

if they didnt sell used games anymore i would never get to play them. this could potentially hurt devs too because they miss a potential fan who could buy their future games.

kevnb1809d ago

and you have done nothing to support the games you love.

Good_Guy_Jamal1809d ago

Not true. I made someone who bought the game new happy because he could make a lil money back and thus feel comfortable to buy more new games and contributing to the industry

Ashlen1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

What you don't understand is that the used market drives down prices on new as well.

Used game sales is the reason you can go on Amazon and buy a new copy of a game for 30$. It's because that price is competing with the used market.

If you remove used I can guarantee the average price for games will go up.

Those who are old enough to remember the NES days can tell you that before the used market a game cost 40$ on day one and a new copy still cost 40$ years after it's release because there was no reason to lower the price.

kevnb1809d ago

ya it makes no sense at all. Why buy used to save $5?

rainslacker1809d ago

There are other ways to buy and sell used games than going to Game Stop. Using them as an example of why used games are bad is not really productive. They are just another choice in the mix, along with Amazon sellers, Ebay, craiglist, swapping with friends, etc. GameStops trade in practices have been well known for quite a while now, and you didn't have to use them for that purpose if you wanted more money.

Information Minister1809d ago

You took the words right out of my fingertips.

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cpayne931809d ago

I'm sick of buying used games. I got Dark Souls, Uncharted 2, and mgs4 all used. Dark Souls got to a point where it said disc read failed 9 out of every 10 times it hit a loading screen, Uncharted 2 won't load up multiplayer, and mgs4 had a disc read failed on the first loading screen.

The main reason I wouldn't want the next consoles to block used games is because I like to borrow some. But I'm done buying them.

Kratoscar20081809d ago

I think you only have bad luck but i agree to some extent, you dont only avoid to buy used games but basically you cut your ability to share with friends, and to me thats unnaceptable.

I wouldnt be surprised, at all if they do this tough.

Captain Qwark 91809d ago

look at the disc before you purchase champ. when* i get used games, i make sure they are in like new condition only. complete with a nice case, manual, and the disc looks good. if it doesnt meet that criteria i wont buy.

rainslacker1809d ago

That seems strange given the scratch resistant nature of the blu-ray discs. I know the ones I buy used from gamestop generally only have fingerprints on them. They are immaculate otherwise, particularly compared to DVD based games on the Wii which look like they've been stored in a sand blast chamber, yet still play regardless. Perhaps there's a problem with your PS3 laser.

IcicleTrepan1809d ago

I wonder how this would work legally. I thought people have the right to sell things that they buy. I'm not so sure this would stand up in court at all.

delboy1809d ago

It would, all they need to do is to make smal change in the EULA.
What is exactly what Steam is doing right now in Europe so they can go with it.

Ashlen1809d ago

There point of view is this. When you buy a game you own the plastic it's made out of but the software on it they own. And when you pay your 60$ your buying a piece of plastic and "the rights" to use the software.

rainslacker1809d ago

Basically with software, your buying a license to use the software on the disc. The distribution method is moot with software. It's been like this for quite a while, particularly for PC software. It was put in place to combat piracy, as second hand sales for PC were not really relevant to them.

With console games however, we have generally had some ownership rights in that they didn't block 2nd hand use. Things like online passes were invented to help recoup money from that market, as the cost of them was generally what the publishers would get from the game anyways, but we were still free to buy and sell them like they were our property.

Rob Hornecker1809d ago

If MS does this to the used game market ,then THEY have truly shot them selfs in the foot,but there fan base also! I still say this whole next gen thing needs to be thought over VERY carefully by MS and Sony and it wouldn't surprise me if these next gen consoles get delayed till late 2014 or 2015 by the time E3 gets here.

As I can't seem to access this story ( I get a 403 error message ) I have to stick with whats in the teaser part of the story. This should be a issue any long time gamer should be in a uproar on.Considering we all have bought a used game or two.

Also,What will happen if you borrow a friends game to try out or rent a game from Red box or Gamefly???

izumo_lee1809d ago

Personally i do not think Sony will implement any of their 'no used games' policy at all. They will however continue supporting the online pass as an attempt to stabalize the used games market & at least make some profit for their games. We will probably see more of this next gen as well for say the PS4. Sure not a lot of us gamers like online passes but it is better than not being able to play used games at all.

I'm unsure on what Microsoft's take on used games is at though. Those recent rumors about being always online & banning used games (ala the PC market with their security codes) is a concern. However if the other rumors of it implementing Windows 8 into its system & being more like a PC who knows the idea of not being able to play used games can be serious. This thought process has been around for a long time with PC gaming so it is possible that Microsoft may rely on that method for their games as well.

Next gen is gonna be very interesting that is for sure.

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