360 or PS3: One GTA V Version to Rule Them All?

Whenever a highly anticipated game is set for release on two competing systems, fanboy wars usually follow. GTA5Cheats looks at this phenomenon in the context of the impending release of Grand Theft Auto V.

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StrongMan2140d ago

I hate swapping discs so it's a no brainer for me as to which version I buy. If GTA5 is as big as they say it is then it will come on at least 5 DVDs for Xbox and that's just unacceptable. What is this, 1997?

TheModernKamikaze2140d ago

I would buy it for PC, but tradition for me is playing GTA on Playstation.

Also, I only have an HD 5570 lol.

Riderz13372140d ago

This article says 360 or PS3. Where the hell did you read PC? Get out.

MmaFan-Qc2140d ago

i own a top not gaming pc so the obvious will be the pc version, then again if there's no pc version on launch, i will simply go with the ps3 version since i stopped to buy multiplateform games for the 360 a long time ago.

RuperttheBear2140d ago


It's worth noting that the ps3 version of gta4 was the worst version.

jon12342140d ago

Sucks to be a pc player for gta games... You guys have to wait usually a year for tthem to bring it to pc, while everyone else enjoys the game... But I guess you'll get to play it in ultra high resolution , so it's worth the wait.......

TheGamerDood2140d ago

But there's no release date for PC version. lol So it's PS3 for me.

ratcop222140d ago

Hahaha I just read this one South park quote. If you don't like America then you can Gheet out! So swap America for consoles.

Veneno2139d ago


Was it the insane amount of pop in or lack of graphical effects (present in PS3 version but missing jn 360 version, like cars for example) that made it a better version?

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Septic2140d ago

So its 5-10 second disc-swapping vs half an hour (generous) of mandatory installs? What is this, a PC?

TheModernKamikaze2140d ago

Reason I picked PS3 is because I only want 1 Disc, or I get OCD.

Riderz13372140d ago

No it's 2013, and you still have to disc swap. I loled.

juandren2140d ago

We'll talk again when it's 2AM and you're no longer sitting upright in the couch and need to get up to change a disc

Skips2140d ago

"half an hour of mandatory installs"


jessupj2140d ago

"half an hour"

GTFO troll. These days, the longest install times are 10 mins tops. Normally less than 5 mins.

And I would much rather go through a one time 5 min install while I make a coffee, than having to keep getting off the couch when I'm comfy and breaking the immersion.

There's nothing more immersion breaking than seeing "please insert disk 2".

It's a no brainer which way is better.

bryam19822140d ago

At least the mandatory install is just once while you'll be swiping disc forever lol

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BattleTorn2140d ago

Halo 4 had multiple discs. And after their installed, there was no disc swapping, ever.


CommonSenseGamer2140d ago

Any reason to bag one console over the other, its plain ridiculous. Installing the game means little to no disc swapping so why is this an issue? PC gaming is still largely DVD based yet Sony fanboys don't bag the PC for having to install.

For me, if I get this on a console I'll go with the version with the least jaggies, best frame rate and draw distance. Oh, and least amount of screen tearing. Wow, disc swapping seems insignificant to some of the things that should have been left behind with previous gen consoles.

Campy da Camper2139d ago

That's what minions are for.

SJPFTW2135d ago

there won't be any disc swapping because you can install the game on the hard drive like a PC.

installs are better than jaggies, pop-in etc. Things that made the PS3 GTA IV inferior to the xbox version. Also games run better off the hard disk, no risk of laser burns and disc scratches.

But good try though.

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KentBlake2140d ago

Neither. PS4 or XBox 720.

Root2140d ago

PS3 for me

I've played GTA always on PS consoles I'm not going to stop now.

Wuket2140d ago

Playstation seems to be the most popular choice so far

Kingdom Come2140d ago

On N4G? Is that really surprising?

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